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Good morning friends,

My Wednesday:

breakfast - homemade hot cereal: leftover quinoa/millet, fresh blueberries, cinnamon, almonds, half a peach sliced and some skim milk. coffee with splash of skim milk.

snack - lara bar (resisted the pepperidge farm cookies as I already mentioned)

lunch - small serving of roasted potato, onion, peppers, and tomatoes. 1 deviled egg (by that I mean a half of an egg). Wasn't too hungry

snack - veggie wrap: whole wheat tortilla with herbed cream cheese and a whole lotta veg - carrots, cukes, tomato, herbs. Big snack, but I had a smaller lunch.

dinner - salad (lettuce, greens, cuke) and rice cooked up with veggies and some turkey kielbasa. I had 2 guests over for dinner and wanted to make dessert, so I made homemade pudding (just skim milk, 4 Tbsp sugar, corn starch, and vanilla) topped with kiwi, strawberries and banana. Made 8 servings, so that comes out to 1/2 Tbsp sugar per serving, and the rest just fat free dairy and fruit. Felt good to be able to make and serve a dessert that was tasty and pretty-looking but know it was still on plan - fat free, and low sugar.

didn't eat after dinner - I went out to an event where they had tea and pecan pie afterwards, but didn't even go into the kitchen to tempt myself.

Didn't get a workout in, just usual daily movement, but planning a run for this afternoon after work.

scale: 201. Actually, I'll admit that I did some scale gymnastics (you know, standing on the scale differently, leaning this way and that...c'mon...admit it, you know you've done it, too!) and got the scale to read 199. Exciting to see the '1' even though I know it doesn't officially 'count.'

Okay, lots of personals to write so I'll start another message for those.
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Dallas: Welcome to the list. I'm a new member as well.

Cardboard: Sounds like it was one of those days. Sorry you having issues with the ex

Therex: Well, at least if there is a guy there that you find cute, you know that he is interested in his health at the very least!

Diana: Nice to meet you! You ticker is very inspirational to me. That is a lot of weight lost and you give me hope that I can do it as well

Dream: Good luck with the garage sale

Lauren: Congrats on the weight loss! Getting the scale to move is an exciting thing!

Vixsin: I like the little bouncy things you put up for every 5 pounds.Mind if I copy something like it?

Well, I stepped on the scale today. I usually do it on Mondays but forgot today and am down to 282. I haven't seen those numbers move in so long! I had to check it twice. I am thinking of getting a new scale, a digital one so its more accurate. I've got an ancient one right now.

I didn't do my wii fit yesterday, instead I took my Beagles out for a brisk half hour walk. Oh my am I SORE this morning. I do NOT want to move! lol.

I started talking to my SO today about a gym membership at the Y. Not sure if its in my budget. I'm a poor school student. We are making a lot of sacrifices to avoid working while we go to school so am not sure that our budget will stretch. Also the last time I had a membership...well, I was pretty intimidated. I went for the walk through and then was scared to actually get in there and go back. Silly isn't it? It's only 500 for a whole year at the Y and I am pretty motivated this time around, wasn't as motivated before. The added benefit is that I can add the kidlets for only 24 a year!

Alright, time to stop procrastinating and get some stuff done today. Grocery shopping, exercising and LOTS of studying!

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blue - Hi Your breakfast sounds yum!

roxanne - Busy girl - good luck with all that studying
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Shells - I understand you about that fear that you will always be the same size. It's hard to believe sometimes that things can and will change, especially if you've been overweight for a long time, even your whole life. I can say this - I've lost 36 pounds (very slowly, to be sure, it's taken me a year and a half) and I'm keeping it off. More importantly, I've started running - I started last year, and have now completed two races. I was always the fat kid in gym class who couldn't run a mile, and dreaded 'mile day' in gym class - I always ended up red-faced, gasping, wheezing, and was sore for days afterwards and it usually took me something like 15 minutes to run/walk the whole thing. I've now become someone who runs 10-15 miles a week, 4-5 miles at a time. I've run a 5k (3.1 miles) in just over 31 minutes, and last weekend ran a 4 mile race is just over 45 minutes. I have definitely vindicated my memories of embarrassing, red-faced failure in high school gym class. Am I still overweight? Yep. But you know what? I've made serious progress, and I've finished races ahead of normal BMI/skinny people because I've done the work of training.

