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I'm on my way!
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Default 300+ And Ready to try Again...#223


We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
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I'm on my way!
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Tontoy....welcome to our humble little group which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds these past few weeks!! Its always great to have new people join in with us! The more support the more likely we will all succeed!! As I was reading your story I thought I was reading my own post! I too lost 97 lbs in 1999 before I got pregnant. I had a beautiful bouncing baby boy on September 11, 2000! So our kids are about the same age!! Isn't it fun?????? The terrible twos are starting to become trying!!!

Sara I'm glad you finally received the materials! I got 2 of my books delivered today that I had ordered last week. English books on writing term papers! Yuk!! I figured I would get a jump start on that class since I am taking 3 this semester!!

OK I can't remember what you all wrote last thread so I gotta go back and read again to refresh this old brain!

I'll be back!!

TTFN Michelle
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a work in progress...
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I just lost a good long post, I don't have the heart or the time to conjure everything up again. wah! Suffice it to say...I had a fabulous, OP day...banked 5 points, drank all my water and then some, exercised and feel real good. Here's to another great day tomorrow!

MALIA!!!! Bon Voyage, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrievederci...Have a wonderful trip...please tell us all about it when you get back!!

Time to scoot someone away from Nintendo and off to bed...no easy task, I assure you!

Sweet dreams to all...I'm not working tonight, so I will have some too!

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Talking Howdy Chicklets!

I had a pretty decent day today for a couple of reasons: One, I got Michelle's package full of recipes, tips, motivational stuff and two, one of my piano student's moms said to me that I was really shrinking! It's funny... when I told her I still had about 40 pounds to go (46 ACTUALLY) she looked astonished and said "NO... you don't need to lose that much! You look great!" While it was nice to hear, I DEFINITELY need to lose that much! I think people are so used to seeing me bigger that now I look comparatively small! My goal weight (150 pounds) is on the generous side of a healthy weight for someone my height (5'7") and I'm definitely getting there!

Last night I ended up renting "Brotherhood of the Wolves". It's not bad and definitely keeps you guessing (thus interested) for most of the movie. I'll give it 3.5 stars outta 5! And, no, for all those asking, I did NOT give into my snacking urges! Truthfully, I'm VERY committed to my diet and I KNEW I wouldn't give in... I just had the URGE to snack and wanted to be distracted by you guys! I sipped two bottles of lemon water throughout and had to pause it twice to pee!

Tontoy... Welcome to our crazy little thread! You won't find a better group of gals to provide you with friendship and support anywhere! Wow! Three weeks before weigh-in is such a long time. You'll probably be in for an awesome shocker when you finally step on that scale! I wouldn't be able to resist my scale's seduction for anywhere near that long. Hmmm... I did WI yesterday so maybe I'll TRY to wait until next Wednesday WI before doing it again. It'd be a first! Do you think I can do it?

Shells... Hope you got your much needed rest after getting up this morning earlier than I went to bed!

J-Ann... Thanks for the kick in the rear last night! Now I owe YOU one! I won't forget it!

Ahhh... man! The problem with starting new thread is you can't remember what was specifically on the last one!

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Angry Well I found it

Hello everyone


No breakfast waited till I got starving to eat lunch:
Split tub of chips and salsa with hubby
1 tostada no meat, plenty of sour cream
3 crakers with shrimp

And this too shall pass...................

1 cup of coffee with a splash of skim milk

1 small salad, with light dressing
5 ribs LOADED with BBQ sauce (Famous Dave's!Love the stuff)

And this too shall pass LOL

We boiled the ribs before grilling them. WOW! The fat and grease you get off before searing the meat is awesome and they stayed tender. I think these are some of the best ribs made in this house. Thats the thing I ate so much today they aren't even calling to me. Nothing is and I thought for sure I would be in blob ville later.

Ms. Chris Beauty Tips
1. Always wash your face before bed. They even make wipes you dont have to wet or rinse. NO EXCUSES!
2. Wear your sunscreen.
3. Moisturize everyday ( I love Merle Norman Luxiva)
4. Drink water for your complexion
5. Eyebrows say alot about how you look.

The one thing I have mixed feeling on is I wore Acrylic nails for 6 months this year. The salon trips were costly but it was my treat 2 self for quitting smoking. I loved how it looked. Well I decide my nails needed to breathe. My nails look like crap and are brittle in spots 3 months later. I am definetly having misgiving about going back again and I want nice nails for the holidays.

