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Unhappy I'M SO MAD at myself!!!!! >:(

Okay. This morning i woke up and ate eggwhites and a banana.

Then I went to the gym for a few hours and had an AMAAAAZING workout. Tons of cardio, and burnt a lot of calories!

At five I came home and made tons of green beans, and an english muffin.

Then I ran to Walgreens to buy new eyeliner... and i COULDNT HELP IT, i walked out with a huge chocolate bar and skittles. and the pathetic part is, im not "regretting eating it" in fact i'm very much enjoying it and i'm eating it as I type. (im not gonna lie through a computer screen and be like, "oh well i actually put it away and will finish it continuously throughout the week." (yeah right) )

Can I ever just go through the whole day without blowing it? Gah. There goes all the calories I worked my butt off burning.

Sorry for the rant. Can you share your tips as to how you make it through the whole day??
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getting back to 140
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I think somehow in our subconscience we think we 'deserve' to treat ourselves after we've done such a great workout.
It's funny how the human brain works.

I don't know the answer, cause I do it too

Try chewing gum next time, maybe???

Good luck
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Oh, you stubborn Viking!
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It doesn't sound like you're eating very healthfully to begin with. Your body was probably feeling deprived (living off of egg whites, a little fruit and bread is NOT good) and you gave in cause you were hungry. Losing weight isn't about starving yourself, in fact, it's the best way to sabotage yourself. If you want to feel full, which will keep you from craving the bad for you stuff as much, eat more fiber and protein. You must eat, and eat often. I eat small amounts throughout the day. You want to keep from feeling hungry, but also don't stuff yourself. And giving into temptation isn't a bad thing, just not ALL the time. So don't beat yourself up over some candy. But you should start eating a more balanced diet. Good luck!
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I'm sure just about everyone here has done this before too...I know I have. The good news is that you did work out so that will offset a good deal of the calories. Just get back on track....that's what the successful people on here seem to do....if they fall, they jump back up on that horse right away. If you know that going to the store can be a trigger for you, maybe you can make a decision before entering....really think about it and visualize yourself avoiding the junk and just buying what you really need. Just a thought. Mostly, don't beat yourself up over this, since what's done is done and you can only alter the future, not the past.
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I agree with what others have said...beating yourself up is the one way to keep yourself off the wagon! I know from personal experience, trust me. My issue is fast food though. When I start craving a big cheeseburger I can't even get in my car without going through Wendy's! The biggest thing you can do, in my opinion, is to tell yourself that you enjoyed the chocolate and got your "fix", and tomorrow you'll be really healthy. Trust me, one candy bar won't kill you. However, if you beat yourself up about it and give up, one candy bar will lead to many more. At least that's how it goes with me. Anyway good luck to you!
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what i do to combat cravings is to just give in! if i want a cheese burger, okay, or ice cream, pizza, cool.. and etc.

I just make my own, and make them low calories or i get the best possible option. I was soooo craving a cheeseburger today, so i made my own with ww bun, veggie patty, and tons of romaine lettuce... and it wasn't as good of course as one loaded with bacon, but it totally satisfied my craving. Recently i was craving a chocolate bar, so i got the oikos 110 cal chocolate passion greek yogurt.. soooo good. I actually enjoyed it more than i could possibly enjoy a chocolate bar because i put strawberries and almonds in there, and there was absolutely no guilt afterward.

I think you just have to experiment with what works for you.. best of luck!
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I have a problem with thinking after working really hard for a week or two I feel like I am entitled to chocolate and pizza and crap food. I just try to remember my goal and if I do treat myself I will treat myself to ONE treat.
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Crazy Cat Woman
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Don't get mad, just enjoy the treat, as others already said. Also, I agree with Lacierene, eat more protein and such, and perhaps the cravings will become less. They do for me. My own problem was similar, I wasn't eating enough and not the right stuff. I'm trying to adjust to what will work for me, but it takes more work to find out, lol!
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I can definitely connect w/this feeling.

I went to a weight loss center and the doctor told me that exercise is sometimes counter productive to weight loss because we do tend to treat ourselves. That being said, I have grabbed M & Ms at the check out even on days I don't exercise so cravings are cravings hehe.

I have recently come across a program that actually promotes eating food you enjoy, it talks about the cycle of deprivation and it makes a lot of sense to me. http://bit.ly/9cR1c9 I have taken a few of the seminars (there are a few weeks left in the series) and it's definitely connected with me. Because for me when I "diet" - I obsess about being on plan AND obsess about the next time I plan to treat myself. So it's really unhealthy mentally either way lol and I know for me that my emotions steer the ship - its not that I don't know what good food decisions are you know? Not sure if I'm allowed to link but its called Losing Weight, Gaining You by Paula Guilfoyle.
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Muscle Memory
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I agree with some of the other posters that you may not be taking in enough calories of healthy foods, so you are hungry, and working out can increase that hunger. Maybe try to add in lots of protein and veggies throughout the day. And be prepared with a protein meal or snack within half and hour after your workout too. Good luck!
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I work next door to a Walgreens so I understand the temptation of the candy. However, I would caution you against saying things like, "I couldn't help it" when talking about buying candy. I'm a big believer in taking responsibility for what I put into my mouth, so I try to avoid phrases like that because I don't want to fool myself into believing that I'm powerless against temptation. I'm not, and neither are you. So I do really feel strongly about the vocabulary that I use with respect to my diet.

