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I know I'll always have a belly, I'm not expecting miracles I'd at least like it to just be one belly. I still have a spare tire, it's much smaller, but more than I'd like. I'm hoping that 10-15 will take care of it. I guess if it doesn't I may have to be ready to just accept it...
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I'm thinking it depends on whether you are a pear or apple. If you are an apple the tummy would be last to go, and it you are a pear, probably the hips/butt/thighs?

I am an apple and my belly is the first place I put weight on, when I lose weight the first place I notice it to go from is my back fat (sorry tmi, lol) I can tell the way my bra fits that my back wings are shrinking.. I am lucky though in that at my goal weight I am totally proportionate; if you are too that means nothing will get too skinny before your tummy goes.
Good luck!!
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I still have a biggish belly, but it's nothing like I had when I started out. It's not a big deal in the right clothes, but I can't wear clingy tops and be happy with how I look. I have to wear pretty heavy duty shapewear to avoid muffin top. I am still trying to whittle it down through a little more weight loss, a little more exercise, less stress, more sleep, etc. but I think it's a "menopot" (menopausal pot belly) and here to stay unless I resort to intervention.

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My belly was definitely the last area to diminish, but it's still not flat.
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Not only that, but it is valid to figure out if it actual fat or just loose skin. Even at a low weight I will always have a spare tire of apron skin, it just happens with weight loss, babies, etc.
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Me too on the belly being first to go. Definitely a pear shape. My butt and thighs will be forever larger than the models in the magazine. However, I take hope from Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back - though I'm fairly sure I will never have Flo Jo's body either.
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Having lost 57 pounds I can honestly that barely any of it has come off the belly. My butt has gotten smaller and my face and hands and my feet.. yes my feet. My legs and thighs are toning up, but my belly is being stubborn. I have about 40 pounds to go to my main goal and I am HOPING my belly starts to go with that lol


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