Scary Halloween Challenge

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  • Ah, Terri - a good lesson for us all. Sometimes knowledge comes through hard times. But what a glorious outcome - to know your authentic self.

    Boatingmomma, I agree with Scooby and Punkin that you deserved to have a good time. My "Plan" permits me several days "off" a week. I don't usually go too off any more but I do go off. I consider that one of my motivations. I work harder when I've given me a "party". Of course, I don't lose much weight ....

    Day Four for me of NO CANDY..... Saved only about 250 calories so far but gained so much in "attagirls".

    Yes, Amarantha - got a chuckle a couple of months ago when took Mater to doctor and she came out very pleased with self. She said "didn't you notice? I lost FOUR POUNDS." Scary thought - this weight battle never ceases.
  • [COLOR=orange][SIZE=1]Midday stress break!!! Hago be going nuts ... people be driving her nuts and she's thinking o' binge day number two!!!!

    Ok!!! No binge!!! Close, though!!! BTW, I also allow for days off and use an averaging system to track calories for the week. Howesomever, they are quite high from yesterday.

    Punkin, thy will be done as to the list thingie!!! Hago keeps forgetting to do it anyway, so she must have anticipated your not wanting it changed!!!

    Think I'm calling it a day and going for a walk!!!
  • Scoooby, Jadcie ... any that I missed since last post ... !!!!!!

    Hago refuseth to go back and close codes on last post to get orange and small type!! That would be compulsive!
  • Oh, what a day...
    My Mom just told us that her mamogram came back with a suspicious spot - again. We went through this 3 years ago and she was diagnosed with benign milk duct crystalizations that were removed. The Dr.'s don't seem concerned and she's going in for a needle biopsy in a couple weeks. She said it's an itsy bitsy spot on the x-ray, even smaller than the last ones, so even if it is the worst case, it's super early - but they think given her history it's another crystalization. Needless to say I'm stressed, not worried, but stressed. I'm making a point of staying strong for her because I know she's probably stressed even though the Dr.'s told her not to worry. Times like these make me thankful to have a Mom who's healthy, fit and takes care of herself. I'll keep you posted...

    On a lighter note...
    It's snowing!!!!!

    Here I am, surfin' for Christmas presents online and I look outside and what do I see???? SNOW!!!

    Another look at the positive - yes, driving in snow is a huge pain in the butt - BUT, it's so incredible to live somewhere with seasons and when Christmas/Yule does come, it will LOOK like winter outside!!

    Going home to crochet and cuddle the kitties (hey, they're body temp is 103, they're good for keeping warm!)

    Punkin o' Friday and blustery days too!
    (aka Terri)
  • Punkin o' Blusteriness/Friday: Sorry to hear about the stressful situation with your mom but glad indications are it's another crystalization. Yes, thy be lucky to have a fit, healthy mom ... I know thou cherisheth her.

    Snow? In October? Hmmm. Hago's brain begins to reverse thoughts of living in thy neck o' the big wood! Thou did say, "Snow," didst thou? Dunno. It be 79 degrees here and Hago hath the heater on in the hut!

    Mini splurge (less than a binge, more than OP) today ... job problems, procrastination, negativity, BAH!!! HAG REJECTETH NEGATIVITY!!!

    Gotta go do beadwork. Making a Turkey Time Challenge ring with pumpkin colored seed beads with stripes of cranberry colored beads.

    Nap followeth beads!

  • It may not be snowing here but it sure is cold enough to just walking throught the parking lot at the market was bone chilling.
    Ok so here it is day 5 no candy, trip to doctors for BP moitoring excellent, reducing medication by one of my pills recheck 1 month to decide if the other medication can be reduced, weigh in down 2.2, that puts me at 199.6 may not be the 198 I was looking for for this challenge but I'm very pleased to be under 200. I consider this a 3 for 3 day and I feel great. I want to thank everyone here because I think your are all responsible for my successes in the past few months you give such excellent support. So cheers and high fives to you all.
  • Me again this my seem insignificant but I must put it in the weight I gave in my last post was incorrect it should have been199.2 not 199.6 it is only .4 but every point counts.
  • Just a drive by posting to say I am having thoughts that I won't make my halloween challenge as I am coming down with that nasty cold that is going around up here and just don't have the energy nor the lung power to breathe to do any excercising..but I am glad that I actually stuck with this! and i DID lose!! So now it will be on to the Turkey Day Challenge...So until Halloween my fine witchies and hobgoblinettes...Splashie will be sitting in the bleachers with her electric blanket, her mug of Neocitran and box of Kleenex yelling "Go Teab Go!!"@@lolol
  • Dollar in ONEDerland!
    YAHOOOO!!!! Dollar, that is just fantastic! Congrats, congrats, congrats -- your work has paid off handsomely! You're an inspiration. Must remind self that I CAN get there too. Day 5 No Candy for me too.

