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Unhappy Vacation: good for the soul, bad for the bod

I started out doing so good, wanting to exercise and kick the soda habit! But then I went on vacation last week ate some great food and did nothing but relax! Now I can't get out of the vacation mind set when it comes to my diet and exercise regimen! Any suggestions to kick start my motivation?
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Start with one decision - a workout, a healthy meal, etc. Then make another. Then keep going.

Decide that vacation time is over, and make your choices reflect that decision.
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What mandalinn said.

I got down to 179 from a high of 224 last October -- then I went to Hawaii for two weeks. Now I weigh 212 (well, 205 right now!). I never got back on track after my vacation. (I also found out that I didn't have a job while I was in Hawaii, which certainly didn't help my dedication, but that's a different story!)

Don't let what happened to me happen to you. Make ONE good choice today. Make TWO good choices tomorrow. Lather, rinse, repeat. It can slip away from you so fast...

Man up, Chick! Get back on track!

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Be aggressive on getting back on track.. Keep going..
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it helps me to think of working out as just another thing i HAVE to do- like brushing my teeth, taking a shower, going to the toilet, going to work... if i get myself into the mindset of it just being another thing that has to be done in my day it seems to help keep me on track.
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Thank you for all your encouragement! I'm trying to get that little weight loss fire burning again, I can't believe one week I was sooo motivated then the next I'm not at all I still want to lose weight as bad just can not find the get up and go... but I'll "man up and get back on track" thanks again!!
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Your very common experience is why I cringe when folks are told to go have a good time vacationing while I say plan, plan, plan. It takes a lot longer for most women to lose than it does to gain. There are exceptions, and they should be grateful, but it isn't the norm.
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