need work help !!

  • Hi all,
    Just joined recently but need help with workouts, I recently had a rib and leg injury from fall. The ribs are pretty much healed but the leg is still hurting.. bruised and torn thigh muscle. I need something I can do with legs and arms ( upper arms mainly) I hope hope to be walking again soon( a month or 2 ) I have to have surgery on leg if it is still hurting after 2 weeks.. I'm trying to take off weight I recently gained but had a unexpected fall recently . I hate being house bound but can't walk more than 1/2 mile before I hurt and come home so I guess I can only do 1 mile a day. I have light weights 2- 6 lb weights plus the walk away the pounds DVD I'm gonna try next week. I really miss the walking and fresh air everyday.. even if it is just walking up the road and back. Anyone have any suggestions.. I'm going stir crazy at home.. Thanks all and have a good day. Thanks All