    Punkin, I so admire your enthusiasm for that white stuff. You're right, it is fantastically beautiful when seen in the right way. Last night we had snow here, just a few flakes, but snow. I remember how excited my sisters and I used to get at the first snow. We'd run outside and dance around in it. Come to think of it, that was pretty much our response to any extreme weather - get out there and experience it, be it a torrential downpour, windstorm, blizzard. Response: go out and dance around Yup, I want that self back!

    Amarantha, I enjoyed your description of the bead ring. I need to get some projects like that that keep my hands busy creatively. I always feel so good doing something like that: sewing by hand, even mending, or doing something creative. I swear (once dreaded End o' month hath passed) that I will begin some such projects. Thank you for inspiring!

    Scooby, WTG on the seven pounds! Awesome! I agree w. you about the need to enjoy life, too. So easy to forget about the joy available and just go what needs to be done. I declare self open to joy!

    Anagram, those "attagirls" translate into future pound loss, because they strengthen our resolve. You're doing great!
    Jadcie, hope WI was good to you! In any case, coming within a pound of your challenge is FANTASTIC!

    Boatingmommy, mmmmm....bottomless budweiser well... I shall dive headfirst into the refreshing liquid! Sounds like you had a great time and should in no way regret it. I believe that we are supposed to celebrate, and that these celebrations are GOOD for us!

    Splashie, you and me both! I am v. unlikely to make even my revised challenge. But I have had a good week, and have worked very well. We'll nail the next one!

    Let's make this a fabulous day! Love to all.
  • Punkin, keep us informed about your mom. She's so lucky to have you to cheer her on! And you lucky girl, you have snow--I love snow! As long as I'm home and can cozy up--yum....

    Dollar, Congrats on making your goal! You're an inspiration for sure. For what it's worth, I've dropped one more pound---not near my goal, but a total of 4 pounds down is fine by me. Looking forward to the Thanksgiving Challenge! Ever onward!

    HotSplashes, I too have come down with some sort of mysterious crud. Dang! Feel all spongy and disconnected and congested. Are you lucky enough to be able to stay home and ride it out? I have to make an appearance today and then I'm coming home to watch trashy TV and just generally loll around like an old sock. The bright side of being sick--permission to do nothing!

  • Yowza!!!!
    Hagometric Industries be so amazed at the wonderful participation here that she's confused (a normal state) about the roster, but is updating it anyhow to show results for Dollar (MADE GOAL) and the other results I see such as SEVEN POUNDS OFF O' THE SCOOOOOOBY PERSON ... IF I FORGOT TO CONGRATULATE ANYONE OR POST ANYONE'S SUCCESSES ON THE ROSTER, I HEREWITH APOLOGIZE AND IT BE ONLY BECAUSE I BE BRAINDEAD MOST O' THE TIME! I will await notification of results from everyone else (including those witchies who hath not posted in awhile, hopefully?) ... or if thou wisheth not to, that's cool, too ... she will updateth the roster ONE MORE TIME tomorrow and then eagerly await the Turkey Time Challenge that Punkin o' Friday hath pledged to post!!!! Gobble, gobble, gobble (NOT!!)

    Hago hath had another Evil Eating Day yestere'een!!! (is that a word?) Feel back on track today and still intend to LOSE A POUND THIS WEEK!!!!! Two would be nice, too!! Bye-bye !!!

    Eydie: Enjoy thy old sockie type day!!!!

    Dollar!!!! Thou be in fine fettle!!!!! Congratulations on thy continuing success!!!!!!!!!!

    Babette: Congrats on Day 5 o' -free life!!! Thou be a success also with thy continued dedication to the journey and thou WILL get to the destination because THY CLICK IS IN!!! My ring is halfway done, as I'm also still working on a bracelet that I started for the Halloween Challenge and that's not done ... I bead rather slowly ... just learning because I wrote a story about it for one of the papers I work for and got hooked on the process of it myself ... the bracelet is also striped (I'm big on stripes) ... four rows of black, two of white, one of orange, repeated ... wish I'd made it a plaid but it's too late!!! The rings I've done are made off-loom in double weave ... the bracelet is on the loom ... I've also strung some necklaces and am thinking along the lines of making my own beads but there's no time in my schedule for this!!! I write "beading" on my daily to-do list and force myself to relax enough to do it, if only for a few minutes.

