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  • Hi
    Well today is ok. I have to be honest and gained a couple pounds so im up to 186 but im working like mad to get it off. Im just freaked cause in the past year i only lost not gained im worried i cant take it off again. Stupid i know..just frustrated cause im working like a mad women. I noticed it 3 days ago....oy..oh well i dont want to get to obsessed or upset cause i feel healthy and everyone tells me how i look like i lost more weight. So im not going to weigh myself for a week and see what happens. I weigh myself way to much. If it doesnt come off in a week i will try going to weight watchers.

    So im going home to see my folks tomorrow. Im really happy about htat however i always have a tendancy to go back to my old eating habbits. I will try so hard though. It will be good being with my folks and sister is coming in.

    Pumpkinseed im sorry your cats were crazy last nite. I do understand mine woke me up at 2 but yours sounds like a crazy wild party last nite.

    dollar i dont know if would dump there candy in 2 weeks might encourage them to eat it all in one sitting. Good job on waiting to open the candy have a strong will power.
    Hot splashes, anagram, and eydie thanks for the wishes and prayers to all of u it means alot to me. My parents loved my big fat greek wedding.

    babett i think its great that you got back to where you were. I think the fact that you didnt gain is something to be proud of. Its really hard.
    Amarantha...thanks so much for keeping track of us. Do you work for cause you are truely a real motivator and have a wicked sense of humor. Thanks for staying on top of everyones weight....truely awesome. I look forward to the thanksgiving one.
  • I DID IT!!!!! Reached 180 yesterday. Thats a total of 60 pounds lost. Received good news yesterday as well. I have been approved by my insurance for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) and insurance will pay as I have had a large weight loss and two previous abdominal surgeries. I have this flap that just hangs with no muscle tone. I could exercise till the cows come home and never help that area. So I will be entering the hospital the 27 of November and having surgery later that day. Wish me luck. Hope everyone has a good day. Congratulations if you made yor challenge and for those who didn't, at least you did not gain. There is always something to be said for that. I could have been up soooooo many pounds in that length of time. Good luck, Keep plugging. Remember, If it's to be, It's up to ME!!!!
  • Way to go everyone!!!!! That is an AWESOME amount of weight when you total it up!

    Jadcie - You will HAVE to keep me posted on your abdominoplasty! I have promised myself that once I'm at where I want to stay, and have maintained it awhile (6 mos?) that I very well may treat myself to a flat stomach....

    Scooby - Enjoy your visit with your folks. I read something yesterday about the stress of visiting our parents and reverting back to our old ways. It said to just keep reminding yourself that you don't live there anymore, you don't get your mail there, so why should you eat like you still are a kid with your parents - I know, easier said than done...
    I too weigh myself too much - I think since you're working out you should get one of those scales that shows body fat (mine's a Tanita) because you could be loosing inches and not weight!

    Anagram - Good point. It was just the one kitty though - the other two were cowering under the bed wondering what possessed Luna! I personally wonder if it was just the cold. My Mom's horses get all spry when the temps dip - I don't know if it affects cats like that too.

    Amarantha - thank you for doing such a superb job on our Scary Halloween challenge thread and keeping up the "scores" - I will gladly take over for the next challenge if you'd like!

    Which reminds me - the Turkey Time Challenge thread has been started! 4 weeks from today is T-Day (turkey day) so let's pat ourselves on the back, and set another goal so we can continue!

    Onward and downward!

  • Nope, Anagram, thou didst post it but Hago missed it!!! Ok, here's the revised results, adding more in for Anagram and Jadcie (who dropped another pound when Hago wasn't looking! Hago refuseth to take note o' any ADDED pounds from here on out, as thy be only WATER anyhoo and thee will loseth them on the Turkey Challenge anyhow!!!
    WTG, Jadcie and good luck on thy surgery).

    P.S. Amarantha hath taken up residence on the Turkey Time Challenge. She is dressed as a Pilgrim! She doesn't work for 3FC, Scooby but wouldn't mind if they were hiring!!!

    The total now looks like 47.7 pounds down!!! Awesome, indeed. See thee all on the turkey challenge!!!

    Amarantha: 1.5 down from revised challenge start weight

    Anagram: 3.5 down!!!! Yahoo!!!

    Bobsgal: Seven pounds down!!! Woooo-hoooo!!!

    Dollar: 8.8 pounds down!!! Great work!!!!

    Eydie: Four pounds down!!! Superb!!!

    Hotsplashes: 3.5 pounds down!!!! Excellent!!!

    Jadcie: Nine pounds down!!! Way to go!!!

    Punkinseed: 1.5 from revised challenge goal!!!! Great job!!!!

    Scoooobydoooobydooooooooo! Nine pounds down!!!!
  • Sorry for the late post folks...I didn't lose any this week..didn't gain my final weigh in was 177...I guess I should just be happy that I lost! Ok Turkey day challenge we still post here or what? Congrats everyone!!!
  • Hotsplashie!!! Good job maintaining your loss!!!! You're doing great!

    Punkinseed hath put up the Great Turkey Time Challenge thread, so everyone can post there now and we can let this one die out ... at 24 pages, it be time.