Have a lovely day ladies,
Ms. Chris
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Progress..not perfection
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Hey guys......I'm here. How's everyone doing? Great, I hope. I feel a little better today. Food is still the same, but mood is picking up a little, so that is definitely an improvement. My Mom (who at times is my best friend and my worst enemy) called me today to berate me (yet again) about the weight I have gained back. She said, "I was so sure you were going to follow through with it this time. You assured me that you were going to continue losing and I have bought you all the clothes for Christmas in smaller sizes and I can't take them back!" (Of course if you guys remember the kinds of clothes that my Mom usually buys me-----it's no great hardship.)
And the conversation took a nosedive from there.....although one thing did seem to come out of it. I told her that I didn't feel like I could afford WW right now (no, she did not offer to pay for it for me) but she suggested that one day a week we meet at our local mall and weigh on that annoying weight machine that shouts out, "HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR WEIGHT TODAY?" when you walk in the door and embarrases you.........and keep the little papers showing what we weigh and we can do it together. The thought of that actually cheered me up. I think it would be a really good idea and maybe something I really need. Maybe while we're there, we can even do a little walking. But no shopping........that's what made me poor as a church mouse the last time we decided to walk at the mall. I never came home empty handed.......
I just have to say to ALL OF YOU.....thank you so much for saying the things I need to hear. I'm still depressed about the whole situation, but maybe, just maybe, I'm beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.. I don't know what I would do without you guys. You are my heart.
Also, I'm not sure who put the link up for the girls diary, but it is truly inspirational, what of it I read. I plan on going back and even though it will take me awhile, I am going to read the entire thing. No more than what I read really inspired me.

I think I will go for now and actually try to do a little work while I'm here at WORK and I will see my sweeties later. Thanks again for all the wonderful responses.....sometimes I have to hear from someone else what I already know.

to all.
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Height: 5'2" on a tall day.


Mornin, Mornin, Mornin Ladies,

After work tonight I'm off to Cornell for a weekend seminar. Taking lunches so hope to stay OP all weekend.

Gotta run ..... Talk to you on Sunday night,
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Hi MichelleK, wow my daughter was born August 1, 2000!!! I think she has been in the terrible two's since she was 16 months!! I cant believe you are going to school and taking three classes! How do you do it!!!!!

I am glad to have some support and give support. Good luck to you all. I have a question for you Michelle? Have you been incorporating exercise into your program, and how may calories do you eat a day?

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a work in progress...
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Hey. pretty ladies!

Well, my first day (for the thousandth time) was a complete success. I am journalling at the WW site, which keeps track of how many points spent, how many exercise points used, etc etc. So far so good. I have to look forward...I will not dwell on how many times I have started this process.

Last night I made an easy and yummy veggie dish...don't know if I've shared it before, but with so many newbies in our ranks, I think it's okay to share again. Here goes...

1 yellow squash, halved lengthwise and sliced
1 medim zucchini, halved lengthwise and sliced
1 med. onion, chopped
2-3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 14.5 oz can "Fresh cut" tomatoes
1T olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Saute onions and garlic in oil, add veggies, saute for a few minutes, add tomatoes, simmer about 10 or 15 minutes.

I served mine over brown rice, you could serve it over pasta too, or I have also put it in a casserole dish and sprinkled grated mozzarella over top and baked just til the cheese melts.

I count 1 point per serving because of the olive oil. Of course it's more if you use the cheese too. It's any easy and yummy way to get a few veggies in!

So that's my tip for the day and it's not even Tuesday!

Lucky, where are you? Still journalling?

Thin...hello?? Come back, bra lady! speaking of which, I could use a few new ones!

Mary, of the library...how goes it? I don't have to ask you if you're keeping busy!

Baylee...how are you doing with your point counting? Did you have your WI (not Wisconsin) yet this week?

2cute, I hope all is well with the folks. You sure have your hands full.

Michelle...geez, Andrew's BD is 9/11? Talk about a silver lining! Hey! Just wait til those terrible twos turn into the terrible TEENS! AHHH! (I'm kidding, because I have been fortunate enough not to experience anything terrible, teen-wise...yet!)

SaraJoy...I am always so inspired by your focus and determination! You are my MUSE!

