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  • FRIDAY!!!!!!

    Punkin O Friday do declarith it a day of half assed work, lazy accomplishments and willy nilly customer service!

    This morning I blew my stack... red headed temper that registered a 9.0 on the richter scale. I'm tired, pissy, and have run out of steam after 3 weeks of working, driving to California twice, meetings, being sick and injured and getting up at 5am anyway. So, I cursed a blue streak at 6:45am after I hung up with a very, very stupid person, almost burst into tears after that, then sat down and said "well, it's Friday". AND IT IS!!!!!!
    Sleeping in tomarrow until the cats make me get up...

    Boating mommy - Yea... I remember putting our boat in storage and feeling like "well, that's it". Kinda bummed, but I've always liked winter too. I like your idea of being put in storage - kinda like hibernation!

    I'm glad you're feeling better Amarantha! Thank you for the thought about water. I know I'm still not back to drinking all I should and will now pay more attention!

    Ta' for now... off to waste as much time as I can before quittin' time!

  • Boooooo!!!!!!
    It's almost HAAAAALLLLLLOWEEEN!!!! Woo-hoo!!! Hag will weigh 164.5 pounds. She's happy because she will now be losing a pound a week (two would be good, too) and will be looking good by Turkey Time!!!!!

    Hotsplashie!!!! Hago did not replieth to thy post yestereve ... meant to as she sympathizeth with thy internet woes and thy joy in a good connection as hers bites bigtime!!! Hago just gets carried away in typing frenzy and misses some things sometimes. Glad thou can post away at thy pleasure now!!!!

    Babette/WN Arabella: Sorry thou hast met with Weight Creep! Hag hath knowledge also o' that arch-rascal, thou he be not so evil as Bob the Blob! Please hop on a broom and come on down and show me how to ward off things from the left!!!! I am sure Creep and Blob always attack from the left so as to make a quick getaway. Thy Halloween Challenge shall be changed forthwith. Do not be worried about ol' evil Creep, just by making goals and challenges for ourselves, we are assured that WC can't take up permanent residence!!!! Turkey Time cometh! CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!

    Boating: Thy challenge shall be updateth on roster also!!! Sorry about that cinnamon roll on the counter!! DO NOT TOUCH IT, IT IS POISON!!!! Sorry about thy DB (Dear Boat) entering a hibernation state for winter, too. Come down on a broom with Babette to where I live and thou can boat on forever (in fact, winter be the best time)!!! Popeye be my favorite sailorman!!! Have a great day; sound as though thou hast the demons on the run already!

    Punkin o' Friday!!!!! I do so thank thee for thy declaration and will join thee in a day o' half-assed work! Thank heavens I read this thread before doing too much!

    Enjoy thy long weekend sleepfest. Sorry thou be had to deal with a rude customer so early in the a.m. and think having a minor earthquake was probably a good idea!!!

    To all currently striding confidently on the Challengequest Path: LET'S GO AND DO THIS THING!!!!

    Inspiration from Tolkien (who didn't actually write this for weight loss journeyers and punctuated it differently, but ...)"The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began ... and I must follow if I can, pursuing it with weary feet, to where it joins some larger way, where many paths and errands meet, and whither then, I cannot say."

    Hag thinketh that we can't really predict the outcome of our weight loss (or other) journey, but we have to keep trying if we think it's worth doing. Hag does, so she's GONNA DO IT!!!!

    Here's some bananas:
  • Good Day fair Witchies and Goblinettes of the Scary Halloween Challenge...I see we hath found a fair travelling companion in Boatingmommie who hath surely taken quickly to our quaint way of speakingeth here! I dare say I'd prefer to compare myself to that infamous Pirate of Mel Brooks's imagination....Yellow Beard...Aaaarrrrrghhhh Me maties! We shall plunder the villagers and pillage the village!! "Captain...I think that's Plunder the village and Pillage the villagers.." Yellowbeard"You pillage what you want and I pillage what I want!!!" So therefore I say unto my fellow Scary Halloween Challengers!! "Onto the Village of where Weight Creep and Bob the Blob are residing and Vanquish them and plunder those evil pounds away!!!"

    Hotsplashes brandishes her carrotstick in the air and plunges onward!!!

