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Waddle fast Flap hard FLY
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September 7,

coffee 50

leftover pasta 300
broc 25
cheese 100

soup 200
bread 200

ice cream 200
banana 100
cupcake 200

Total = 1,375

Not sure about the cals I think I counted low, but I’m going to stop here. I'm so sleepy I'm about to fall over. Just going to shower and go to bed. Early day tomorrow...

Ped = 3,520
30?min kettlebells


Welcome DJ and Shells

Diana, did you talk to your stylist about your ‘new’ look?

Nicole, Wow, I thought your ‘baby’ was much older than 8, at least in the teens. Hes’ going to break hearts when he gets older.
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Good Evening Ladies ... not gonna do personals tonight I went to bed too late last night and if I start I'll just keep going so I am not gonna even start reading, but I'll catch up tomorrow

Today's eats 9/7/10

Breakfast (210)
2 slices whole wheat with spray butter & 2tsps apple jelly and a small banana

Snack (90)
Bran cereal dry

Lunch (462)
1 cup Bush's veg baked beans w/1/2 Ball Park Beef frank, Activia light vanilla yogurt and 1/2 grapefruit

Snack (174)
veggie chips, 1c cantaloupe

Dinner (329)
Fit & Active Original wrap with 4ozs teriyaki chicken breast, with onion and a little gravy, 1/2c green beans and 1/2 grapefruit

Total calories 1265

Water 109ozs
Exercise 3 miles track
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Trying to live below 200
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Good Morning, Everyone I hope you have a great day!

Penguin I haven't talked with her yet or seen a picture for that matter. Hopefully she will have something for me today. If not, I will probably keep my same style.
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Stay Focused & Committed
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Good Morning Ladies,

I hope you're all having a great day so far. So far so good for me. I didn't get my workout in this morning but I will be doing it later today.

ravenjeh - Great job on getting back on track! I hope you had a great day.

Journal: Back to counting points this week
B: canteloupe & honeydew melon (1), skim latte (3)
L: whole wheat angel hair pasta (3) & tomato basil sauce (1) WW 1 pt bar (1)
S: WW 2 pt bar (2) sm banana (1) popcorn (1)
Exercise: TBD

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Good morning all,

Scale today said 200.5 I am in good shape to see a '1' this week if I continue to keep sodium in check and stick to plan. I'm going to get back to onederland and stay there and just keep going. There are no special occasions scheduled for this week to distract me and I've weeded the unhealthy food out of the house. I want to see some new numbers on that scale!

I stuck to the plan I listed yesterday, excepted added a post-run snack. Last night ran five miles, took me just over an hour. Beautiful evening and felt great to be out there. Also, got up half an hour early and rolled out my yoga mat to do some pilates and gentle stretching and ab work. Not much, but felt good, and burns more calories than laying in bed.

DJ Welcome! Glad you are here! And way to go on the new low - isn't it great to see a new number for the first time!?!?

Shells - Welcome to you too. And walnuts instead of croutons on salad sounds like a tasty and healthy idea...swap out the fat and refined carbs for some good protein...I'll have to try that.

Love2be - I love baked beans, and the veg ones are much lower in fat and calories than the regular kind. It's definitely one of those foods to read the labels on.

Diana - sorry to hear about your hub's root canal. Ouch! And, yes, that sodium definitely makes a difference for us daily weighers, doesn't it?

Raven - hope your food comes soon...I'm the same as you: if I commit to spending money on healthy food then I am too cheap not to eat it! It's a good way to make healthy eating choices.
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Good Morning Everyone!

Raven: We are in this together my friend! We WILL do this!

Welcome DJS!! WTG on your new low!!

Diana: Sorry to hear about the hubs. : Hoping he feels better soon! And good luck on that experiment. I wasn't around for the first one so I am excited to see how it goes for you!

Nicole: That is one handsome man you have there!!!! My baby boy is going to be 7 in December and is a spitfire sometimes too.

Penguin: Hope you got your rest for your early day!

Love2b: You too, with the rest thing. Hoping you caught some ZZ's.

Blue: : for you to see that 1 this week. You are right there! You are on track. You can do this with one arm tied behind your back!!!

So today I am up .2 but not to worry, I am anticipating a loss happening very soon. I am sticking to my plan and eating clean. My body will come back around. I have faith in myself.

Todays eats are good. Thinking about a veggie wrap tonite for supper. Whole wheat wrap spread with hummus and then add in some cold veggies like lettuce, peppers, and cukes. I was also thinking of steaming some string beans and squash and maybe throwing that in there too. I've got some chicken (approx 4-6 oz) that I could cut up and add in too. I'm going to have to toss that one around in my head a bit.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
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Hello, everyone!

DJSullivan and Shellsbrood!

Raven, glad you're back to it. Hope the food comes. It will be fun to see what difference having the food makes. Nothing like having the tools you need!

Diana, having a plan for the sodium is great! Enjoy the food and the salon!

Vixsin, I remember my boy at that age. It's a really cute age, isn't it?

Blueridgegirl, hope you get back to the 1's really soon, and only ever see it again in your rear view mirror!

Everyone have a good day!

My plan: Lower carbs today to get the weight moving better.
2 Tbsp peanut butter, 2 hot dogs, ketchup, asparagus, 2 eggs and cheese, 1 sugar free krunch bar
Walk 1 hour, crunches

Here's to us
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Wow - you have all been so busy why I have been away! So much chattin

Today is a super busy day at work for me so personals are going to take a while but just thought i'd send a shout out to the newbies DJSullivan and Shellsbrood!

