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  • Hocus Pocus - the Demon Scale reads two pounds down this morning over last Wednesday. After my .4 gain last week and two prior weeks of barely maintaining, I am most gleefully proclaiming my start weight for the Scary Halloween Challenge to be 232.8.

    250/232.8/225/? Looks doable on paper anyway.
  • Hello all

    Feeling a bit ill today... felt like the walking dead last night and then got a phone call that explained it all - my friends that I spent Mabon with are all sick. Great, thanks for sharing... love ya!

    A little peeved with my house people. My new house is 1 year old next month and I made my appointment to have my warranty stuff all done and told them they needed to call in advance so I could get time off - well, he called my WORK last night after I'd left and left a message saying he wanted to come today. Is that notice????? No. And I'm not about to let them work in my house without me there - am I being paranoid? I donno', I just don't like the idea of people in my home without me in there...

    Anagram - There they go!!! Two pounds have exorcized themselves from your body!!! Be gone demon pounds!!!

    Scooby - Mmmmmm carrot cake..... put cream cheese frosting on anything and I'd eat it!

    Amarantha - The scale hating cats may be trying to tell me something... I don't know, but I put it under my counter so even I forget about it - HEY! Maybe that was their point! They're tired of seeing my nekkid bod stepping on it all the time!!

    I got one of the scale hating kitties to the vet yesterday for her checkup - no vaccinations though. When she was a kitten she almost died from anaphylactic shock when she got her vaccinations. Thankfully the Dr. yesterday was the same one that treated her at 8pm in emergency care last year and remembered her so there was no arguement about not vaccinating her... She's a healthy 11 pound kitty now but must stay indoors for the rest of her life...

    Well, off to read my other threads!!!

  • Double, double, toil and trouble ...
    ... those extra soon will be RUBBLE!!! Heeeee! (witchy cackle)

    Just kidding, Witchie-poos!!! No sweet little s were hurt in the making of this film!

    ANAGRAM HATH SAITH "BEGONE!" TO TWO S!!! And this is PRE-CHALLENGE weight. She's just gearing up for the SCARY HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE!!!! WOO-HOO, Anagram, those are saying, "Boo-hoo!!! We need a new home!!" (NOT in the direction o' the Hag's Hut, please!) Updated list followeth, o' Anagram!!

    Scooby: Fear not!!! Carrot cake is a HEALTH FOOD!!! Vitamin A, fiber ... it's even healthier with cream cheese icing ... calcium!!!

    Punkin: Amarantha hath felt ill for several days with a witchy viral spell likely sent to her from the DEMON o' THE SCALE, who wants Amarantha to indulge in comforting cakes, pies and dulce de leche and be helpless with excess lardo when stomping on his back this weigh-in Sunday!!! Amarantha is too smart for that ploy. She eatheth healthy food and moderately and exercise gently.

    Feel better soon!!

    And you are NOT being paranoid ... my hut is a hovel but I still don't let people come in and do things when I'm not here!!! Not a good idea.

    Re: Vaccinating cats ... my vet doesn't recommend it for house cats either. My girl has only lived indoors here and at my brother's house previously. I'm never going to vaccinate her.

    Off to make phone calls, then ... dunno!
  • The Scary Halloween Challenge Roster

    Amarantha: Starting Weight 164; Halloween Weight 158

    Anagram: Starting Weight, 232.8; Halloween Weight 225

    Babette: Starting Weight 213; Halloween Weight 199

    Bobsgal: Starting Weight 258; Halloween Weight 250

    Dollar: TBA

    Eydie: Starting Weight 157; Halloween Weight 148

    Guinever: Starting Weight 164; Halloween Weight In the 150s

    Punkinseed: Starting Weight 232.5; Halloween Weight 220

    Scoobysnacks: Starting Weight 193; Halloween Weight 185

    SplittinMySeams: Starting Weight 237; Halloween Weight 230

  • holloween scooby snacks are all around

    Pumpkin seed im sorry u feel sick. I hate when that happens. And no i dont think your being paranoid about your house. Lots of crazys out there. Im glad your cat is doing ok. Cats are way cute!