    Hope Hago did not offend any folkettes re snow comments ... snow be really very nice, really ... it's nice ... really ...

    Amarantha would also like to report the result of a secret challenge she's been doing to get the Slimfast Demon outta her life (face it, Amarantha, it used to help you, but now it's a trigger food and hath too many calories and thou can have a sweet milk drink and a vitamin pill for a lot less and it's expensive). For 2.5 weeks, Amarantha hath had NO slimfast! She will continue this. Film at 11!

    Ok, stop typing, Amarantha!!

    NOT, Day 6!
  • The Scary Halloween Challenge Roster

    Amarantha: Starting Weight (revised) 166.5; Now 165; Halloween (revised) 164.5; Result 165 (LOST 1.5 FROM REVISED START)

    Anagram: Starting Weight 232.8; Now 232.2; Halloween (revised) In 220s

    Babette: Starting Weight 213; Halloween (revised) 212

    Boatingmommy: Starting Weight 166, Halloween 150s

    Bobsgal: Starting Weight 258; Now 251; Halloween 250

    Dollar: Starting Weight 209; Now 199.2; Halloween 198; Result 199.2 (LOST 8.8 POUNDS!!! WOW!)

    Eydie: Starting Weight 157; Now 153; Halloween 148

    Guinever: Starting Weight 164; Halloween In 150s

    Hotsplashes: Starting Weight 180.5; Now 177; Halloween 175

    Jadcie: Starting Weight 189; Now 181, Halloween 180

    Kmabry: Starting Weight 163; Halloween 160

    Punkinseed: Starting Weight (revised) 238.5; Halloween (revised) 237

    Scoobysnacks: Starting Weight 193; Now 184, Halloween (revised) 180, Result: 184 (LOST NINE POUNDS!!! SUPER!)

    SplittinMySeams: Starting Weight 237; Halloween 230

  • Scoooby!!! Thou hast a NINE pound loss by Hagodata's stats!!! Woo-hoo!
  • So many losses I don't know how Abacus Amarantha can keep up with them all - I do want to also report mine.

    I am happy because today I weighed in at 229.4 - which is at least under my revised goal. Would I had made it further but we must accept that which is. I think that's a total loss of 3.4 for the challenge.

    You haglets have been a sure inspiration. I wish you all well in the Turkey Challenge despite the stresses of health problems. And special congrats to Hag for kicking the Slimfast. You are are right on calories. I had oatmeal/milk this morning for less or about same. But it has become my Monday tradition and when I was out last week, I really missed it. So I'm perhaps becoming too addicted as well.

    Brrr day, all! Except Hag, of course.
  • Good morning!

    I was gonna go home and have a good cry about Mom then decided "why? She's not yet been diagnosed with anything bad yet and probably won't be". I chose to revel in the fact that there's NOTHING to be worried about and I choose to NOT be worried until I have a good reason, IF that time comes. I will not let a "might be" undermine MY health. By this morning the impending test was filed in the back of my mind instead of my every waking thought and I figured it's probably for the best to just be supportive but try not to loose myself in the stress of it, lest I make *myself* sick again - then what good would I be?

    Scooby - 9 pounds?????

    Babette - How funny! I do the same thing! Yesteday when it was snowing my Mom was making a fuss about me having to walk home in it - I love the feel of it and the smell (yes, it smells). This morning it was 8 degrees - it's damned cold, but there's something to be said about just standing there a second with your eyes closed and feeling the icy bite of it on your nose and cheeks (then running for the car and blasting the heater!).

    Hotsplash - Take care!!! Drink lots of fluids, I'm sending virtual soup your way!

    Dollar - Yes, you count that .4!!! It all adds up!
    I keep hearing that it's weather dipping down from Canada that's causing our cold spell - so, yea, I know how cold it is up there now!

    Amarantha - Ooooh, your beads sound purdy! I have just taken my Mom's sewing machine hostage again so I can finish disassembling my wedding dress, dying it different colors and making pillows out of it! Then it's time to paint Christmas tree ornaments!
    Congrats on kicking the Slimfast - I'm joining you as soon as mine is gone - I was *shocked* to find out how much sugar/carbs is in that stuff!

    Time to get some work done...