TINA, my darling...you just keep coming back here, girl...don't make me have to come down to Tennessee to kick your butt! On second thought, that would be fun! (Not the butt kicking!) I'll grab Michelle on my way and we'll be right over! Can I make a small suggestion? I have found, that when I am in the midst of a depressive state/eating binge...the more carbs I consume, the worse I feel. There is a physiological reason for this, (please don't make me go into explaining about blood sugar/insulin response, and the effects on your mental state...blah blah, blah) Try to limit your carb intake for a day or two days. It really does make a difference...a great website to read all about this is www.radiantrecovery.com. Oh yeah... AND, just know we love you!!

Duckie...could you share the link to allison's journal again? I never got a chance to read it and can't find your post that had it.

J-ann,,,did you give up the coffee? I know what you mean about it triggering a need for something to go with it...I am becoming a bit of a tea drinker, myself, and you're right...it doesn't require a little nibble to go with it!

Steph...you still with us?
Miss Meliss...I hope you're studying hard and that's why you haven't popped in lately!

Hi and welcome to all our newbies...Shells, Sweetpea, tontoy, Rochemist...please forgive me if I missed anyone!

Can I make a suggestion/request? Since we have so many more people here now, can we let each thread run a little longer? (and not start a new one at 30 posts) It's getting harder and harder to try to go back two threads to reply individually! Just a thought...

I REALLY have to go now, I've been here over an hour! Any chance of a chat this weeked? (she asked, sheepishly ) Anyone have anything cool and exciting planned for the weekend? Please share so that I may live vicariously though your adventures...I'm working ALL weekend.

Be good...
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Good day,

Not much to report, Monday is weigh in and If I can manage to be a good girl all weekend I'm hoping to report a good loss.

Kat, what is yellow squash does it have a hard shell, how do you cut it, don't know much about the different kinds of squash besides zuchinni, would like to try your recipe.
Here's the link to Alison's Journal for all those who need an extra kick in the butt, Alisons Journal Take the time to read it all, she'll get your butts moving.

I'm so excited I just scrolled down and all the smilies and avatars are showing up, they were missing for the last 2 weeks. Hope they stick around, it makes the posts that much more interesting.

So Kat this is what I'm doing this weekend. Going to town, we live in the country, it an hour and and half drive, so it makes for a nice little outing. Need to go to Canadian Tire, and get a wheel alignment, I'm swaying all over the road, hope this is all I need. Then I have to go to Wal Mart and pick up some Hockey leggings and Jersey for my son, he start hockey next week. My boss gave me all the other equipment, so that saved me about 100 dollars. Then I need to go to Pennington's, the big girl clothing store, and try to find some pants. All mine are wearing out in the thigh area, I guess all that rubbing makes the material thin, it's always the first thing to go. And then I need to hit Super Store for some Grocery's, so that's what I'll be doing on Saturday, Sunday, I'll be cleaning house and doing the laundry, or yeah can't forget church. And then back to work, man I miss my other shift 8 days on and six days off, doesn't seem so bad anymore.

Anyways, got to go get some lunch, check in later.
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I'm on my way!
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Good afternoonnn!!!!

Tontoy....I also work part time from 8-1. I am looking for a full-time job right now. I just had another interview this afternoon and it really looks promising! I interview for a different position with this company last month but the accounting manager wanted to interview me for a position in that department for a credit analyst which would be perfect since I am majoring in accounting! I guess you just have to do what you have to do when you have to do it!! As for exercise....yes when I lost the weight before I was walking 5-7 days a week for 2-3 miles and the weight just kept melting off. Now its harder to do with the little one and everything else I am doing but I try to do it at least 2-3 times a week. I figured it was better than nuttin'

Kat you were reading my mind as I was reading your post to Tina...when you said you were going to go down there to kick her butt I was saying to myself well you better pick me up on the way!! One of us can hold her and the other can do the kicking! LOL Watch out Tina here we come!!

Duckie I know I'm not Kat but yellow squash is called summer squash or crook neck squash. Its along the same line as the zucchini 'cept its yellow! You cook it just like zucchini too.

Kat I am going to try that recipe. I have to start getting in my veggies again! I love squash too!

J-ann hope you are having or had a good weekend! Good idea on taking the lunches! Thats called planning ahead!!

