Scary Halloween Challenge

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  • WOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOO!!!! Have a FRIGHTFULLY FOCUSED 'N FIT FRIDAY FANDANGO, Slimwitches, Slenderghosties, Gorgeousgoblins!!!!!!

  • It's SCARY SATURDAY!!! Waving the magic wand over all who dwell in the Scary Shady Fitness Forest that they may have a successful weekend in Halloweenland!!!! Wooooooo-hooooo!

  • we are a scary bunch aren't we. we can be found all over this website. Well one day of the weekend is over just one more to go and I have an early thinksgiving tomorrow so i will keep my fingers crossed that I stay in my points.
  • I had my "free day" today and had Swiss Chalet grilled chicken breast with smashed taters....then had a chocolate ricecrispie square an a choclat bar for dessert...I know...bad girl...but I always allow myself one free day...keeps me from going nuts...Howdie to one and All...Dollar good luck for early Turkeyday tomorrow! You can do it!

    Yes, Dollar, we are scary because we are the GREATEST AND MOST DEDICATED group o' Halloween Hijinkers around. We are dedicated to MEETING our goals on Halloween and succeeding in all of our weight management initiatives!!!! We are so scary and we cannot fail because of our immense focus and dedication to keeping that Halloween cauldron boiling until the appointed day!!!! Yep!!!! We're gonna do it!!! Woooooo-hooooo!!!

    So, no early Turkey Day can damage thy plan, Dollar, because thou art FOCUSED AND IN CONTROL ... thou hast thy eye on the Halloween prize!!! Thou cannot fail and The Hag is waving the magic wand over the computer right now!!!! Thou WILL face Turkey Day with a clear mind, knowing that turkey is indeed healthy and a little stuffing wouldn't hurt, and some nice vege on the side, and if they be swimming in sauces, thou can just scrape 'er off!!!! THOU CAN DO THIS, DOLLAR!!!! Woooooo-hooo!!! Go for it!

    Hotsplashes, it was Amarantha's free day, too, though she had planned for a caloric level in the 1600 range to keep up with her Oct. 13 Challenge (in the journal). Your splurge was MUCHLY better than Amarantha's!!!


  • Hello All! I'm back from my beach trip, ended too soon but it was nice to get back home too. Held it together really well food-wise on the trip---the only time I succumbed to temptation was on the way back and had a touch too much chocolate and coffee for the long drive home. While we were there we walked for miles on the beach and that was glorious. I think yesterday we walked 7 miles before breakfast and I have the blisters to prove it, worth it though!

    Amarantha and Babette, you may find this interesting. We were at Virginia Beach and went to the Edgar Cayce Institute and walked their labryinth and that's how we ended our trip. Our labrinth at home has fallen into disrepair and now we're eager to redo it.

    I'll start posting my food journal today or tomorrow. I'm afraid the last couple of days are lost in the sands of time!

    Good to be back. I missed you!
  • Eydie: We missed you, too, and your unique point of view!!! Amarantha was about to go eat something fattening until she clicked on here and was distracted by thoughts of Edgar Cayce ... I used to read his books in the far misty days of my distant past. How interesting that they have a labryinth in his honor ... hmmm ... I realize I need to walk before finishing my deadline stuff rather than having a sugary snack.

    Thanks!!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Wouldn't worry about that car ride chocolate ... it's great you held your program together for the bulk of the trip and got lots of exercise. I swear exercise is the best medicine ever created!

  • Congrats to Edyie on all that walking and staying on track! all that Hocus Pocus Focus Focus is working on us!! I am pleasethed? to know that my splurgeth was out done by the Hag o the Hut...everyone deserves a good splurge...and you have been under alot of deadline you deservethed the splurgeth, O Amarantha!! And yes...excerscise is good! it's better than good! It's great! I have been a good little hobglinette today...ate well even when the bf said.."lets go for cheesecake" I sayeth "Begone o Evil bf of the cheesecake!" and he sayeth "I am sorry O wondrous witchie of Hobgoblin weightloss cheesecake till thy halloween goal is met!" YAY for me...and double YAYYYY for all of us...have a great week Scary Halloween Challengers!
  • Woooooo-hooooooo!!!! Congratulations to all Wonderful Witchies, Good Little Goblins, and Superb Skeletons who are forgoing treats in favor o' tricking the Demon Scale on the Halloween Holiday!!!