    So back from lunch....i dont know if i did good or bad. Wendys gave me a fried chicken sandwich opposed to the grilled one i order. It was through the drive through. SO i ate half and threw the other part away.

    I went to the gym during lunch time and well just paddles around in the pool. Meaning i will have to go back tonight. HOwever i have this really hot aerobic instructor and he makes it worth it every time...he he. He is a friend but he is still hot and i will take anything for motivation to go to the gym.

    i need to stop weighing myself. its my goal to wait til saturday not to weigh myself. i hope i can pull it off.

    talk to u later
  • Well Im late with my post but here goes I got the FRIGHT of my life when I got on the scale Tues night. Up 3 #'s shocking. I did this one time before and had no explaination. this time I deserved a little but not this much, well my system is not working as it should so by next week I should be down the 3 and hopefully more. So I will strive to frighten away 11lbs by the spookiest night of the year. Im 209 now so that will put me at 198, that will also mean I should be just over the 70# mark. Do able indeed so look out cut little fat buddies be prepared to get the fright of your life and get you out of mine. Good luck to everyone.
  • I'm having a slow start myself here. Amarantha, I love your 'hocus pocus focus' chant---I have to incorporate that into my day when I'm losing focus!
    Also, Have to incorporate more outdoor walks into my workout plan now that fall is finally here and it's not so hot. Nice and cool this evening-- I declare this the first evening worthy of wearing socks! Mmmmm.....cozy!
  • "And the GOBBLIN'LL get yuh, if you don't watch out!!!" (with apologies to James Whitcomb Riley, who I think said it was goblins that'd get us, but WE know it's GOBBLIN' that's the really scary thing!)

    Dollar: It is only the DEMON SCALE lying to you!!! :hypno: Wait a week and the good magic will kick in again and Demon Scale will be forced to tell you the truth!!! You bet!!!

    Eydie: I have a lot of fitness chants, many of which I've stolen from forgotten sources, like this one I found in little book a few years ago (apologies in advance to unknown author): "Mirror, mirror on the wall, my willpower is growing, encompassing all ..." There's more but it'd violate fair use if I post it all. But I like it!!! I also like to sing (apologies to anyone this offends) "Onward fitness sold-i-ers, marching as to war, with the flag o' fitness going on before!" This is probably all redundant as I've likely posted it before, but I also like: "Pounds o' fat, get outta town! Sound off! Sound off! We don't want those pounds around!"

    Chanting hath helped the hag through many a desert hike, but she maketh sure no tourists are about when she does it, as they look at her strangely!!!

    Ending eating day at 1690 calories, 100 minutes o' exercise in several sessions. Traveling tomorrow and the hag's only challenge is to focus on correct eating and hope for an ersatz hike somewhere.

    Have a frightfully wonderful night, Witchie Poos!!! Boo!
  • Boo!!! Witchies, ghosties, skinny hobgoblins!!! It's another S-C-A-R-Y day in the autumn woods. The Hag is checkin' in at the cauldron and seeith only a SUCCESSFUL day ahead FOCUSING on our CHALLENGE GOALS!!!! Amarantha the Hag saith over and over "THE HAG'S WEIGHT IS 158!!! THE HAG'S WEIGHT IS 158!!!" She knoweth that by ALL HALLOW'S EVE, THAT PROPHESY WILL COME TRUE!!! WOO-HOO!!!

    Off to do weights ... Bye, Lite Scary Witchies!!!
  • how many scooby snacks is one allowed to have?
    you guys are just to funny for me...expecially the funny.

    So im going to start counting calories better and i was wondering does anyone know how many calories i am allowed to eat. Im at 192 2000 calories to much a day to lose weight? I exercise an hour and a half a day.

    Thanks for your funny comments...i chuckle all day long. I think im am addicted to this site now!

