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  • we have a cottage on Lake never fails, something about the cottage in the summertime always puts lbs. on for me too. but i think my problem stems more from the culprit known as "Molson Canadian". no worries girl, you can take that off...and at 129, you are STILL FAB!!!! :-)
  • Quote: Mini-- carbcycling is definitely an advanced way to manipulate fat loss.... it is especially useful for body builders/figure competitors/ fitness models looking to get "sick lean" and drop their body fats to those really really low levels. There's a whole science behind carb minipulation and glycogen depletion, reloads and refeeds. Im not sying its the best way to go, but it a useful tool for those fighting those last "stubborn" pounds.
    Thank you for all the information. This is definitely me...trying to lose those last stubborn pounds. I'm not carb sensitive, so that must be why the carb cycling is working so well for me. So, for carb sensitive people, you think it's good to have carbs as needed, as you explained?
  • Mini- in my opinion, for people who are carb sensitive, the system can get totally out of whack when you try and cut carbs out completely--- the re-introduction of them will completely wreak havoc on the system (aka 6 lbs in a weekend!) Thats nothing though...when ive done re-feed weeks, ive been known to gain MORE THAN 10 pounds! Ive found the best balance for me in to keep them moderate, but keep them steady and consistent....that way my system doesnt go into shock when i do have them.... and like i explained, if i eat them when i NEED them (like before a workout, or to fuel my day) then they get used up as energy, and NOT stored.....this however does leave my body in a constant state of depletion (eating only those carbs my body uses) but it works for me, in allowing me to have my bagel in the am, or eat Mike N Ike candies when im on a run or a hike! I definitely lose faster when i go low carb, but i just refuse to do that to myself anymore.... And the repercussions on having a *cheat* with carbs is huge...... On the other hand, i know if i needed to drop 5-8 pounds, fast and get uber lean looking, i know exactly how to do it (carb manipulation)