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I like ponies... and you?
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Default WANTED: Daily Accountability Partner (feel free to post your ads too!)

I'm not doing so hott with the whole "check in when you feel like it" on the goal or "daily accountability" threads. I mean... yeah... they're great... but I need someone (besides my mom or other family member) who can kind of more be on my back. If someone else on here is like that... I'll try my hardest to do it with you too!

Oh... and this thread can be used for EVERYONE. If YOU need an accountability partner (or just want a new friend), PLEASE feel free to post your "ad" on here.

So... here goes:
I'm a teenager... and I do tend to write a TON... and sometimes vent and rant (and then change my mind about it it five minutes later... ), so someone who wouldn't mind putting up with that on occasion would be great... and I'd be willing to do the same. Someone younger would be nice... but definately not necessary.

I'm calorie counting... so if there's someone here who either is planning on doing the same or IS doing the same... great... if not... that's cool too.

I guess for me... anything'll work.

Someone who is similar to me in goals would be nice... not necessarily exact... or on the same page... but... similar. But... again... not necessary.

So yeah... anyone with an open mind... willing to challenge me (not insult or get mad though... )... and be willing to be challenged as well. (oh... and preferably female... ).

ETA: Whoops... forgot. I'm 17 years old, 5'10", animal lover, not a "typical" teen, my start weight is 215, current is 211.4, goal is 140. Most of this you could find just by looking at this thread... but... oh well.

Now... post your ads... or answer my ad or someone elses!! Either via PM or on here.

(and to mods and so on... PLEASE let me know if this is not allowed. I didn't see anything in the rules, and couldn't find another thread like this... so... yeah... but then... I didn't look very very hard either.)

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Hey girl! I need an accountability partner too! Im 25, also write a lot lol- Im calorie counting as well & hey were about the same height, ya just got me beat by like 20lbs! lol

Nice to "meet" ya
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SERBRIDER ~ it's allowed; you can start a support thread for help in the Weightloss Support Forum, as that fits OK I'm sure ... I understand that some people can go it alone, but some just can't; and they need either one-on-one support or a group or whatever; and that's OK too. It's good that you recognize what you need to succeed and are asking for help with that.

Congrats on the good start of 6 lbs gone forever ...
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I like ponies... and you?
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Hey DaughteroftheKing!!! Sent you a PM.
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This is a good idea! I would love some "friends" to talk to one-on-one!

I am 31... just about to turn 32 (but I like to be immature!). I have a son - he is 18 months old. I'm married, work full time. I do great during the week, but tend to slack off on the weekends. I like to drink (but have cut back to once or twice a week). I have basically been calorie counting and working hard to eat my veggies and stick to more whole foods.

I am happy to be buddies with anyone, but I would also love to find someone who wants to chit chat via email about the difficulties of trying to lose weight, working full time, being a mom and finding time to exercise, cook meals and clean the house (it's impossible!).
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I'm in my mid-30s, have 4 kids aged 5 and under, also like to drink (hmmm, may be related to the kids ) and do save some room for an occasional glass of wine while on plan. My youngest will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and I'm having a hard time getting back on the wagon!

I don't work outside of the home but run a small WAHM business. It's hard to find time for it with the babe right now, and I'm struggling to find time for housekeeping (ha!) and cooking decent meals.
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