The moral of the story: our bodies CAN and WILL change if we make changes. They will adapt, based on the foods we put in them and the way we move them and (if needed - like for me with underactive thyroid and insulin resistance) the meds we take. CHANGE is possible - in fact, it's required! Nothing stays the same - the question is, what direction is that change going to go? Are we going to let our lives happen, or are we going to CREATE the change that we want to see and live our lives on purpose and take ownership of these bodies that God gave us? You can do it - you ARE doing it. I am, too - we all are. It's a matter of making the daily choices that are needed to create the change we want. We are worth it, and we can do it. It takes willpower and discipline and patience (which needs to come from within) as well as support (which comes from community, here at 3FC, and, hopefully, from others in our lives). So, to shells, and to all of us: we can do this. There is no reason that we can't, there is nothing stopping us!

Vixsin - congrats on the whoosh! Way to go!

Lauren - congrats on breaking your plateau! You've been working consistently and deserve the success. I'm right behind you!

Roxanne and Dallas - welcome!

Love - congrats on day 100! This is a long-term process so way to stick to it.

Cardboard - yep, all you can do is laugh, and pick yourself up and make today a better day. Sounds like you've got the right attitude.

Diana - glad to hear the hubs is recovering. Tooth pain is the worst!

Dream - where are you going on vacation? Have fun!!!

Abidabbi - sounds like a tough situation...money issues are always rough. Try not to let it stress you out...I hope you're able to resolve it.
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Aw thanks Nicole, I agree with what you're saying entirely...there's just the niggle voice saying don't give in for an easy life...but yes, you are wise

Thanks Vixsin...I like hugs Many congrats on the loss! for you!!!

Lauren!!!! YEY!!!! Congrats! xxx

It's tough to think that he (and I by extension) took on the debt without too much argument as we wanted to move on and be friends. I helped her move twice. Then she said some horrible thiings and I decided to draw a line under my relationship with her as I try to make a habit of surrounding myself with people who make me happy. A couple of months down the line I get an email asking for the stuff from the house she shared with my Mr, saying she has a right even though he paid for all of it. I told her that she should be happy to have been left with very little of the money problems (the loans etc were in his name as she had already been bankrupt) and to go and buy her own stuff. We can't afford to go on holiday at the moment (well, I can but wheres the fun in going on my own without him) as all his spare money goes to paying things off. She has been away twice since they broke up last year. Lucky for some. Then the plate. It is safe, I will look after it but I haven't decided yet. I would like to think that it's me being protective of Mr Abi because I harbour no ill feelings towards her, if anything I am indifferent to her existence... *sigh*

Hope everyone's ok, I'm TOM ¨_¨ not impressed, my pill has wrecked the regularity of them but I'm so glad it didn't make me put on weight I can't even say! I'd heard all these horror stories about people starving themselvrs and still not losing whilst on it... :/ But I'm ok *phew* Feel like cack though, plenty of tea

Today has been a bit odd food wise, I think because of the tube gnomes...
B - Wheetabix x 2 and a toasted teacake (400)
L - Bagel (250) and (gasp) a wholenut chocolate bar (400)

So, thats a total off...1050 so far, which leaves me about 400 for dinner to reach my max allowed cals...should be ok. Just goes to show though that chocolate is not worth it!!!!!

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Thanks blue x
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Congrats Vixsin and Lauren!!

Abidabbi, if it were me I would be the bigger person and give her the plate, otherwise you'll be the bad guy in the situation. Hopefully she will come round regarding the money when she sees you guys being decent about giving her her plate.. Just my 2 cents Good luck either way

I tried Zumba today! Took myself and my hangover down to the local gym and joined a class. It was fun! I'll definitely do it again.

B: WW pitta with vegetables
L: Tuna baguette
D: Brown rice, vegetables and peas cooked with curry spices

Exercise - 60 mins Zumba

Have a great evening all! xx

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Thank you so much, Blue!! I was feeling pretty down today and the encouragement means so much! Last night, I reasoned with myself that it took me years to get this way and it'll take that long to get back down again. And, either way, I know that inside I'll be healthier...even if the scale doesn't budge.

Today's Info:

Exercise: 4 fast miles with LS

Breakfast: grapenuts, 1% milk, coffee

Snack: 100 calorie snack pack

Lunch: orzo salad, water

Snack: Apple, water

Dinner: Tilapia, couscous, veggies
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Default Today's Meals

B: 3/4 c honey bunches of oats, 1/2 c fat free milk, 1 banana
Total calories 273

L: Slice of supreme pizza and a peach
343 (Didn't have pizza planned for the menu but I fell back asleep this morning and woke up starving. It was the fastest thing available!)