  • Scooby and everyone, it's been a long time since I've shared this link so I thought I'd throw it out there again. It's to the USDA and has guides for calories, fat, etc... If you put in your daily intake of food it tells you calories consumed, all your vitamins and most minerals and also breaks down fat, cholesterol, fiber, sodium and more. I love it - I use it to occasionally see where I am with my diet (diet meaning what food I'm consuming, not restricting). Enjoy!

    You can call me "Grace" today... I fell this morning on one of the cat's toys (huge plastic doughnut with ball inside) while walking towards Maia to see what she was chewing on (sounded like glass, it was plastic). Before my knee hit the ground (yeah, rug burn!), I felt my foot literally try to fold in half (as in big toe trying to bend over the top of my foot) - I also tweaked my back again and put a silver dollar sized bruise on my shoulder when I hit the corner of the table in the front room. I've got my foot iced and a small bruise starting around the base of my big toe... I don't think I broke it, but it smarts pretty good. I'm wondering if my subconscious didn't do this on purpose so I can't do anything????

    Dollar - Your attitude and commitment is inspiring. You've come so far, lost SO much and now I can truly see why. You've got some stick-to-it'iveness there!!

    Ok, back to work...

  • Hi All,

    Just popping in to say hi. I need to focus on work today. Last night my son's roommate called us from Emergency. He'd taken Matt there because he'd been in a cycling accident and was messed up and had no recollection of the accident. We spent a few hours at the hospital - seems he has a grade 3 concussion - he had amnesia last night and would forget things within 5 minutes. Plus he's lost a fair amount of skin, although it's superficial thanks be. We had to keep watch over him overnight to make sure he didn't lapse into a coma. This morning we can see that he will likely recover completely quite soon. But it was worrisome!

    Amarantha, I like your approach - telling yourself you are at your H Goal weight. Think I'll try that... I have a potluck dinner tomorrow night and am getting myself psyched up for it.

    Punkin, thanks for the link. That's going to come in handy. I need to remind myself that it's really a numbers game, and if you get the numbers right it will work.

    Hi to everyone!
  • Hmmm. Back from trip, spent five hours on the broomstick and NO convenience store stops for EVIL ingredients to feed the DEMON SCALE's obsession for higher and higher numbers!!! HALLOWEEN HERE I COME!!!!

    "Can't wait, can't wait: 158, 158!!! WOOOO-HOO!!!

    [I]Punkin: (Ok, Amarantha will call thee Grace if thou insisteth!) Sorry for thy mishap. Hope it gets better soon. Perhaps the universal continuum telleth thee to rest!! Thanks for posting the URL! I have the USDA's food count lookup listed but did not know they had this other function.

    Scooby: Thou maketh us smile also with thy upbeat attitude and everytime I see thy handle, I heareth "Scooby-dooby-do, YOU CAN DO ... " Another quick rule of thumb when away from the computer and not able to access the site Pumpkin hath posted is to multiply thy desired weight by 10 (if not active), 12 (if moderately active), or 15 (if very active).

    Babette: Sorry about your son's accident but glad the news is good this morning. Thou hath had a very hard night! Hope you slept before working.

    You are right, this weight loss thing is a numbers game and BY NUMBERS WE WILL WIN IT!!! The hag can see numbers swirling in the cauldron, swirling, swirling, swirling ... and though it's the SCARY HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE, the numbers floating in the boiling brew are good and pleasant and magical in nature!!!

    The Hag's magic numbers is
    158, 158, BOO-HOO, THE HAG IS GREAT!!!

    To all Witchies, Hobgoblins, Elves and Scary Fitness Folk!!! Have a great evening!!!

  • Brand new newbie! first ghostie postie! Am I too late to join? I will weigh in tomorrow and post what I am ...I would like to be 175 by All Hallow's Eve...

  • Amarantha just in case you missed it I will aim for 198 by holloween that is down 11lbs. Have a good weekend everybody, I have my party to finish planning today and hope to pull it off for tomorrow with her still being none the wiser. So far so good. It is a surprise party for my daughters 16th birthday.