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September 1 already . . . hard to believe August is gone. I pretty much wasted it - but I survived it so I guess that's what matters. Welcome to the new folks and welcome back to those of us who have been a little AWOL . . . and of course welcome to the faithful as well.

I decided on the silver dress. I called the store and asked them to hold it for me and I'll go tonight and pick it up. Then I'm gonna hang it somewhere that I can see it every day to help keep me focused. I would love to lose 15-20 lbs before the ball and think if I do that dress will still fit just fine, however, if I gain any weight the purchase will be wasted money. I am disappointed in myself for wasting the last month or so and think about how much smaller I could have been by now, but I'm thankful for what I have accomplished. This is only the second time in my life that I've gone shopping for a formal and the size difference is huge - that feels good. I've got a long way to go, but I've come a long way. (Gotta do something about my arms, I still look like a football player - yuk) (See the then and now photos below).
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Diana, thanks for the new thread!

Welcome back Cardboard!!

Welcome Cronopia, Lliaa, and Nicole!

Hi GettinFit, MissVick, abbidabbi, Jer, and dream!

Penguin, I'm truly sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully she will come around in time.

Lauren, here's to a great month!! And great job on passing on the beer!!

Congrats on your awesome WI love!

raven, I hope your food comes in soon, too!

Vixsin, great job on getting that exercise in!

MrsD, good luck on your September goals I know you can do it! And good luck on the finances but it is very exciting that you will have your car paid off soon!

MamaP, I think we were posting at the same time . I went back to the other thread to see all the dresses and I think you made the right decision- the sliver dress is beautiful and very flattering! You have come so far, you look great! We all slip up every now and then, but good for you for not dwelling on it and getting right back on track!

Sorry I've been sort of MIA. Been pretty much on plan, but I really need to step it up this month! Ordered pizza last night (thin crust w/ lots of veggies) but just ate way too much of it, so today's official WI was not good. Oh well, back on track today! I hope you are all having a good Wednesday so far!

9/1/2010 Check-in:

Breakfast (320)
large cup of coffee w/ 3 tbsp ff Coffee Mate cinnamon creamer- 75
StonyField Farms organic French vanilla yogurt w/ 2 tbsp lf apple cinnamon granola- 185
small gala apple- 60
H2O- 0

Lunch (leftover Papa Murphy's, 440)
2 slices thin crust pizza w/ pepperoni and lots of veggies- 440
H2O- 0

Snack PM (287)
3 oz baby carrots- 35
4 tbsp chipotle hummus- 140
1 light & fit raspberry yogurt- 80
1 square 50% dark chocolate- 32
H2O- 0

Dinner (407)
4 oz lean ham steak grilled- 140
1 cup 2% velveeta mac 'n cheese- 180
3/4 cup green beans w/ 1/2 tbsp light veggie oil "butter"- 55
1 square 50% dark chocolate- 32
H2O- 0

= apprx 1,454 calories

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Hello all! Happy September! I've been at a plateau, so planning to kick it this month and firmly establish myself as a resident of onederland, instead of just a visitor on 'good scale' days.

Diana - thanks as always for kicking us off.

Welcome newbies! Always good to have new folks joining us.

MamaP - silver dress is gorgeous! Super classy!

My Tuesday:

breakfast: coffee with splash of 1% milk, 2 slice whole wheat toast with almond butter, green apple.

lunch: two eggs scrambled with some kale, green onion, red pepper. Two slices of whole wheat bread with homemade garlicky baba ghanoush (never sure how to spell that...)

dinner: whole wheat pasta with canned tomato sauce...had to work late and was in a hurry. One slice cake - it was the birthday of someone from work. But it was a lower calorie day so figured it would balance out.

diminished appetite today (nice when that happens!) so no snacks.

TOM started today, so no weighing. No exercise either - I'm not sure if it's TOM, or if it's a mild side effect from the typhoid vaccine I got last week (I'm going to Peru at the end of Oct and needs all kind of vaccinations - you guys are going to think all I do is go on vacation!) which they said could cause flu like symptoms of headache, fatigue, body aches, etc. Hoping it will pass - til then feeling low energy, but also low appetite, which is helpful. But I'm running a 4 mile race Saturday morning so I really hope I feel 100% again soon!
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MrsD - Looks like things are slowly turning around for you, glad to see

Kris - I think you made a good chocie, you look amazing in that dress, so elegant And yes, you have come a long way and we are all very proud of you, you should be extremely proud of yourself also

Fashin - You're back!!! Yay! Such a busy little bee I also need to step it up this month! Let's do it!!!!!!!!

Blue - I hear you on the plateau! Trying to get past this lousy 197. We can get past our plateaus this month!
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Just join today Sept 1 Help to lose 24 lbs I am not 174 and I am 5'4" I am trying to follow the Eat to Live Diet Sept 6 171

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owl - Hi and Welcome to the thread, great to have you join us!
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Welcome to owl, Nicole, and Lliaa!

MrsDawsondn, great about the car getting paid off soon. Maybe you can pay a little toward the big bill you need to pay. I've heard that as long as you pay something toward a bill they likely will keep working with you. I'll definitely pray with you on this!

Abidabbi, I see you are in Hull. I have a daughter in college and she may do an exchange program in Hull.

Love2b: You seem to have the right combination of calories and exercise. It doesn't look like you stay on a plateau very much, if ever. Great!

