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Question *sigh* Where to start (over)

Hi everyone, I've been on this forum before and lost about 20 pounds counting calories between January and April 2010. Then I stopped counting calories and just "ate healthy" until now. I realize my usual day is around 1600-2000 calories which is a lot more than what I was eating when I was losing weight steadily. I haven't gained any, but I'm yoyoing in between 177-174 since the end of April. Now I tried maybe once every other week since then to "get back on track". Fail. Every single time. I just can't seem to do it.
I'm crying writing this, because I know I can do it, I've done it in the past, and again recently with that 20 pounds loss that hasn't come back. I want to be healthy, and I want to get slimmer, and I want to be able to run without running out of breath and I want to look good next summer because I've spent too many summers inside being ashamed of my body.

How can I make sure I can get back on track and STICK TO MY PLAN? My only sister and I live on different continents, and my partner is less than supportive and constantly keeps junk food in the house and buys me food that I shouldn't be eating. My gym membership will become active in September, but until then I cannot afford to go to the gym to work out. I have a really hard time eating before noon, even though I get up at 7 am. I'm also always tired, and despite feeling better since I lost some weight, I realize I still have a long way to go before I'm at a healthy weight. I'm quite short, and all the women in my family are tiny little things (my mother is 5'1 and about 110 pounds) and I just know that I'm not meant to be this fat. I want out of this body but I somehow can't seem to be motivated enough to start sticking to a calorie/exercise plan again.

How have some of you gotten back on a diet/eating plan and regular exercise after a long(ish) hiatus? I feel so powerless, and I see all of you succeeding and working hard at slimming down and getting there and being happy maintainers, and goshdarn it I just want to be a happy maintainer too!

When I first started counting calories in January, I told myself that this would be my last "fat year" (one of 13) and I know it would be hard to reach my goal weight by the new year, but if at least I could be out of the "overweight" category according to my BMI, it would be enough for me. For now I feel like I failed myself, and I hate what I see in the mirror, and I need to change it. I just don't know how or where to start.
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I'm a librarian, so for me, the answer to getting started, or re-started on something, is always a book. I recommend The Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck. It doesn't have a diet in it, but tells you how to stick with the healthy plan that you have. Since calorie counting seems to work for you, that may be the way you want to go. If you think a new diet would help, her other book The Complete Beck Diet for Life has a healthy diet in it -- it's kind of an exchange plan augmented by calories.

Her books have all kinds of strategies that help including how to deal with less than supportive people in your life and how to make a plan and many ways to counteract the sabotaging thoughts that sometimes get in the way of following the plan. If you read the books, and like them, there's an active support group on 3FC for Beck readers -- join us!
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Hey, You have not failed... you lost 20 lbs and kept it off! That IS success!!

Keep eating healthy, start counting calories again and drink plenty of water.
Even without the gym, you can exercise... just be more active than you have been recently.
Walk, swim, workout with a DVD or online video.
Here's a fun, free, cardio video

It works, plus slow and steady is healthier and stays off better than losing too fast.

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u managed to not gain anything so be proud of urself and u havent quit so be proud of that!!!!!! thats how i was i would try then fail gain some weight try again gain more weight go workout then fail gain more weight ect. i never quit though EVENTUALLY ONE DAY U WILL HAVE THE WILL POWER IN YOU TO GO ALL THE WAY AND ACTUALLY DO IT!!!!! You already believe in urself figure out whats getting in ur way then go from there. u can do it!!!!
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Hi there. I've been where you are at now and let me tell you I thought I was done. I was stuck in a plateau for such a long time I QUIT!!! I GAVE UP!!! Then in June I started paying attention to what I was eating. I would always choose healthier options and go for walks. It dawned on me one day that I had changed. The way I viewed food and exercise were not like before. It felt like a chore and now it was NATURAL. So I made up a plan and I followed it. I restarted my journey on July 6th and have lost 5 lbs since.

So please remember why you started, how you felt when you lost those 20 lbs, and how you will feel when you are finally in maintenance. Good luck!!! and congrats on the 20 lbs weight loss!!
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Default Don't give up on you!!

for you because I have been there. Heck, I feel like I LIVE there sometimes!!!

I agree with the general vibe of everyone else in that you have kept off those 20 lbs...that is a huge victory in itself!!! Yay you!!

I've heard time and time again in different capacities, that all that matters is that you keep trying. yes, we all WILL fall flat on our faces but the key is to get up, dust yourself off and keep going. If you refuse to quit, you WILL make it to your goal.

Dust yourself off and come on and walk with me for a while! I think you're doing great!!!
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