Looking for good/bad carb food lists

  • I've been looking for a list that tells me what are the good carbs and bad carbs. I've seen lists that tell me that white rice, potatoes etc, but I'm looking for lists that are more detailed. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction.

  • Well, I don't know that there is a single list. It would probably depend on the food program you're on and what that program might mean by 'good/bad carbs'. For example, certain fruits that are fine for some programs may not be considered 'good' for others. Or it may depend on the phase of your program.

    Or are you looking for something more generic? In which case many people feel that 'white' carbs are 'bad' -- they tend to be more processed and have less fiber than their whole grain counterparts, which can affect feelings of fullness and insulin production. So many people choose brown rice over white, whole wheat bread over white, etc... Lots of problems with white sugar for many people.
  • I would recommend a book on the Glycemic Index. That's how I define a "good" carb from a "bad" one. Basically, the good ones are unprocessed and fiber-rich! Think whole foods, not stuff from a box.