Having said that, it really does help me to resist temptation when I'm not hungry. If I have allowed myself to eat and feel satisfied with lots of good, healthy food, then the siren song of the candy is much easier to resist. And I find that the more days that pass without me indulging in sweet stuff, the less I want it.

Just a few thoughts. Move on--you can't undo the candy that you ate, so just start again now with new resolve!
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Going, going, gone
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I agree with windchime. I'm for personal responsibility and it is a pet peeve of mine when someone claims they can't help it or they didn't mean to eat their craving food, it "just happened." What I can't stand about that cop-out is the very likely fact that the speaker stood in line, waited for the cashier to ring them up, got their money out, paid for their candy/soda/cheeseburger and drove home. The whole time their mind is saying not to eat what they've bought. They shut the voice down with excuses like they deserved to eat it because they've worked so hard or had a rough day, etc. Then the voice is allowed back after they've eaten the offended article, and the whole cycle of guilt begins again.

I get the temptation, I completely do. I am tempted often. But the difference is, if I give in to my temptation, I'll just pick myself up and keep going and I will make a point not to imagine I wasn't aware of every single second of it. That way, I am accountable for my own actions (and I'll enjoy every second of that craving food!).

Just my two cents.
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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Suppose someone was trying to quit smoking, and they went to Walgreen's for something or other, and then at the checkout they bought a pack of cigarettes because they "couldn't help it" and then proceeded to smoke them.

It's a similar process with the chocolate and Skittles.

Whatever voice in your head is whispering that it's OK, you just have to learn to say No and mean it. Until you do, you can go around this cycle every day.

I think you should also eat more of the good foods your body needs. The way your story reads, you ate eggwhites, a banana, some green beans, and an English muffin from breakfast to 5 p.m. and you did a hard workout. That's not enough real food to keep you going. You were probably hungry on top of the temptation.

Plan your meals in advance and have the foods at the ready. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure you have some form of protein at every meal or snack. And have healthy snacks around that you can fall back on when hunger strikes. Instead of caving in on the candy, get yourself home to one of these good snacks instead.

Hang in there! Good luck!
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3 + years maintaining
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Don't get mad, just enjoy the treat,
I'm sorry, but it's thinking like that that will have you running around in circles - yo-yo ing back and forth on the scale.

I think it's perfectly fine to be disappointed with yourself for eating healthy/exercising all day and then eating some crap. Although I agree with the others - your menu really isn't all THAT healthy, but I digress. The second I stop feeling badly about un-planned so called treats, that's the minute I'm steps away from being 287 lbs again.

To get to and be a healthy weight takes MINDFULNESS, maturity, awareness and RESPONSIBILITY. No, you can't always get what you want, not if you want something much better. It's okay to tell yourself no. In fact, it's a must.

You can't give into momentary whims. You're not a spoiled brat. You have to make mature, reasonable, careful decisions. You don't drive recklessly, you shouldn't eat recklessly.

Do you plan out your meals and snacks ahead of time? If not, I think it's a MUST. It sure as heck is for me. Eating healthy doesn't happen on it's own. You can't wing it. It takes a concerted, conscientious, continuous effort. You've got to PLAN for it. Much easier to stay on plan, when you've got one.

And I agree with windchime (shocking, I know ) - making statements, thinking that "i COULDNT HELP IT" is just a bunch of nonsense. It's giving yourself permission TO eat the stuff. Of course you could have helped it. Why the heck not? Stop giving the food so much power. You have the ability, you ARE capable of saying no.

You've got to put blinders on in those places - and again - tell yourself no. You've got to stick to your plan. You can't have it both ways. You have to decide what you want the MOST - one minute of *pleasure* or the all day long wonderful feeling of adhering to a healthy eating plan and the results that you get from it.

Make a plan that's full of delicious, lower calorie foods to keep you satiated and satisfied. When you're content with what you're eating, it's much easier to say no. But it does take time to get there. In the meantime - you've just got to force yourself, push yourself as you establish new healthy habits and learn to say no to yourself about certain things (the junk) and YES to yourself about the HEALTHY things - adhering to your plan full of voluminous, healthy, tasty foods.
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getting back to 140
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I forgot which book this is from (I've read soooooo many diet books), but the author had a phrase for when she was tempted by treat foods-she would say "not an option". So when you go to pick up that candy bar at the checkout, just say "not an option" and do not buy it. She also ate baby carrots as her snack when she was craving something that was not on her plan.
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