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Originally Posted by patchworkpenguin View Post
I had a old Sportline and it recenlty broke. I bought another cheap Sportline at Walmart and its inaccurate also. I'm in a Ped checkin on another forum, and they recomend the Omron 115 or similar models. They are digital, so can be worn clipped to clothing or stuck in a pocket, and run about $25 on Amazon. Hope that helps.

It does thank you.
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3 cans V8- 90 calories
2 slices turkey-100 calories
1 yoghurt - 100 calories
1 cheeseburger- ~600 calories (rounded up)

Total:890 calories. To make it about 1000, my goal for the day, I'm thinking I'm going to have another yoghurt around 10. Also probably lots of green tea, since I used up my calories more quickly than I would have liked. My family was all having dinner together, and I figured I ought to eat with them. Honestly, I was surprised by how many calories were in it. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another, 1200 calorie day.
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me, for today (still stuffy nose, no appetite)
Goals- under 40g carb, at around 1400 cals

breakfast- 1c cottage cheese, 1/2 c blueberries, coffee w/cream
L- portabella burger w/cheese slice and side of tossed salad
s- 1 cup watermelon, 1 pkt almonds
Supper- 2 eggs, crumbled bacon bits
s- 1 min chocolate cake, 1T NSA jam
now- sunflower seeds
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

Total Approx 1775 Calories

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz olive oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 cal
Handful of spinach
2% Reduced Fat Cheese 40 cal
high fiber english muffin 100 cal
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream
juice 75 calories

Lunch 150 Calories
Venti Iced Coffee w/sweet 'n low and splash cream 50 calories
Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds Snack Pack 100 calories

Dinner 1260 calories
1/2 salad w/Ranch 160 calories
2 Coconut Shrimp w/sauce 190 calories
Bread w/butter 160 calories
Salmon 600 calories
Steamed veggies 150 calories

~TurboFire Fire 30
~Core 20 (only 10 minutes)
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It's about time
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Oh boy...went to 4th of July party AND my mom cooked at home, so today is not a menu I'm proud of!

This stuff was eaten arbitrarily throughout the day, so I'm not going to do meal breakdowns!

Veggie burger [300]
2 small cheese sandwiches [400]
Baked potato [300]
Chocolates [400?]
Cake with ice cream [????]

Total: Let's say 3,400? That would be if I ate 2,000 calories worth of cake and ice cream. Unlikely, but not impossible!
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Thanks again Penguin, I looked at a bunch yesterday on Amazon. I have to convince my DH to buy me a new one.

Started spotting last night not sure what's going on. My cycle is so irregular.


Breakfast (250)
Ski milk, honey nut cheerios, V8 fusion

Snack (170/180-220)
baked lays=120 and a medium size orange (can't locate the correct calories range from 50/60 to 100)

Lunch (346)
L/C ravioli, soy chili, a grapefruit and a few sunflower seeds

Snack (70)
Pretzel cheese snack

Dinner (415)
whole grain wrap with a slice of turkey, slice of cheese, lettuce and light mayo, Kashi cerea' dry, yogurt (forgot about my f/f choc pudding with cool whip) 105

late snack (60)

Total calories today 1462

Walked 3 1/2 miles for the first time. I'm getting up there wanna one day do 5 (without having to go to the bathroom), then some jogging, then some running One of these days

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Hi Everyone

Wow! July already, let'd make it a goal making, OP month!

Welcome to the thread Wysteria, ImpalaHoader, Sweetcaroline, Tabathana, Munchie, Mary, loveAcat, Natalia, Losing. I know you will find plenty of motivation and insporation here to help you reach your goals! Good luck!

Well girls, June was an up and down month for me. Getting back on track this month, my goal is to get back in Onderland! Wish me luck!

Here is my plan for the day 7/5/2010

B - 1 WW wheat thin bun with swipe of margarine, 1 omlete with chopped chicken bacon and light chedder cheese + 12 small stawberries + 1 choc. milk

L - Salmon Salad on Multi-grain with side salad

S - 1 Apple

D - Shrimp with avocado, old school marie rose sauce and broccoli sprouts

Drinking: 1 morning coffee + 2L water throughout the day + 1 diet pepsi

Exercise: 30min brisk walk with the dog - it;s super hot today so it's going to have to be a very late walk!