    Hotsplashes, that was well done, indeed, in making the cheesecake vanish into the thin air of bad ideas as opposed to the reality of applying it to thy bod!!!!


    The Hag is off deadline but hath a sinus headache!!! Had a successful caloric day (details in journal which is just as rambling as my posts here I'm afraid) and 60 minutes of walking!!!
  • Brrrrrrrr........ it is so cold here. when I look out my window it looks like it cold snow. Turkey day was yesterday and I managed to stay in my points. I ate a good breakfast and then did not eat till dinner. Had the turkey and all the trimmings in moderation and even had dessert. My sister-in-law's mother brought over low fat mousse because he husband is having gallbladder trouble so she brought one for him one for herself and was so thoughtful brought one for me. I really enjoyed the mousse as everyone else ate one or two sometimes three pieces of pie. I went away from the table full ans satisfied but not over stuffed like the rest.
    So food wise I was satisfied and satisfied in myself that I stayed on track. Weigh in is tomorrow and I think Im prepared.
  • Well another 2 lbs gone for me. I seem to be losing in twos. I'll take it anyway I can get it. so that's 4 more to go til Halloween.
  • GOOOOOOOD NEWS!!!!! BOBSGAL HATH SCARED AWAY TWO !!!!! Hooooooray and a scary wooooooo-hoooo, too, to BOBSGAL!!!!! The Hag perceiveth in her crystal ball that Bobsgal hath lost a total o' 21 pounds by her stats and WILL LOSE THOSE FOUR MORE BY HALLOWEEN HANDILY!!!!

    Gooooooood news also from DOLLAR ... who did a frightfully good job staying within her points at her early Thanksgiving bash!!!! What a nice lady that was to bring you a mousse ... that was really thoughtful and must have contributed to making you feel full and satisfied ... as goodwill from others is BETTER than pie!!!
  • The Scary Halloween Challenge Roster

    Amarantha: Starting Weight 164; Now 164; Halloween 158

    Anagram: Starting Weight 232.8; Now 232; Halloween 225

    Babette: Starting Weight 213; Halloween 199

    Bobsgal: Starting Weight 258; Now 254; Halloween 250

    Dollar: Starting Weight 209; Now 207.6; Halloween 198

    Eydie: Starting Weight 157; Now 154; Halloween 148

    Guinever: Starting Weight 164; Halloween In 150s

    Hotsplashes: Starting Weight 180.5; Now 179.5; Halloween 175

    Jadcie: Starting Weight 189; Now 185, Halloween 180

    Kmabry: Starting Weight 163; Halloween 160

    Punkinseed: Starting Weight 232.5; Halloween 220

    Scoobysnacks: Starting Weight 193; Halloween 185

    SplittinMySeams: Starting Weight 237; Halloween 230

    TOTAL WEIGHT LOST SO FAR: 14.2 s !!!!!

  • Hello... it is I Punkin, of denial...

    Being both sick and injured, I believe I've pretty much eaten my way through the last 2 weeks... s'okay though, I know I've gained, I'm not entirely sure of how much, but I know...
    Tomarrow I leave for vacation - I will be spending this time with my friends in CA who are also my weight loss email buddies. I will be using this time to recharge my batteries and recommit myself. I'm tired of it taking 4 months to loose 10 pounds. I know that's healthy, but I also know it's a sign that I'm not all that committed to changing my lifestyle.

    I'll miss you guys!!!!! I'll be back online Tuesday the 15th, then I leave on Friday the 18th for a business trip - back to CA, returning on the 20th... oooh, I'm looking forward to being bored again already!

    Dollar - Turkey day sounds goooooood. My absolute favorite foods! You should be very proud that you did so well!

    Bobsgal - on the loss!! You're doing awesome!!

    Eydie - Your vacation sounded great. Aaah, a labrynth! I'd LOVE to make one of those! Was yours hard to do?? I thought it'd be a great thing to make out on the back of my property, but wasn't sure how hard they are to put together... details please!

    Amarantha - How'z the sinuses?? That's the worst kind of pain.... Feel better soon Good Witch, lest I feel you need a spell cast upon your drainage system...

    Hugs all!

  • is really cold here now more so then this morning. It actually did snow this morning, one of those between the rain ans snow.
    I stepped on the scale at the doctors office today,I know tomorrow is my offical weigh in. So Im not going to say what it is until tomorrow night but hopefully it will be as good as the doctors scale. So till the marrow.