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Default have many of you lost a lot of weight w/out doing the low carb thing?

I just can't stick to the high protein low carb diets. I fail everytime. However, I get so discouraged that I won't be able to lose weight if I eat carbs. Have any of you that have reached success done it without giving up your carbs?

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Yes I have I lost 65.8 lbs with weight watchers since mid Feb this year. I did find at one point I wasn't eating enough things like bread because I was hungry after lunch. so I increased my bread at lunch and I was fine that happened for about two weeks. Other then that 2 week period I have never been hungry on this diet or felt denied. I have learned a whole new way of eating and I love how I feel and how I look. I still have about 40lbs to go. When I was young my mother put me on the low carb diet and I started getting pretty weird, crazy like and a friend of ours went the same way with the same diet, the doctor told us it was the imbalance of the diet. So I believe in a balanced diet of all the food groups. You can still lose wt and eat carbs. Good luck to you.
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I don't want to offend anyone, but the I do think that the idea that "carbs make you fat" is a myth. Complex carbohydrates (especially whole grains) are essentual to a healthy diet. The Adkin's approach does horrible things to your body and may increase your risk for heart disease (although you lose weight).

There is a research database of successful "losers". People who lost significant weight and maintained it for several years. It turns out that successful losers were most likely to eat a low fat, high carbohydrate diet (with exercise, and other life changes). Please don't think that carbs are bad!
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I have lost 80 pounds including carbs in my diet. Of course I always made sure I did not go overboard eating the carbs. I cannot due without them because I love them and my body needs them anyway. What I do is, if I think I had a little too much I exercise a little more. It is all a matter of burning as much as you can of what you ate. because if you deprive youself too much of what you like you will eventually brake down and probably binge. But if you keep your body and your tastebuds happy it could be a lifetime commitment.

Good Luck to you I hope we are of help to you.
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hello mkaa

like monique, i just went for calorie counting and cut down on all fat! and that includes carbs! i couldnt go without them cos again like monique says, they keep you fuller for longer! by doing this i lost 34lbs. i dont know about your body but mine seems to get bored very easily on a diet and i stayed the same weight for two monthsbut bought a slimmers world club book and have gone and lost 3lb, which is better than none. at least im losing again. this diet also includes alot of carbs and is all about food optimising, which means the foods fight together in the body so that you lose weight. its a diet id recommend to ne 1 cos you honestly never go hungry!! keep goin and good luck to every1

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Dollar, monique, Rebel, and welsh, congrats on your losses!
Matt, I agree with you 100%. Complex carbs definitely have a place in a balanced diet.
mmkaa, I'm in that database that Matt mentioned, having lost 100 pounds and maintained the loss. (Size 24 to 8/10) Followed the Weight Watchers plan, which is more a lifestyle than a diet, and began exercising every day. I include protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats (salmon, nuts, olive oil) in moderation, and rarely have sugary or fried foods. (Don't miss 'em, either. But ... I won't give up wine just yet!)

Other than the WW plan, have found terrific info and inspiration in these 3 books:
Volumetrics, by Barbara Rolls (the food angle; eat more to lose)
Thin for Life, by Anne M. Fletcher, (psychological/lifestyle inspiration; it can be done!)
Fit or Fat? [/b]by Covert Bailey (will blow your mind ... no wonder I was so heavy!)

Wish I'd read these books years ago.
Hope that helps! Good luck to you! Believe in yourself, and you WILL make it!

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Default another ww's person

Hey I am on Weight Watchers, as of October 1st, I have lost 84.6 pounds on the program since February 27. I did not cut out carbs, i didnt even pay attention to them...and I highly recommend weight watchers.

ciao bella!
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Question Low Carb

I have to admit I am a little suspicious of the low carb diets... it seems the only ones promoting these types of diets are those trying to sell their programs. I only hear bad things about it from nutirionists and doctors. I believe the low carb programs do work... but at what expense to your body and health? It certainly wouldn't hurt to cut back on the bread and refined sugars though... but it would seem that complex carbs play a critical role in a healthy lifestyle. Plus eating meat has been tied to countless health problems.

Bottom line is reduce the number of calories you eat and start exercising. That is what I've been doing for the last month and I'm thrilled to be down six pounds.
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I've lost about 30 pounds. Most of what I eat are carbs. Lots of fruit and t.v. dinners. I know that may not be the best way to eat.. but it's better than the fast food and candy that got me where I was!!! Your body needs carbs, I think. I feel great because I've lost a little weight..

Keep your chin up. Exercise is most important in my opinion.
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Default low carb

Hey everyone
I think you should do what works best for you caus not every one is alike. I tried atkins i didn't lose a lb. got sick, the Dr. told me that I couldn' digest all the protein. I tried other diets with very little success. The Dr. put me on a low carb diet because I was having trouble with my glucose level running high. On this plan he told me to just remember don't eat anything white. He told me that I could either go on the diabetic diet or sugar busters, and I did and I lost 35lbs. You just need to stay away for refine sugars not complex carbs. My sister couldn't do this diet, she did better on WW. You just have to find what works best for you. Just wanted to express my opinion. Thanks for listening.
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I have high cholesterol, so I can't eat low carb., and my husband is a diabetic type 2, both are doctor's don't want us on any Atkin or Suzanne Somers diet. They all said WW is better. I'm going by the ADA diabetic exchange. More like counting calories but balancing the food groups. Do what is best for you and with your doctor approval.
Healthy and Strong!
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Many of the experts insist that low-carb is only for people that have certain health conditions, such as insulin resistance. For the rest of us, we need our carbs.

I put a list of quotes from reputable sources on our "low carb rebuttal" page at http://www.3fatchicks.com/lowcarb/ar...b_rebuttal.php if anyone is interested in reading it.

I personally don't do well with low-carb. I can't stick to it, and the one time I did stick to a low-carb high protein diet, I gained 5 lbs in a week. So it's not for everyone.

Sister Jennifer, however, needs low carb.
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Lowering my carbs has been the only thing that has worked for me - but i wouldn't consider it "low-Carb" - i think of as "lowering my carbs and adding more protein". I get to have 150 Carb grams a day. I think if you lower your carbs too much - you will "crash and burn". I have lost 45 pounds since April doing this. THe protein was my problem - i never used to get enough Protein (Protein helps speed up the metabolism) - i am new to the message board tonight - you might want to read my first post about my success. -----
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I like Weight Watchers. I'd never cut out carbs...I'd never cut out ANYTHING and that's what cool about WW and makes it something that one can do forever. One week I gained .6th of a pound and I looked back that week and saw that I ate a lot of sandwiches that week compared to the week before, so the next week I cut down on breads but still ate carbohydrates and I had a good loss the next week. It all depends on the person. After a while, you can tell what foods you should cut down on, etc.

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Default I have lost 135 pounds before

Sadly, I have gained half of it back in the last year. But I ate rolls and spaghetti on a daily basis to lose the weight. I just exercised alot(I did 1 1/2 hours everyday 7 days a week)Luckily I found this websight with all of these nice people and I will lose it again.

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