D: Wild Rice casserole with a chicken thigh, corn on the cob and homemade dinner roll with 1/2 T of margarine

S1: Chips (ok so I have really been craving this but I did not binge, I measured and accounted for them in my diet. I know I'm on a diet but I don't want to tell myself I can never have certain foods again. I can just NEVER binge on them again)

S2: peach

Grand total for the day: 1470
Way under my upper limit of 2000. Eventually I'll lower that allotment but I realized that to be maintaining and slowly gaining a weight of 285 I have been eating around 2500 calories a day.
My plan from this point forward is every couple months drop my calorie upper limit down by 100 until I reach 1700 which is supposed to be how many calories someone my height should be eating to maintain 150 lbs. At least that is my plan! lol


You know, I almost didn't post that I ate the potato chips...but then I decided that not only am I trying to be honest this time around because I am determined but that I didn't want to give myself the idea that I had to sneak something to eat. That leads to the binge eating. I'm not a perfect dieter yet but I have made very good strides.
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Cardboard - Zumba is my favourite class! So much fun

Shells - Wow 4 miles, good job

roxanne - I think you have a good plan for yourself
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Good Evening Everyone,

I'll catch up on everyone's posts later tonight. Hope everyone had a great day!

B: WW English muffin, Laughing cow, RF bacon, Skim latte
S: banana, 1 dark choc
L: 1/2 Lean Gourmet Sante Fe Rice & Beans & green beans, honeydew melon & canteloupe
D: 1 C Progresso 1 Pt soup, steamed brocolli, LFgranola bar
Exercise: Walked 3 miles (16.6/36 miles for the challenge)
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Can't wait to see 199. Just one pound at a time and I will be there. Little goals will boost the will power. Go girl Go!
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Thank you for the welcomes!

Iím amazed at everyoneís 11-1200 calorie range! Thatís definitely a way to get results! I always shot for 12 and came in around 15-1600 when I was on track. Since Iíve started keeping a food log, Iím seeing 22-2300Ö Itís definitely an eye-opener. This past week has also seen a lot more fruits and veggies that Iím hoping I can build into my normal routine. I kept caffeine out of my system ALL day today which is amazing really. I feel like I need to replace those things with water.

Iím going to the gym tonight with a friend. I have to focus on those endorphins and the energy that will come with time as I certainly donít have any now. Iím sure Iíll check in afterwards!

Blueridge, The fact that youíre now able to run like that amazes and inspires me! Thanks for sharing!

Shells, Iím going to take your same viewpointÖ very true, even if the scales donít move as quickly as we want, weíre becoming so much healthier with our food choices.

Abi, Iíd never heard of a toasted teacake and had to look it up! ☺ I love wheetabix, but not many places sell them here.

Roxanne, Nice to meet another newbie. I hope months from now, weíll be posted our successes. ☺
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*dances* I did it, I did it, I did it!

Three meals today! REAL actual meals with like, different food groups and everything.

Breakfast: Oatibix with yoghut, berries and maple syrup.

Lunch: Mushroom soup with gluten-free bread and butter (naughty!)

Dinner: Gluten-free pasta with tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, chorizo, sweetcorn and mushrooms. Followed by some really disappointing organic ice cream.

Going away for the weekend with my friend so won't be here, but the hotel we're going to is renowned for its food so hopefully I should be eating well! See you guys Sunday night *wave*
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Wow- everyone is having such great results today!! GROUP HUG!! You guys rock, lol!

This has been a great day for me. It is day 1 on my HMR diet and I LOVE IT! I am amazed at the quality and taste of this food!!! The shake powder can be added with different sugar free flavorings, extracts, pudding and jello to make them even better. Last night I blended a chocolate shake with coconut extract and it tasted just like a mounds bar. Today I mixed the vanilla shake with diet orange soda and it taste like orange dreamsicle. The entrees are small but great. I'm soooo excited about this! By doing this, I will average about 800 calories a day and can easily lose 20-30 lbs in 3 months. Can't wait to get to "onederland"!

Breakfast: "Rootbeer Float" shake (Chocolate shake + diet rootbeer)
Snack: Chocolate "pudding"
Lunch: Turkey Chili
Snack: "Orange Dreamsicle" shake
Supper: Vegetable Lasagna
Snack: Chocolate "mocha" shake
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