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Es ist ein neuer Tag!
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S/C/G: Highest 280+

Height: 5' 7"


9-1-10 check in

Water 80+ ounces

Protein Shake

Broccoli & Cauliflower
Two Steak Cantina Tacos from Taco Bell (was out running errands on my lunch)

Protein Shake

Sliced Tomato

Total approximately 760 calories (I was dress shopping and got home too late to eat).

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S/C/G: 235/150.5/145

Height: 5'5"


Breakfast: 3 egg whites; 1/2 cup salsa; 1/2 cup cranberry juice

snack: grapes

Lunch 2 tortillas with colby jack cheese

snack: sample of tortilla chips and salsa (sampling MIL's salsa)

Supper:corndog and light yogurt

calories: 1152
exercise: 45 min bowling; 35 min yoga
water: 12 glasses
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S/C/G: HW/220~SW/197.2~GW 141

Height: 5'3


Raven glad your food is coming. About the pizza, have a veggie and chicken pizza. Just a thought


Thanks Lauren

Hi Nicole go ahead post your food healthy or not we post everything You'll see ... Good for you on your points

Hi Abidabbi

MissVick, good job getting back on track for lunch

MrsDawson that's right, keep the faith. You got this

Kris you've done great. I like this dress also. Maybe get a cute shawl to go over the dress instead of a jacket. My church has a marriage dinner every year and I always wear a strapless dress feeling the same way you do about my arms. I have a sheer shawl type thing that looks really nice and it doesn't take away from the dress. Just a thought

Thanks Fashin, good for you on getting back on track

Blueridgegirl, I think I am the queen of stalls, THEY SUCK I hope you feel better and can eat so you'll have enough energy for Saturday

Hi Owl

Aw Jer thanks ... seems to me that I stall at least twice a month and then all of a sudden a change.

Hi Sarah good for you on finishing the class

Cronopia, good for you going to the gym so early and actually having fun

Hi GettinFit, I thought about you this morning (how you walk early). I was gonna do my walk early and kept putting it off. Then I got on here and had to make myself get off . But I did it earlier than usual

Hi Diana Your lunch always makes me want a sandwich at night

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S/C/G: HW/220~SW/197.2~GW 141

Height: 5'3


Today's eats 9/1/10

Breakfast (469)
1 slice whole wheat toast w/spray butter and a tsp of apple jelly, small banana, 1 egg w/a half svg of egg beaters, reduced fat cheddar slice, 4 strips of bacon, skim milk

Snack (90)
Bran flakes

Lunch (200)
1cup turnip greens, lemon pepper fish fillet, Activia light vanilla yogurt

Dinner (370)
H/C Roasted Red Pepper marinara pasta w/tbsp Parmesan cheese and an apple

Total calories 1139
Water 98ozs
Exercise 4 miles WATP
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Height: 5'7


Thanks Diana and love2b150! It was very hard and my behind is KILLING me! But I think I'll give it another shot.

MamaP, the red dress is perfect, very flattering, you look like a princess
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Height: 5'4''


Hi all

Raven - I usually have a little less cheese, a thin base and loads of veggies on my pizza Although, don't have a last supper, you will be able to have what you want a little more often when you get to where you want to be...be strong!

Hi to Lliaa, Nicole and Owl

MissVick, Fashin, Blueridgegirl, Jer, Penguin, GettinFit, Diana, Lauren, Love, Dream

Jer - Hull's great...and unerrated as a city...what is your daughter doing at college?

Penguin - I hope things get better. People are funny creatures, sometimes I don't want to be a 'people'

MrsD - you're doing grand

Kris - Wow! Love it!

Sarah - Good job, that sounds amazingly hard!

Cronopia = gym bunny
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Height: 5'4''


My dinner changes slightly last night...I had mushy peas and two slices of bread = 400 cal

I did make it to the gym and did 550 cals to ease me back into my sessions, although it wasn't as hard as I expected it to be

B - Shreddies (150)
L - I will eat a hot lunch in the canteen today...will update when I know what it is...I usually have a lot of veggies with it so shouldnt be too bad but to be safe...for dinner I will keep it v light.
D - WW soup and toast (300)

I will gym tonight too, aiming for 600 cals but we'll see

Have a happy day all x x x
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Trying to live below 200
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Height: 5'6" 1/2


Good Morning, All!

