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Default Vacation setback=lesson totally learned

Getting back into the swing of things from a 10-day break from work. 7 of those days were traveling/in Memphis & Mississippi. Being the first vacation through my weight loss journey, it was interesting.

I was determined to choose healthier options, not snack (so I could have some leeway at mealtimes). When the family stopped for Wendy's, I was asleep and the smell of it was so intense when they brought it back to the car but in a bad way, it was crazy. I purposely didn't go in because I wasn't hungry, especially for fast food but they brought me chicken wings. And eventually, I caved (bc I felt bad they bought them...such a dumb reason).

Then there were the restaurants. I wasn't as bad as I was in the past, but still not acceptable to what I'm trying to do now. (It just wasn't a fair fight, Memphis & Mississippi food) I gained at least 5 pounds back (didn't weigh for a couple days because I was so disappointed in myself). But, eating better the past 3 or 4 days has thankfully brought me back to what I was just before the trip.

Anyways, through this, I've learned that you have to have such accountability when eating around other people. I live alone so I'm not peer-pressured too much. But apparently I've got to stress to family and friends how important it is to stick with it. They're proud of what I'm doing but, I don't think they get how much I think about it.

Eesh, that's quite long. But I know if I use this wonderful place, it'll help in the accountability factor.
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I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to eat right when everyone around you is just doing as they please and it's hard not to feel left out when you can't eat like everyone else does. I had a similar experience on my birthday and the days following when my grandmother was in town. Just gotta get back on track and keep working at it. glad to hear those five pounds came off so quickly!
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I'm dreading an upcoming girls' weekend in October. I mean, I'm looking forward to 4 days of hanging with some of my BFFs with no kids or husbands, but I'm dreading the amount of calorie potential. Between all the alcohol (especially the chocolate martinis! MMMM), the snacks, the desserts, ugh.

But good for you for getting back on track. I think that's more important than the fact that you lapsed.

I remember hearing about an interesting study. It says that especially for women, people tend to order salads or healthy stuff if the people with whom they are dining order healthy stuff. If the people with whom they are dining order crap, they are more likely to order crap. Being aware of it may make us more likely to make wise choices?
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The important thing is you got right back on plan once he vacation is over. Your new way of eating is for the rest of your life but there's no way you won't have other vacations like this one. Maybe you'll get better at saying no or make better choices but there is probably no way you will be able to stay on plan like you can at home when you are in control of all your choices. So this vacation was good practice for the rest of your life.

Congrats to for getting back on plan!

(I'm speaking from experiencing having just gotten back from vacation myself...)
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Thanks for the back on track consolatory comments! It's hard to tell everyday people, "yay I'm *back* to eating healthy" so I appreciate that.

I think the 5lbs mostly came off from mowing when it was 100 degrees the other day, so thank goodness for that, lol. I can't believe how much I actually wanted to get back to my new healthier normal, that was new.

It's so hard when out of town friends visit! The past two times (the last during vacation) my best friend came, we had margaritas and chimichangas and I didn't even think twice! (The laughs & bonding over the margaritas were well worth it though) So I think it's alright to have some good stuff during the weekend, as long as you/we/I/all of us in general life just get back on track.

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So true...I just made a hurdle over a month long bump in my road. I was stressing and thankfully I didn't binge too much and I managed to stay the same the whole month of July. BUT for these first 5 days in August the weight seems to be melting away with my good choices and my logging what I eat and my working out a few times a week. Amazing how our bodies are starting to crave the good stuff! Hang in there and keep on keeping on!
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