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Default I am loosing my will power I need motivation how do I get back on track once I quit!

Hello beautiful ladies I need your help I was doing soooo good on my diet and workout program I fell off. May 1 have not been successful ever sense i had so much stress In my life it is calming down but I can't seem to know where my will power went? did I loose all my motivation? Do i have to settle foe being over weigh forever? I hate my self for being a quitter I feel like I have no energy to even bother with a diet. How do I even begin to get back on track? please if anyone has good advice words of encouragement I will appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. My husband does not believe in me he said i always give up. his use to me failing that my word means nothing to him. That his given up on me ever being thin. I feel so bad he pointed out to me that i look awful with shorts that I should workout i am full of celulite on my legs that i should do something about it but really all i want to do is eat...rather then workout and please help me...i just had a baby after i waited 8 years for my second and my body is NASTY is so hard to get my body like before i cant keep the excuse that i have a new baby she is 7 months. Well sorry it is soooo long please help and God bless always..
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My advice: Just keep trying. It took me a really long time to start AND CONTINUE. Just write down everything you eat before you eat it first of all, even if what you're eating is terrible. It makes you think about it, which for me at least made me eventually start only eating things I felt good about recording. Also, if you really hate exercise you may be starting with exercise that's too intense. Do something milder, like walking with only short spurts of running (and I mean 30 seconds short) occasionally, and listen to music you enjoy.

Really, best of luck. Everyone has starts and stops from what I see here, and just about all of us lose the weight we want to lose eventually. Don't lose heart.
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Hello MoEstrada23
It is hard to keep motivated and especially when we are overweight and and uninspired. You have to remember that the weight you ARE going to lose is for you not your husband... that is just an extra benefit, We need to do it for ourselves and to feel good about ourselves.... that is why you want to eat, the same reason I want to eat... I feel like I let OTHER people down, when it is me I am letting down. It is hard, but together we can do it. I just bought my turbo jam dvd's and will start that as soon as they arrive in the mail and will walk as well. I want to be healthy for ME and for my girls, not anyone else and that is what is making a difference for me this time.... I am at the heaviest I have ever been and NOW is the time to make a difference. We are here for you girl! Lets do it together!!!!! HUGS TO YOU!
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girl I know how you feel..... It's to bad your hubby can't be more supportive.. having people cheering you on really helps the whole process..I would sit him down and have a heart to heart.. let him know with or with out his support you ARE doing this and you ARE doing it for real this time. ANd the whole process would be alot better for you and make the whole processes more enjoyable for you if he could be more encouraging and be your cheerleader instead of trying to tell you you arent going to win the game.. I understand many failed attempts can lead some one to doubt you but SHOW him it's different this time! eventually by your actions he will see that your fro real this time! Just proove him wrong!

and try to focus on the positives.. when all you can do is see darkness it makes the light at the end of the tunnel look further away! girl.. for you it's not that far! I'd kill to be in your shoes right now! Be proud you didn't let it get TOO far out of hand! you really are catching it in good time! You could have easily let your weight get so outta hand and crosssed that 200 mark or even worse like me and so many other the 300 mark! think about it it took a lot of people to be over 300 lbs to say enough is enough.. youv'e caught it at only 160! be proud! hold you head up and say I'm proud of me for getting a handle on it before it went to far! I'm catching this now before it gets any worse and I AM going to do something about it now!

you can do this! you WILL do this!
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One thing that you can do to make sure that you stay on track with your diet and exercise plan, is to not make it too strict. When you go all or nothing and you go for weeks on a super strict diet with no treats allowed, it is like a pressure cooker. Your cravings for treats heaps up and up, until one day the pressure are too much and you binge all out, just because you denied yourself treats.

So even though I am on strict diets, I still allow myself the occasional treat, that way I limit the chance of falling off track. If you are craving chocolate, have one or two small blocks. Just make sure that you don't have it too often and when you want a treat that you only have a little bit of it.

Here are a few things that always motivates me, try them, they might also work for you: set smart goals,write down your reasons for wanting to lose weight and stick it up somewhere you can see it, you can also cut out a pic of how you want to look like and stick it up next to your reasons, and it also help me to have a mantra like "I can and will lose weight for myself", or whatever motivates you.

If you have the money, it can help you a great deal to consult a nutritionist/dietitian. I recently saw one and she helped me a great deal to lose weight.

If you don't like exercise, try doing fun activities instead where you can still burn off some calories. Some of my favorite non-exercise activities includes: hiking, ballroom dance classes and tennis. You can also try belly dancing or pole dancing lessons, or take up a new sport.

Good luck and always believe in yourself!
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