Vacation... and stuff.

  • OK... so... I'll start with good things.

    I was at the beach house with family... and ate pretty well all things considered. 2100 the first day (I allowed myself to have a treat... ended up eating a bit too much of it), and then 1500 the second day. And today I'm doing well as well.

    Then to the Dentist.

    I had a dentist's appointment this morning. Everything's pretty good... I do have a cavity (not a huge deal type one, can wait another six months without worry), and... I bite down weird. But... it's only when I bite down on food and all. My lower jaw moves to the right, and my right front inciser bites down on my bottom incisers.

    I've bit down this way for as long as I can remember. My Dad was all confused... and he actually began yelling at me... for something I'm not even consciously doing!! I'm just... *sigh*

    I mean... getting mad at me for something I am consciously doing wrong... that's one thing... but yelling at me because I bite down weird??

    So yeah... I know a lot of you are on vacation and doing various things... how's it going?
  • I just got back from vacation and did really well. I weighed this morning and am down 3 pounds. I've been calorie counting since January so even though I didn't have my computer to look up calories I generally knew what I was eating. There were several times that family cooked and I wasn't quite sure, but I think I may have been too safe and overestimated the calories. I didn't run on vacation, but of course I was always moving/walking. I did splurge and have 3 beers 1 night, but after feeling bad about it I recalled that it was a Michelob ultra (low cal) and I still was within my calories. I find that on vacation I'm so active that it is not hard to stay on plan.