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Default Should I bring the scale with me?

Tomorrow morning I'm going on a 5 day vacation at my grandparents house in the country and i cant decide if i should pack my scale. I usually weigh myself everymorning. I'm allready really frustrated because i have been stalled for the last few days and now i'm going to have to deal with my grandmothers tempting cooking.
I was there 3-4 months ago and took a break from calorie counting. I ate what i wanted (within reason) and took my dogs on a daily hike. When i came home I was suprised to find i hadnt gained.
Part of me thinks it will be god to take a little break from my obsessive weighing. But i'm scared i will be freaking out without it . Have any other conmpulsive weighers taken a scale break? Were you able to just let go for a few days?
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My husband and I are taking our kids on a 7 day vacation to Sea World and I struggled with the same question you have posted here.

I decided not to take the scale with me, for two reasons:

1. It would give me a mental break from obsessive weigh ins
2. It would give me a chance to try and keep my weight under control (All I'm expecting on this first trip is to maintain and not gain any lbs). That way I know that I can actually keep my weight under control in real life scenarios.

I hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy your trip!
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ok, i have to admit that because i am still so early in the game and was holding on tightly to staying on track and not having any binges and needing to know what my progress was each day, that when i went out of town i totally packed my scale and took it with me, lol.

but i'm glad i did it because it was all so new that i needed to have that, and it helped me.
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I personally wouldn't take it. If you were going for a month, that might be a little different.

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We went away for a week in June. I didn't bring my scale but I did bring my food scale (we were renting a house and we ate most of our meals in).

I was really curious about my weight but I didn't obsess. Though I did weigh myself as soon as we got home. I "blipped" up 2 lbs, but it was gone within a couple days.

I did track everything -- even the double dip ice cream cone -- online.

Next month we go away for a week with my husband's family and I will have neither person scale nor food scale. I will only measure food minimally. My inlaws are "normal" eaters -- they just wouldn't get it and I figure I will survive one week.
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do whatever you find will bring you peace. If you think you'll be a wreck without it, take it. If you think it'll be good to have a break from weighing in, leave it at home.
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I would probably pack the scale but I weigh daily. I haven't had any time away though, so not sure if I would really take it or not.
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i wouldnt, just keep watching everything you do like you are now...
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Hmm.. when I went on vacation I didn't take the scale. Vacation is a break from the norm and since weight loss is the norm right now, I say leave it home.
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You may already be gone, but it sounds like you do need a break from the scale just because it seems to be a big frustration for you right now.

Thank you for posting this. I am going on a vacation for a few days soon and even though it is only three days I think I might take my scale. I've been stalling lately and the last thing I need right now is to take a break from my weight loss efforts. I've already been doing that far too much lately! So in my case it might be that daily reminder that keeps me on track.

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is super awesome.
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Originally Posted by thesame7lbs View Post
I figure I will survive one week.
That's what I'm doing on vacation. I don't need to know everything and because this is long term, I need to be able to do without a scale sometimes!

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I, too, just had to think about this question, because I leave tomorrow for a week to go visit some family up in Washington. Between the rehersal dinner/wedding/brunch all in the same 3-day span, I seriously considered taking my scale with me... But ultimately decided against it. I'm a daily weigher, and I think it's good for me to have a little time off once in a while. So I'll be doing my best to be as reasonable with my food as I can be, considering all that's going on, and I'm definitely planning to continue my exercise! In the end, I think I can at least come out maintaining whatever I weigh tomorrow before we leave!
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