Ms. Chris...ribs...yum! You are making me hungry for them! I love it when they fall off the bone!!

Tina...my mom use to buy me the prepaids for Christmas. I am hoping that I lose enough by Christmas this year so she will see I am serious about it once again! They sure help!

Sara glad you finally got the stuff! I received two of my english books yesterday! I am waiting for the other $500 worth to arrive now! I want to get a jumpstart on the assignments!

OK I gotta run for now. I have to pick up the house and clean the bathroom. We are going out tonight to a bonvoyage party for a friend who is going into the service. Poor guy! I want the house to be a little neat for the sitter!

TTFN Michelle
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Talking Chickin' In!

Hiya Ladies!

I've been faithfully reading all your posts today but I've been busy cleaning all day! I'm still at it (just about the mop the floors) but wanted to pop in so you wouldn't wonder where I was! Tonight we're heading out for an early Thanksgiving dinner party at a friend's house so I won't be around this evening. (The Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend, for all you Americans!)

I'm with Kat... maybe we should let the thread get to 40 posts before we start a new one. That would be the beginning of the 4th page... wanna give it a try?

Well, domestic duties call!

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a work in progress...
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Quickie, drive by post here...I'm going to Aquacize in a few minutes...woo hoo! Stayed OP all day...I'm on a roll...or...my rolls are on a roll...or something like that...
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Default Guess who???

It's me again!

I went to the gym, all set for an aquacize class...missed it by 1/2 hour...I guess I need to update my schedule. No matter, into the pool I went. I figured I'll do a few laps, see how many I can do before beaching myself. I think the most laps I have done (before today, ahem) is 4. Well, I thought, even if I do 6, that will be an improvement over the last time. I did the six, was breathing pretty hard, but figured I could do two more. Anyway...I had already exceeded my goal, so I figured anything from now on is gravy...no pressure, right? So, I did 10 straight laps of regular swimming, then 2 laps of a crawl and a backstroke, 2 more laps swimming, and kept alternating in this way til I had done 20 laps! It took me 20 minutes, so I figured I'd go for a full 30 minutes of exercise by doing some squats and lunges and upper body stuff for the last 10 minutes. I'm so proud of me!

My food has been great...I have exactly 1.5 points left for today...hmmmm...what to do, what to do. Not much, cuz I have to sleep as soon as I am done here, for work tonight.

One thing I have discovered these past two days, (of eating OP) is that I have gotten a lot more done around the house...I guess all that time spent thinking about food, looking for food, eating the food, feeling guilty about what I just ate takes up a good portion of my day!

I feel really good. I want to keep this feeling. The day after tomorrow will be the true test. Usually by the fourth day...my resolve has withered. NOT THIS TIME!

Well, I'm off to bed...have a great night and a fun weekend and while you're at it, get your butts in here and post!!! OK??
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Hello [size=5 ]Chicks… [/size]

Tulips are planted!!!!! When I got home tonight I decided it was now or never. So I dug, planted and hauled dirt!!! It was cold and windy but for the beauty of Tulips in the Spring I persevered.

You know, Tina the thought of MORE clothes from your Mom would STOP me from losing weight.

You really should put on one of those snazzy outfits and let hubby take pictures so you we can see them!

Kat can I come with to kick Tina’s butt?????? I know, instead of violence we could go in her son's room and tear (oh, did I say that...I mean take ) down pictures. I would love to chat this weekend….name the time and place.(oh, I know the place!!!)

What is this Weight Watchers online???? I can’t really see my way to pay that money but am interested. Do they have a low carb version also?

I COULD go and read up on this myself but would much rather have you explain it to me…maybe on the way to Tina’s?

[size=3 ]I really need to get it together…I know you have heard this from me before but I get so disgusted with myself. I heard this today….”Instead of having a goal to be happy when I lose weight, why not decide to make the goal to be happy This makes sense to me, not that it’s easy, but if I was happy I think my weight issue would disappear or maybe it would be enough to be so happy I wouldn’t care if I was overweight. Let’s figure this all out because I really am tired of being overweight.[/size]

[COLOR=sea-green]Duckie [/COLOR] Your weekend sounds busy.

I will check in the the morning to see if anyone has a time to chat. I will have company Sunday afternoon so that would be out for me.

Letting the thread go longer is fine with me….we are so chatty the thread just zips along.

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