    And final good news!! I did the WI in today fearing that I had gained back 5lbs...and have lost !!! YAYYY I am now down to 177!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  • Hotsplashes, thou beeth an inspiration. A loss when expecting a gain is indeed better than the reverse which Demon Scale dealt me this week. DS is indeed tricky as today he again toyed with my mind by showing the tempting number he had shown me the day before weigh in thus making me feel good only so he can dash me down from the heights again.

    But to no avail. I will persist and when his wicked Wednesday self shows again I shall defeat him with my diet goodness.

    Hag, I hope you are entering the realm of wellness and that ye shall stay there indefinitely. A day such as you and Punkin describe is always good for the mental health.

    I however am off to a good start on climbing the high mountain of piled up chores. The real Demon of evil no longer threatens my family and that has brought a liteness to my heart.

    From long practice, I will not overdo on that mountain climb. I shall enter into my laziness when dh gets back from his luncheon and errand run. Since he has left the world of drudgery, we do a lot of that laziness thing but it is a treasure I think he has truly won and I, as his consort, share in it though I did not labor long for it.

    As of now, a light rain shrouds our kingdom. I do want to get in a walk and am currently deciding if this is a mellow enough downpour to make it a perfect musing walk or if it's the perfect time to retest my ski machine and see if it still works after eon of idleness.

    Well, maybe after lunch..........
  • Why don't I post more often here?! Where does the time go---I've missed you guys. Been feeling rather introverted lately but hopefully that'll change soon. Maybe it's the season too....

    Still journaling a lot and that's good and I'm feeling calmer and at the same time [dare I say?] more powerful. I'm feeling the need to take on the aspect of a truly wild and wise witchy woman who knows her own mind and can be a force to be reckoned with. Can I pull that off? We'll see... I feel like I've been in 'Princess' mode for just a touch too long now! [Wow, I really hope that you all know what I'm talking about!!!]

    Have gotten back into Tae Bo too---nothing can make you feel like an amazon warrior like a little kickboxing!
  • Well, so much for a lazy "I ain't gonna work and you can't make me" day. I had emergency after emergency. When someone calls and says there's gas pouring out from under their vehicle I guess you have to call them back and take care of the problem don't you?

    It's good to see you Eydie!

    You've all been such an inspiration - I just had to tell you that. I too feel like I'm waiting with an ear to the door for that elusive "click" and I'm hoping now that I'm exercising regularly, it'll come... You all inspire and make me want to do this even more

    Have an awesome weekend everyone! I'm off to Curves, rent movies and get a long needed haircut!

  • Good evening all, it has been a busy day, working, and now I have to drive my darling daughter off to a dance 45 mins away. At least I don't need to pick her up until the morning,only to bring her home for a hair appointment and then return her to the same town to her boyfriend's so they can attending a wedding. That wasn't so bad until I found out I need to work in the morning as well, that will make 8 days in a row. Im hoping in the morning DH will feel wellenough to go for her he has been off all week with a bad back but is starting to feel better. I was looking forward to having 2 days off but it will now be just one but that is ok because I really like my job.
    So carrot swords held high let us go and pilage those demon scales and deflate those blubber blobs. We will be thin, we will be healthy and ABOVE ALL WE SHALL !!!!!!!!
  • I have a challenge for all you goblins. My challenge is not to allow one piece of Halloween candy to enter my mouth. I will by baskin robbins candies for me and have only those. they are 3 for 1 pt so I will have only those.
  • Oprah, etc. ...

    NO, DAY 1

    Found the meaning of life in (wait for it) OPHRAH tonight. Normally she be not Hag's favorite, but after sleeping all afternoon and evening with TV on, Hag wakes up and sees that Ophrah is on with Bob Greene and Ophrah is talking about how she has yet again made the connection and in all honesty, she has. She looks great again and is talking about "transformation" and since Amarantha is doing a Transformation Challenge on her journal (which she's about to kill off soon, not the challenge but the journal), her ears perked. Anyhow, O is talking about how she's weight training again but the the thing that really resonated is how O and Greene were talking about that moment when one is supremely worrying about breaking the program and getting ready to go for the break being an indication that this is the time a deep issue is begging to be solved and that this is a "holy moment" where we can address the issue and also make that choice between throwing all the weight work away or staying pat. Words to that effect. Helped Hag avoid the Binge Demons.