Have a happy, healthy and OP day!
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Trying to live below 200
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Lauren Salmon Salad sounds delish! I had salmon last night and it was yummy for sure. I need to try to eat salmon more regularly. The shrimp with avacado sounds delish, too. You have a rockin' menu today! Have you been eating broccoli sprouts very long or is this a new food for you? I received an email from Eat This Not That and it mentioned broccoli sprouts. Yesterday I went to Earth Fare (one of our healthy grocery stores) and picked up a package of the broccoli sprouts. I plan on using them this week in place of lettuce on my sandwiches. I looked at the website on the package and it says that John Hopkins University has done studies on broccoli sprouts and their cancer fighting properties. It sounds like it's better for you than lettuce. If I like the way it tastes on my sandwich, I might make the switch. I bought the 100% broccoli sprouts. Here's their site in case anyone has time to do extra reading http://www.broccosprouts.com/default.asp
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Hi all! I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! I didn't count calories yesterday- I don't think I ate horribly, just too much. Anyway, back OP today!

7/5/2010 Check-in:

Breakfast (420)
large cup of coffee w/ 3 tbsp ff Coffee Mate cinnamon creamer- 75
2 slices homemade low cal banana nut bread w/ 1/2 tbsp light veggie oil "butter"- 345

Lunch (480)
1 small grilled chicken leg- 150
1 oz grilled smoked sausage- 85
1 tbsp BBQ sauce- 30
1/2 cup pasta salad- 90
1 small corn on the cob w/ 1/2 tbsp light veggie oil "butter" and 1 tsp parm- 125
H2O- 0

Snack PM (80)
light & fit strawberry banana yogurt- 80
H2O- 0

Dinner (435)
1.5 cup tuna helper- 390
1 cup steamed broccoli- 45
H2O- 0

= apprx 1,415 calories

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Have felt sick most of the day so haven't eaten much:

Fat-free natural yoghurt with some strawberries and blueberries tossed in.

Small, and I mean small, chicken salad with no dressing. It was literally the size of a saucer, this salad.

Nothing. I think if I eat I'll throw up :3

I've drunk lots of water today and some tea, but otherwise I don't think I can keep much down. Urrgh, brb bed x.x
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Wysteria, I hope you're feeling better soon.
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Getting behind again.

July 4

2 Iced coffee 100
Jason’s Med Wrap 300
Mixed veggies 30

homemade shish Kabobs 345
chicken, steak, bell pepper, onion, potato
rice 200

ice cream 220
caramel sauce 110
= 330

cereal 110
banana 100
milk 50

Total = 1,575

Ped = 405 ~ forgot to put it back on after I changed clothes.
45min cardio


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Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July (if you celebrate).
I did celebrate, and it wasn't as OP as I think it should be. Too much cider and beer >_<

But anyways, I'm back OP today, and that's all that matters now

This is me so far:

* Vit D & multivitamin

milk, skim, 1 cup
oatmeal, 1/2 cup
flaxseed, 1 Tbsp
1 small banana

1 grapefruit

3 cups lettuce
1.5 oz light feta cheese
4 Tbsp pinto beans
2 Tbsp homemade olive oil vinaigrette
1 ww english muffin
1 Tbsp Hummus

1 piece dark chocolate
1 c cherries

I'm off to go see "Knight and Day" with some friends, and we'll probably grab dinner afterwards. I'm thinking about steering them towards Panera (I love their black bean soup!)
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Feel better, Wysteria.

So far today: 1 yoghurt. :/ I've been at the bird shelter I volunteer at all day and haven't had time to eat anything else yet (lol, though apparently I always have time to bum around on 3fc). What to eat is a little bit of a tricky issue, or rather, how much to eat is. I'm going out to dinner with my father and brother soon at a restaurant that has great nostalgic value for my family but also suuuper unhealthy food. I'm going to go for a caesar salad, but if they order something ultra tasty like potato skins as an appetizer I might not be able to hold out. Since we're about to go anyway I'm contemplating just not eating before so I can't possibly screw myself up that badly. On the other hand, it might help to go full... hmmmm :/

Also, although this is scheduled as a 1200 calorie day I think I should probably reschedule that 1200 calorie day- easier without restaurant food. We'll see, though.
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After a frustrating morning I caved to the deliciousness of Wendy's. *sigh* My back was so sore this morning I went to the ER. The doctor at the ER was such a jerk I left crying out of frustration. He pretty much told me to live with the pain; maybe forever.

B- coffee w/ half and half
high fibre toast w/ ham and egg

L- wedny's chicken burger and fries

S - coffee w/ half and half

D- healthy shepard's pie

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