MamaP: You look so much smaller in the current picture! How exciting!

Vixsin: I love the saying you have: "What is so fearful about being great?" I am excited about these eating and exercising patterns becoming entrenched habits and losing the weight, and then feeling I'm a little great for finally having a healthful lifestyle and a sleek appearance!

See you all tomorrow.
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Trying to live below 200
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Kris Wow! You have come a long way. Great job!
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Hey Girls! Hope everyone is well.

Today I tried a spinning class for the first time. OMG is all I can say! It was tough. I managed to make it through the 45 minutes though. I think I'll do it again, hopefully it gets less hard over time..

Tonight my menu's a bit backwards because I'm in the office working a nightshift.

Early evening - Small apple, low fat yoghurt
Dinner - Tagliatelle with prawns and cherry tomatoes (admittedly this was a big portion but I was starving after the vigorous workout)

Snacks - small apple

Exercise - 45 mins spinning class
30 mins treadmill
15 extra minutes on the exercise bike. 90 mins in total.

-- Penguin, Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she comes round. I do think it's a little bizarre to want to cut someone from your life completely because you have no time for them. I hope that you get some clarification or closure. Hugs to you XX

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Hello girls!
We did it and my sister came along too!
Getting up at 5:30 was the hardest part.
We had fun at the gym, I can't believe I am actually looking fwd to going againg tomorrow!
20 min at the bike, 20 treadmill and 20 at the escalator. For someone who hates working out I think I did pretty good.
Kind regards and thanks for the support!
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Stay Focused & Committed
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Good Evening ladies,

Welcome to all the new Chickies

Cronopia - Congrats on making it to the gym so early today. I can't imagine working out at 5:30 AM.

MamaP - Your dress is gorgeous!

Hi love2b150, Diana, MissVick, abidabbi, Jen, fashion, blueridge, cardboardcopycat, MrsDawson & Penguin (Sorry if I missed anyone) I hope you all have had a great day.

I've had a good one. I did a 3 mile walk this morning and have been running around all day with my real estate business.

B: missed due to appointments
L: plain grilled chicken sandwich from KFC, water
S: Chick fil A Ice Dream, watermelon, 100 cal almonds
D: 1 C. Whole grain angel hair pasta & 1/2 C tomato basil sauce, 3 mini dark choc Milky Ways, water
Exercise: Walked 3 miles (3/36 for Sept Exercise Challenge)

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Welcome to all the newbies!

MamaP- The dress is gorgeous!! You're going to look amazing in it!

Gettinfit- just saw your 3rd mini goal; that's an awesome goal to have! I hope to be able to go on another cruise in the beginning of the year, and it's great motivation to be able to get into cute and comfy cruise wear.

Thanks to everyone for keeping their fingers crossed for my food- it worked! My HMR stuff shipped out first thing this morning so hopefully it will still get here before the long weekend. I am ashamed to say that I am seriously contemplating a "last supper" the night before I start the new program. Can't get pizza out of my head, lol! Hmmmm...

Day 7 or 8...can't remember!

Breakfast: Slimfast
Lunch: Meatload Lean Cuisine
Afternoon snack: Slimfast
Supper: Cheddar, broccolli potatoes Lean Cuisine
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hello ladies, well i ended the day with only 1 point over so im feeling pretty good about that, not that much exercise but tomorrow will be better! i cant believe i have been doing this for almost 4 days! im anxious to see what i loose Monday,,:
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

Sarah Great job on the spinning class. I have heard spinning is tough and fun at the same time.

Cronopia Great job on going to the gym!

Gettinfit Great job on the 3 mile walk!

Raven Have you tried the Lean Cuisine pizza's or some of the healthier versions? Maybe try one of those before you do a "Last Supper" version.

Nicole Great job on staying on track!

Total Approx 1555 Calories

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz olive oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 cal
Handful of spinach
2% Reduced Fat Cheese 40 cal
high fiber English muffin 100 cal
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream
juice 75 calories

Lunch: (360 calories)
Earth Grains 100% Whole Wheat Thin Buns 100 Calories
1 slice Reduced fat cheese 60
4 slices Hormel Natural Choice Cooked Ham 60 Calories
Romaine Lettuce Leaves
Grey Poupon Mild and Creamy Mustard 0 Calories
Sliced Apples 40 Calories
Cape cod reduced fat chips 100 calories

Dinner (830 Calories)
Grilled Chicken breast 400 calories
Steamed cabbage 100 calories
Collard Greens 100 Calories
Steamed Broccoli 100 Calories
Later - Greek Yogurt 130 calories

~TF Fire 55 EZ
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Es ist ein neuer Tag!
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Soooo. . . I changed my mind. Although I really liked the silver dress, I didn't LOVE it. I went to another store tonight just to look before going and buying the silver dress. The sales lady was really nice and she asked me to humor her and try on a strapless dress (I said no way on strapless). I tried it on and I loved it. I LOVED it. I still hate the way my arms look so I will end up with a little black jacket to go over it, but I love the dress and didn't want to take it off. Thinking about how far I've come, I teared up more than once while having the dress on and since leaving the store. The one in the store was a little too small so I ordered the next size up and will probably have it altered down. It makes me look like I have a waist. I ordered it in ruby red, which is the color I really wanted. I considered royal blue, but my daughter is trying to find a royal blue dress and we don't want to match. I hope you guys like this dress as much as the silver one.
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