    Isn't there a hag in Popeye stories? Can't remember?

    Eydie: Hago thinketh thou should also post more often as she enjoyeth "seeing" thee. Howsomever, she knoweth how sometimes we need to get into that introverted place and that's good, too!!!! Thou should do what's right for thy program and peace and that'll be just the right posting pace.

    Anagram!!! Hope thy chores went well and ended soon and thou enjoyed their end with dh soonest!!!! Yahoooo for relaxation. We need it!!!! Kills off the cortisol that maketh for weight gain and other bad health thingies.

    Punkin o' Friday: Sorry thy day did not include the opportunity for half-****d work. Howsomever, in the main, Hag thinketh thou hast done the right thing in dealing with that gas leaking thing! On to Saturday!!!

    Sorry for the long post! Computer is beginning to protest about typing on the long thread, but as we're so close to THE ALL HALLOW'S EVE, it's interesting to see how many pages we can grow to with our amazing dedication and participation!!!!

  • The Scary Halloween Challenge Roster

    Amarantha: Starting Weight (revised) 166.5; Now 165.5; Halloween (revised) 164.5

    Anagram: Starting Weight 232.8; Now 232.2; Halloween (revised) In 220s

    Babette: Starting Weight 213; Halloween 199

    Boatingmommy: Starting Weight 166, Halloween 150s

    Bobsgal: Starting Weight 258; Now 251; Halloween 250

    Dollar: Starting Weight 209; Now 201.4; Halloween 198

    Eydie: Starting Weight 157; Now 154; Halloween 148

    Guinever: Starting Weight 164; Halloween In 150s

    Hotsplashes: Starting Weight 180.5; Now 177; Halloween 175

    Jadcie: Starting Weight 189; Now 181, Halloween 180

    Kmabry: Starting Weight 163; Halloween 160

    Punkinseed: Starting Weight (revised) 238.5; Halloween (revised) 237

    Scoobysnacks: Starting Weight 193; Now 184, Halloween (revised) 180

    SplittinMySeams: Starting Weight 237; Halloween 230

  • Ok Hag it is on I don't know how to get those fancy little candies up there so I will do this
    @@ No day 1
    I will post everyday before bed, you can do it I know you can, I will revise mine I will not even have the Baskin Robbins kind of candies I will have none.
  • I just wanted to say, Amarantha, that I love the the idea of that slip of time being a "holy moment"---I think that'll help me a lot!

    And yes there was a hag in the old Popeye cartoons--the Sea Hag! Remember now?
  • Day 2. I am SO doing this!
    YAHOOOOO! The click is definitely in. Thank you thank you thank you for sending the clicks my way - I actually managed to receive them. Yesterday was a major challenge and I passed with flying colors. Another stupid fight with DH (for gorey details see journal), but I absolutely didn't cave. Also - we had planned to have burgers, fries and salad for dinner. Through the day I occasionally thought..."Well, I'll just have that and then start in on the diet tomorrow." But every time I thought that I had a disappointed feeling, like I was letting myself down. And in the end, I had a burger on spelt toast with salad and eschewed the fries (as opposed to chewing the fries). It was good, I stuck to my diet, and am on to DAY 2.

    Dollar, you are ON! Not a single solitary Halloween candy (or any other kind) will be allowed past these lips Gotta love duct tape. And that goes for those teeny bags of chips and cheezies too

    Amarantha, congrats on finding M of L. I sure wish I'd seen that episode!

    I agree with you about Oprah. I just find her a bit too reflexively enthusiastic, although I think she's a very admirable person in a lot of ways and has done great things. I'll have to see if that show is being recast any time soon.

    O Splashie One, LOL! Thanks for the Yellowbeard quote - very inspirational. Hmmmm..... what to pillage today? All I can promise is - it won't be food related.

    Boatingmommy, welcome to our forest! Shall I swoop down en route to the Empire of Amarantha and collect you? I love fall, but I miss being able to spend time comfortably outside. I vow this winter to actually skate and so on though.

    Punkin O' Friday, how harsh that your job didn't cooperate with you and let you do the half-assed work that you'd planned. Guess you're right, when people have gas leaking under their cars it behooves one to deal with it. However, how very inconvenient of them to do it on a FRIDAY! Hope your weekend makes up for it!

