My Longtime Beau Lost 100 Lbs and Me..Ugh!

  • Back in 1999, I had found my soulmate online, we both have so much in common, share month birthday and I was on cloud nine being and talking to him..and he always makes me laugh. He understands about my mental health, that is why I stick with him,went out on dates.

    I was in the hospital and last year in a group home..I could not able to meet him till I was ready and stable with my mental health condition..I still look the same and in the past few month on this year, he mentioned on the phone that he lost 100 Lbs and clothes are loosen on him. He eats slow and gained his confidence back.

    I am happy on his success, but jealous at the same time, because I thought we both lose together..and now I am heavier and now his slimmed down. I am back living with my family and since 2005,since our last date..and our shecdules different since we both caregiver to our siblings. I am looking forward on seeing next month and see his new found shape. He does mediation and eat slow...also no am so eager on seeing him soon and taking pictures for sure!!!
  • That is awesome for him and really for you too! One, I'm sure he is a lot healthier and happier at his new weight. I find this sort of thing infectious. Being around people who are losing weight or have a healthy lifestyle influences us for the better.

    Now if you were trying to lose weight and he stayed at a much heavier weight and didn't want to do anything about it that would be unhealthy for him and hard on you. We can't change people. The fact that he has made this positive change for himself is truly better for you both. I really hope your meeting goes fantastically!