Here is my plan for the day 9/8/2010

B - 1/3 cup oatmeal w/ natural peanut butter and honey )I was also goign to eat some fruit but really didn't feel like it)

S - Too busy to eat a snack here

L - Homemade moroccon coucous with butternut squash, zuchinni and carrot + steamed mixed veggies

S - Cucumber and carrot sticks w/ hummus + 10 low-salt Triscuits

D - Veggie stir-fry w/ soba noodles and homemade marinade

Drinking: 1 morning coffee + 2L water throughout the day + at leats 2 cups green tea + 1 diet pepsi

Exercise: Not feeling 100% today so probably none. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

Have a happy, healthy and OP day

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Okay, just had to celebrate my little victory: somebody brought cookies (those pepperidge farm chocolate hazelnut pirouettes) to the staff meeting today and everyone was chowing down on them and I didn't touch them. I had my planned snack of nuts and dried fruit before the meeting so wasn't hungry, so just passed. Yay! Thinking about seeing the '1' again motivated me. Thanks, everybody for your encouragement.

Lauren - your meals sound tasty. I've been wanting to experiment with soba noodles. Are they whole grain? What are they made of?

Jer - I hear you on the need to limit carbs...I'm there, too.

Vixsin - Way to believe in yourself. Sounds like you have some great meals planned! Your wrap sounds awesome. I had have a veggie wrap as part of lunch today - whole wheat tortilla with herbed cream cheese and cukes, carrots, tomatoes, and other tastiness from the garden.
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blueridge - Well done on resisiting those cookies!!! Yes, soba noodles are whole grain, they are made out of buckwheat flour.
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Height: 5'3


Raven that would be motivation enough for me also. Glad it's finally gonna arrive

Diana hoping your husband is doing well. I refuse to get another root canal. I'd rather have the tooth pulled. I remember and that the experiment works in your favor

Hi Nicole

hope you rested well

GettinFit, menu sounds lite and yummy

WTG blueridgegirl that's the way to think ... I've weeded the unhealthy food out of the house. I want to see some new numbers on that scale! You are on a roll. ... about the baked beans yes it is worth reading the label , they are so good. I usually make them with lean ground beef, green pepper, onion and brown sugar. But that would take me way over for one meal WTG on passing on the Pepperidge Farm they are so good

Thanks Vixsin, I got a few more than the night before but I must get back into the swing of things. Eventually I know my body is gonna say enough. Gonna work on getting to be by 11 tonight. Dinner sounds good, I had my form of a wrap last night

Hi Jer ... I have a question anyone can answer . When you do low carbs to get the scale moving, do you do it for a day or a few. I'd love to have all of what you're having. Sounds so filling. I may just try that

Hi Lauren

I'm up .8 today, didn't do anything different. Calories a little less than the days before ... uh I just looked eventhough I've talked about the beans all day I didn't put the two together ... that is probably my issue Better luck tomorrow
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Es ist ein neuer Tag!
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Somebody on my floor made popcorn and it smells soooo good. I know calorie-wise I could have some (the little smart size bag), but carb-wise I need to stay away from it for a while...
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Height: 5'9


Thanks, Diana! How is your hubby feeling this morning?

Thank you, love2b150!

djsullivan135--Awesome job on your new low!!

Ravenjeh--I hear you! I bought a new exercise outfit and thought if I spent the money, I'd better use it.

Nicole--Mmmm...I love BLTs!

Thanks, Penguin! (love your Warehouse 13 quote - love that show!)

Thanks, blueridge! I actually prefer salad with the nuts. And, wow, great will power!!

Thank you, Jer!

Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Lauren! Hope you feel better soon.

Ok, I need to share my secret fear with y'all in the hopes that once I share it, it'll be gone. I honestly worry that no matter what I'll do, I'll always be this size. I know, crazy right? That makes no sense whatsoever. But, it's always there nagging at the back of my mind. These last two weeks, I've gone from no exercise and not watching what I eat, to a 4 mile fast walk every day (plus extra some days) and watching what I eat and I haven't lost a darn thing. Not one little pound. I'm not asking for a miracle, but it would have been nice to see a small itty bitty loss for all my effort. Now, it is that TOM, so I'm chalking it up to that, but my fear has gotten a bit stronger. So, hopefully now that I confessed it, it won't have power over me anymore! I know, I feel a bit silly, but there it is...

As for accountability, today has been a crazy day! I spent a ton of it in the car acting as a taxi driver for the family. But, I did manage:

Exercise - 4 fast miles with LS
Breakfast - DD veggie eggwhite flatbread, coffee
Lunch - I managed three quick spoonfuls of lowfat cottage cheese and a handful of animal crackers (about 6-7) as I dashed out the door again.
Dinner - Again, not a clue. I only just got home. I'll probably have a lean cuisine as hubby is on a business trip.

Looking forward to knowing you all better!!
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love2b150 - Hi

Kris - Popcorn is one of my favourite smells! I know it is sooo hard to resist but you can do it!

shells - Thanks, I am already feeling better this afternoon. I think I was just feeling a little off because I didn't get much sleep last night. And no, I don't think you are crazy, that is a very normal fear. I have thought about it myself too.
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Failing At Food, day 8.

Breakfast: Bowl of Kallo rice puffs and semi skimmed milk, glass of apple juice.

Lunch: Jacket potato with beans and cheese

Dinner: nothing >.>

I have also been extremely bad today - we had a client in at work and they brought a box of biscuits so um... yeah. And given my wheat intolerance, eating them was a Bad Plan. I've had nothing but gas since I ate them (lovely) and am now feeling really bloated. Time for some peppermint tea, a stomach massage and then bed :3

Oh, and I ordered those jeans I tried on from the store's website - they have size 8 with 30 inch leg in stock! I still can't believe it - and can't wait for them to arrive, I will have to take a picture when they do! Not sure what a UK size 8 converts to in US sizing for all those of you over there but dayam, I feel amazing xD
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