    Eydie, this seems like a perfect time for journaling, reflecting and connecting with your self, getting ready for the next part of your life. Sometimes it's necessary to hold oneself back from things to get perspective. I intend to start doing some journaling. DH is going to be on a business trip for a week - week and a half, and I'm going to take it as an opportunity to pay attention to ME! Wish it wasn't the last darned week of the month, which definitely cramps my style, but I will promise myself to use time wisely and not waste it (which i define as doing things that are neither profitable nor enjoyable - a category of endeavor that devote a surprising amount of time to if not careful)

    Anagram, did you get in your gentle musing walk in the misty rain, or was it a torrential downpour? Lately I feel such an urge to be outside rather than at the gym, even tho I know the crosstrainer is a fabulous weight loss tool . Hmmm... I think that I may pledge to do 15 mins on said machine every day. I only live a 12 min walk away from the gym and if I added that to my routine, t'would surely make a difference...

    Have a fantastic weekend, Everyone! Let's do this thing!

  • [I]Wooooo-hoooooo!!! Congratulations to Babette/Arabella who hath heard THE CLICK!!!! Babette, that was a really good save ("holy moment") when thou didn't go for the fries and DIDN'T give in to the "I'll start tomorrow" Diet Wrecking Demon! Good for you. Glad you are joining in with Dollar's candy (NOT) challenge, too. Thy post remindeth me also that I spelled Oprah wrong last night ... hope she doesn't wanna sue!!! Yes, she IS quite the reflexive enthusiast. I do admire her putting herself on the line in the weight struggle, but can't get into a person who puts her own picture on EVERY issue of her own magazine. I know I'm an egoist, but she's got me beat. But then again, she's a rich successful ex-journalist and I'm a poverty stricken hack for small newspapers, so she probably knows what she's doing. (Again, I apologize to any and all Oprah fans and mean no offense).

    Eydie: Yes, now that you mention it, I DO rember the Sea Hag. She was wonderful! I may be a turkey hag in the next challenge, dunno. I love the "holy moment" image, too. It really does remind me that I need to stop and think about what I'm doing at every stressful moment and exactly why am I eating some of the things that I am eating and if what I am eating is helping me or hurting me AND that I have issues that go far beyond weight BUT that weight management is a good starting place for a rational life. Wow! That's a lot to fit in a moment, but that's how fast one can make the choice as to how one wants to live and that's how fast it can all go wrong if the choice is wrong.

    Dollar: I LOVE THIS CANDY MINI CHALLENGE!!! That is cool you've foresworn even your backup Baskin Robbins candy for the duration. This is Day 2 for me and I would have had a peanut butter cup in Walmart this a.m. if I hadn't pledged to take the challenge. BTW, thou can get the chocolate kiss by clicking "get more" off the smilie legend or just type in the code ... Hag doesn't remember it at the moment and anyhow if she typed it, it would show a chocolate kiss!!! I like your designation, though!!!

    Well, I have to finish a story and wish also to read some journals ... still deciding on whether to keep mine up. I spend way too much time online and leaving my work until the last minute. Dunno.

    NO, Day 2

  • The sun has come out in this part of the forest and it is a mildish day. I did do my musing walk in the misty rain yesterday and it was quite rewarding. I was so pleased with myself.

    I hardly watch Oprah anymore either. But in clicking through, I thought she looked good again. I think part of my one time fascination was the nutritional/diet stuff she had on a lot. Last year I tuned in sometimes for Dr. Phil but this year I hardly remember to watch him on his own show.

    This candy challenge is a toughie for me = I had eaten no candy for at least two months and had given me permission to have 3 Brach's pumpkins a day (about 65 calories total) for this week as a way to forestall any feelings of being totally deprived.

    HOWEVER.......... drum roll........... in the interest of SOLIDARITY, I Anagram Crone do join my Halloween Challenge Cronies in foreswearing all candy until at least after Halloween. Boo hoo, cringe, hiss and all that but I'm sure I'll feel really good about doing it.

    OK, now Hag, while I love reading your posts it's time to get a little work done before dreaded deadlines loom. I will lend you my effective "bribery" plan. Work half an hour or so, post, work half an hour, post. If you must, you can even work for an hour before posting.

    Punkin, hope you're just letting all hang loose this weekend. Nice to go but nice to come home.