I noticed from yesterdays posts, everyone is really moving and getting their exercise in. That's great!

Kris You are gorgeous! I think you made a good choice, too.

Dream Great job in getting in some fun fitness!

Love Great job on the 4 miles.

abidabbi You did great at the gym, too.
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Waddle fast Flap hard FLY
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S/C/G: Top 272~restart 255

Height: 5'7


September 1,

coffee 100

turkey sand 120
Fudge 300
coffee 50

leftover steak 300
mashed pot 140
squash casserole 180
bread 300

coffee 50
cheerios 150

Total = 1,640

Ped = 5,050


Thanks for the support and the well-wishes about my friend. My hubby talked to her hubby and we got some clarification about what is going on, but I'm still upset that at how she choose to handle this situation.

Kris, remind me to humor salespeople more often! Wow, that dress looks fabulous on you. Great color, too. I think the jacket would look very cute.

Welcome to Lliaa, Nicole and Owl!
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Es ist ein neuer Tag!
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S/C/G: Highest 280+

Height: 5' 7"


Thank you everyone! It feels good to finally be feeling (emotionally) better (wish this summer cold or whatever it is that's hanging around would go away so I would feel like working out again). . . and it's nice to have something to look forward to. I can't wait to wear that dress! Now I need shoes and a purse.

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Cardboard - Spinning is tough eh It gets easier the more you go.

Cronopia - Congrats on the workout, that is a big step!

ravenjeh - YAY! Glad your items were shipped before the weekend!

nicole - You've been doing great so i'm sure you'll have a good weigh in

Kris - You look just as elegant in that red dress, glad you made a choice that makes you the most comfortable

Diana, GettinFit,love2b150, abidabbi & Penguin - Hi
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S/C/G: 207.7/207.7/150

Height: 5'6"


Here is my plan for the day 9/2/2010

B - Homemade smoothie w/ organic soy milk, banana and cocoa + 2 slices WW multigrain bread w/ almond butter

S - Raw broocoli w/ hummus + 1 homemade vegan chocolate cupcake

L - Porbably a veggie burger and salad- it's bbq day at work!

S - 1 Apple

D - Soy meat sitr-fry w/ sugar snap peas, red peppers, homemade marinade and rice

Drinking: At least 2 cups green tea + 2L water + 1 diet pepsi

Have a happy, healthy and OP day
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Height: 5'7"


Day 2. Hi, everyone!

Sarah: you do a lot of exercise! Good for you!

Abidabbi: my daughter is in English/Journalism studies. Not sure if she will major in English or something like Communications, but she definitely will have the Journalism minor.

I don't imagine there are many places in England (or in the UK, for that matter) that aren't very nice. It is such a pretty country!

Today: 1 & 1/3 Pc rye toast and peanut butter 200
Chicken souvlaki with only a little pita 450-500
vegetables 60-80
1 sf pudding, 1 sf krunch bar 160

Walk 50-60 mins, 80-100 crunches
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Stay Focused & Committed
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Height: 5" 5.5


Good Morning Everyone

Love - Great job on getting your workout in early this morning. I just love doing mine first thing in the morning. I didn't make it out to Stone Mtn this morning so I will have to workout later today. I really need to do a Firm video today. My work schedule will probably be changing up in the next month and I'll have to go back to doing it in the evening

MamaP the red dress is gorgeous too!

I had a NSV this morning. I'm going to a formal affair on Sat evening and I was so sure I wouldn't be able to fit any of my gowns. I finally got the nerve to try one of them on and it fit!!! I was soooo excited and motivated to keep going. I guess all the working out is paying off

Have a great day everyone

Today's journal:
B: watermelon, skim milk, coffee w/General Foods International
L: Lean Cuisine Sante Fe Rice & Beans, green beans, 1 3 Musketeers Mini mint bar
D: grilled chicken, salad w/feta cheese & lf dressing
S: pretzels & Laughing Cow Cheese
Exercise: walked 1.5 miles (4.5/36 for challenge)

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God Will Guide Me!
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Height: 5'7''


Awesome! Yay!
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