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Diana - I also would LOVE to see myself at 196!
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Go Lauren! Hope it's this week, so you can be done with 197 for good. You've lost a lot already.

Penguin, sorry about the difficulties.

CardboardCat, you did great to have not gained more than 10 pounds when you weren't really watching your diet! I can gain that much in a little over a week!

I look forward to another good month with everyone: love2b, gettingfit, MissVick, abidabbi, LaurenA, Cronopia, and all the rest who will be signing back onto this new thread.

I hope to be no more than 173 lbs. at the end of September.

Today, I'll try to get 45 minutes to an hour of walking, and eat acc. to my plan.

Have a great day!
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I'm in for another month, goal is to lose 6-10lbs, that would put me in the 160's somewhere I haven't been in almost 20years.
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Goodness you all are so busy ... I have to get to my workout but I have to say my hello's first

Hi Sarah and Cronopia

Hi Abidabbi, the scale will get moving again

Hi Diana

Penguin, sorry to hear about the situation with your friend. I've been there before also with a friend (she's still my friend whether I talk to her or not) that I've known since 1981.

Lauren for you on not caving to the beer and staying OP

Hi Jer and Dream

Well I had a great weigh in this morning I am at 170.4 that's 1.2lbs down from yesterday. I had a great big breakfast this morning 469 calories. So I've gotta go work some of that off. BBL. Have a great OP day
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Dog Lover
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Happy September, everyone! Thanks, Diana, for starting another great thread

I'm ready to have the great results that everyone else is having!

I ordered my HMR food yesterday, and according to the website, it should have been shipped yesterday. So that way I would get it before the long holiday weekend with the 3 day shipping. BUT, I just checked the status of my order and it still says pending Just really hoping that I get it before Saturday; otherwise I will have to wait for it until Tuesday. Bummer!

Have a great day, guys!
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So im new to this thread but here goes...

I have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred 2x a day for a few weeks now.
Eating wise I have been trying hard to be better...consuming about half of what I was eating before and trying to make better choices about WHAT I am eating.


B- Banana
L- Grilled chicken and salad with water
D- Lean cuisine pizza
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Jer - Thanks!

dream - Hi

love2b150 - Thanks and well done on that great weigh in! 1.2lbs down

raven - Hi Bummer about your order, i'll keep my fingers crossed that your shipment will come before Saturday!

Lliaa - Hi and Welcome to the thread, great to have you aboard
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Hello ladies, im going to jump on the bandwagon here as well!
This is my 3rd day on ww and 3rd day here so im still taking baby steps,i cannot go shopping till this weekend so i will not be posting my food choices on here till then, as they are not the healthiest but im still op in watching portion size and maintaining my points . i have already started riding my bike daily but haven't this week because my routine has been thrown off but i plan on running up and down my stairs quite a bit today and maybe go outside and pull weeds today.

1.don't go over my points
2.stairs and weeding
3.try to get lots of water in today!!
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Nicole - Hi and Welcome to the thread, glad to see you making the change to a healthier you!
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Default Yay!

I am so happy that we're here again for another month! This month is going to be great!

My calories yesterday were 1550ish so I am happy with that. I did end up taking a nice walk after work to try and relax my cramps and it worked. Thankfully.

Planning on the gym today after work. I have a date with the elliptical for about 30-40 mins. I am really looking forward to that. I enjoy working out and look forward to getting back into it and not becoming the crazywoman that I previously was.

I am down .2 from yesterday. I'll gladly take it since TOM's still around.

to all newbies!! I look forward to your posts and getting to know all of you.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
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Yey for newbies Welcome to the best thread in the universe
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Hi ladies! b/c u all made me feel so welcome with my first posts, i must all the even newer newbies! it's going to be a great month.

I have to laugh because my first meal of this so-called great month was a big, greasy muffin from the supermarket. i ran out of slimfast mix this morning and i wanted just one can of SF or boost, and all they had were six-packs. so i got steamed and bought a muffin.

Back on track for lunch...
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Vixsin - Yay!

abidabbi - Damn right!
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Trying to live below 200
Thread Starter
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Jer, Dream, Raven, Vixsin Hi Welcome back!

Love Hi! Look at you! 170.4! Great job!

Lliaa Hi and Welcome! It's great to have you join us!

Nicole Hi and Welcome! It looks like you have some goals you are already working on. Great job!
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5lbs fat vs 5 lbs muscle
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Diana, love2b150, GettinFit, MissVick, abidabbi, lauren, vixsin, cardboardcutoutcat, Penguin Hey guys I think Sept will be a killer month!

Cronopia that is Awesome to have your dad workout with you I wish I could get mines to workout with me he's too stubborn lol

My goal for the month is 10 lbs down. I am running in the race for the cure on the 25th and honestly I just want to beat my old time of 53:19 for a 5K very penguintastic lol.

My goals this month are more personally geared dealing with finances and emos more than anything. I found out that I only have 6 more payments and my car will be paid off Thank you Jesus and so the countdown begins for that!! Thankfully also with all the craziness that is going on around me I haven't really given in to emotional eating or binges. I'm finally starting to come to the point of when getting stressed to exercise it off. And with my level of stress lately I will be one exercising diva LOL.

Today's eats: (first time journaling in like 2 weeks)

B- 2 cups of coffee with 2 creamers and for packets of splenda
strawberry yogurt with banana nut granola crumbles
L - 2 turkey burger patties with 1 oz of melted cheese on them
Steamed veggies
24 oz dr pepper
1 snickers bar
D - I have no idea but it will be very lite seeing as how lunch was definitely heavy and unhealthy.

Will be running tonight again (major stress reliever) and fessing up to another bill that can't be paid which may cause lots and lots of headache and drama but my conviction will not let me to pickup the "rob peter to pay paul" mentality. Yay for integrity right? I'm really agonizing over this it is a BIG bill.
Pray for me yall.

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