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Originally Posted by Shmead View Post
Lastly, I am TOTALLY going to let myself go on my 90th birthday if I want to. When I quit smoking ten years ago, I couldn't stand the thought of a life without nicotine (I could be a chain smoker again in about 10 minutes) so I promised myself that at 90 I could smoke again, if I want to then. Now, I've added to that--at 90, there will be unlimited chocolate. So this isn't forever--it's just for the next 57 years! Obviously, there are problems with this plan, but it makes me feel better.
Too funny. When I quite eating candy cold turkey in 2005, I too couldn't tell myself that it was a forever change and said I could start eating all the candy I wanted once I was 80.
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Originally Posted by eryn s View Post just feels like if I want to maintain my weight I'm never going to be able to eat the things that I enjoy again and I'm not sure I can do that.
That exact fear is what kept me from trying to lose weight for many, many years.

For starters, for me it is not realistic to say I will never eat those things again. BUT, if there's a dessert I want and it's 900 calories, I will sharing it with two friends. And it will have to fit into my plan. And I will have it one night, but not again the next day after lunch, and then for a snack, and a taste after dinner, too.

Secondly, let's turn it around. Are desserts worth it? Really worth it? How do you feel about your body, your weight? How long does it take to eat a slice of cake? Is that 10 minutes worth the way your body makes you feel all day and night?

On Sunday we went to our neighborhood's ice cream social. Free ice cream cones with all the toppings. Huge platters of brownies, blondies, cookies. I LOVE blondies. They might be my favorite treat of all. I stared at that platter a good long time, thinking, heck, I ran 7 miles this morning, I can eat one little blondie. But you know what? I didn't. I knew it would taste good, and if I broke it into little pieces I could make it last for 5 or 10 minutes. But would that be worth it? Those 5 or 10 minutes compared to how amazing my body feels every time I go up the stairs, every time I see a mirror? Nope.

You know how there's that saying, "No one ever put on their gravestone, I wish I had spent more time at work." For me, I have never looked back and said, "Boy, I wish I'd eaten that blondie." But I cannot count the number of times I've said, "I wish I hadn't eaten that cookie, cake, cheese, pie, etc." Do you feel that way sometimes? Wouldn't it be more fun to live life without that regret?

One last thing (sorry this has been so long): Some very wise person on here has as her signature: "Exercise is hard. Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard." Another has: "Willpower is remembering what you really want." I love those.
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3 + years maintaining
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I think it's just really hard to imagine that a person could change *that* much. That their wants, needs, desires and requirements can do a complete 180.

That was certainly the case with me. I realized though these foods tasted good, the good ended there. I was also soooo miserable that it didn't matter anymore. As much as I LOVED how certain foods tasted, it was KILLING me. And the price became to high.

Now they are once in a while splurges. And like I said earlier - your tastes change. Your idea of a splurge changes. You become more aware of what those kinds of foods do to you and you actually are mindful of it. You become pickier, choosier.

I know this sounds cliche, but please, please, trust me - if I can turn it around - ANY ONE can. I have no doubt of this.

You just must push past the initial, temporary discomfort of learning how to tell yourself no. Of not having something *just because you want it*. You have to remember what you want MORE.

I really believe weight loss comes down to working past that discomfort and getting good ,healthy, responsible, mature, careful eating habits in place. It takes time, but it is SO worth it.

thesame7lbs, this is a saying a use all the time - "I have never, ever not even one time regretted NOT eating something. Never. I've never thought, gosh, why didn't I eat that xyz." And of course the same can not be said of the oodles of things I've eaten and minutes later regretted it and thought, "what in the world did I do that for? did I really NEED this? it was NOT worth it".
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patience and perseverance
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My husband's days off are Friday and Saturday. And while he is happy to support me as I walk out the door on my way to the gym, or to run, he just does not "get it" with what I go through to keep my calories under control.

So every weekend he makes the same big breakfast he has for years, and I eat my melon and cottage cheese, for lunch he wants to run out for Taco Bell or eat at a restaurant and I make as healthy of choices as I can. Then there is pizza delivery and dinners with friends, since we've always used dinners as our social meet-ups.

So every week I see the scale go down, and every weekend I see the scale creep back up just a little. It's doing it less and less as I learn how to handle it, but I still feel a little hopeless that this is going to be the rest of my life.

Generally I try to keep a positive attitude, but I'm a little blue right now, and headed for a ten day camping trip/birthday celebration where I will be away from the gym and I will be away from my normal "food routines". It's the first time since I started my plan and I'm worried it will all come back!
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Thank you all so much for your input! It's been really encouraging. I suppose at the moment I just have to focus on losing the weight and start worrying about maintanance once I'm down to my goal weight and then try and work out a way that I can fit the occasional treat into my diet without letting the numbers on the scale creep up. I have to admit I'm not totally convinced by some of the suggestions that it'll get to a point where I stop craving the really "naughty" things! I'll just have to wait and see.
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So every week I see the scale go down, and every weekend I see the scale creep back up just a little.
Oh, that is just exactly how I feel about the weekends. Even this past, I worked so hard to eat right and we were very active. We didn't eat out, I controlled my eating - yet, the scale still crept up. I swear its just messing with me.

But back to the OP - I love me some dessert. And my family wants it. Hubby and son like to have their icecream. I can't say that an occasional indulgence for me would work or not - afterall, I'm new here, trying to lose the weight I've gained because I can't control my indulgences.

I do have a cookbook - its the 1500 calorie per day cook book and it has a dessert section. 30+ recipes all 150cals or so and all desserts. Frozen Peanut Butter Pie, to Cheaters Gelato, to chocolate raspberry cupcakes.

Most the recipes serve 4, so you either need portion control to keep the calories at 150 or you need to cut the recipe down when cooking.
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Yes it all seems futile to me. I don't eat a lot of packaged or processed things, frankly I just don't like 'em. However I do love to eat I like pizza, chick fil a, bread, pastas, ice cream, fruits, nuts, eggs. I don't see how people give them up to eat bland tasting foods, or restrict themselves to salads and cottage cheese. Boring!

I just don't think about it any more if I want it I'll have it, I just use "healthy" alternatives like eating whole wheat bread, pastas, treating myself once or twice a week to whatever I want. Life is too short to be concerned with severe restrictions.
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