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I like ponies... and you?
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Thanks guys.

I'm heading out to the barn tonight to go riding. I try and have a lesson once a week... and this summer, I'll probably be going out daily to a local race stable in Serbia (I'm spending six weeks there) where I used to ride, and am still welcome... and doing stuff with the horses there... both riding and working. So maybe that... combined with diet... will help. I really can't start the swimming until Monday at the earliest... I'm busy all this weekend. I'll try and go for a walk in the evening. I've tried morning running... but I need my morning sleep. I just can't get up... and running and/or walking just doesn't wake me up.

As for my lightheadedness... it's not from me being out of shape... not completely. I've had it where I've just suddenly gotten warm, even when I'm not moving, and if I stayed warm, I get that lightheaded feeling for as long as I am on my feet. I've actually been sent home from work because it was happening there... and all I was doing was standing up, holding a dog that was barely moving (I work at a vet clinic currently, Saturday is my last day). And... nearly fell flat on my face. I was well hydrated also, so it wasn't dehydration. I just suddenly began to feel very warm... and nasious... so yeah... >.<

Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. I'll be out until around 8 or 9 PM tonight (stables is after work, and it's 40 minutes away), so I probably won't have time to talk with my parents tonight... maybe tomorrow. Though... I've talked with them before. Never makes a difference. But... maybe this time it will... maybe.
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You're green, I'm red!
No worries about being a teen on here, girlie, there's tons of us! I'm going to be sixteen next week, and I know that there's a lot more of us, there was a whole post dedicated to teens!
Anyway I can't relate as far as moving goes or the itchies or anything like that but I can relate to possibly being scared of change and school (although mine doesn't sound as fancy as yours lol).
Okay so mini-story:
In the 7th grade I just took a massive nose-dive down in about every aspect of my life. I was only getting 3 maybe even 4 hours of sleep a night if I was lucky, and I was gaining. A lot. I think I gained almost ninety pounds in 06-07.
I was very unhappy but I felt "comfortable" at that weight, I felt like if I lost weight then I wouldn't be me at all. And I felt this way for another three years.
Change you shouldn't be scared of, it can be good!
I can't relate to your mom thing but you probably have to get a little brutally honest with her. I mean within the bounds of respect I tell her to pretty much please don't get involved with what I have to do for myself, you know? Like if you're comfortable with that, but I think that you really need to sit down and talk with her about all of this and try to work something out with her so that she'll at least stop telling you how to do your thing. We wouldn't tell Meryl Streep how to do her job, would we? Well I wouldn't, and I'm guessing that's how it kind of feels with your mom?
As far as clothes go, oh man I feel you there. So much. I have lots of skinny, skinny friends that like to go into A&F and American Eagle and all of those stores but I can't shop there. I feel really out of place in there sometimes (occasionally I'll take a spin to the perfume section an I don't feel so bad anymore).
I use to eat for no reason, too. At the movies, got the big popcorn and near the end of the movie I realized I ate half of it. Watching a movie I could go through a whole box of cookies, in the span of an hour I could drink eight gatorades, it goes on! This was a hard for me to break but I haven't eaten out of boredom in a while. Why just a couple of weeks ago I went to the movies. Twice. In one day (yeah who the heck does that? lol well I went once with family, once with friends) and both times I just got a small diet soda (something sweet, you know) and watched the movie. That was a pretty big victory for me, before then even while being on plan I had had at least some popcorn.
You just need to find another peace, something that makes you just as happy as your job or food does. Knitting is fun, so is writing, making some cool pictures, lots of things!
As far as a plan goes, I'm counting calories and I see that it might not work for you and that is A-OK! But my mom and I didn't/don't have the money for like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig or WW or any of that stuff. You can make this work on what you have, trust me! You just find to keep searching for a plan that you can stick to, love, and create the rest of your life on without any doubt. You can do this, you can!
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Some suggestions:

1.) For every soda you have... have an equal or greater amount of water.
2.) Yoga, swimming and walking that others have suggested.
3.) For meals... sounds like dinner is just fine... breakfast isn't too bad till you said the sausage as your choice of protein... maybe get some deli ham or something much leaner as your protein.
4.) The extra sweets seem to be your trigger... for a lot of people, carbs make them just want more carbs... Even fruit have a lot of sugar in them. Perhaps try starting out your day with something less carb heavy... your toast with some ham and some light cheese or keep your fruit but limit it to one and have some greek yogurt with it. Save the rest of the fruit you eat for later in the day when you are craving something sweet (to replace the pop tarts and cookies).

Here is a little tough love... at 17 you are no longer a child. You know very well what a slippery slop you are on. Right now you are not so far away from where you want to be, but if you don't get things in control soon... you could be one of us old fart (I'm 32) who kept making excuses for why I couldn't do it and now I have a 190 lbs hill to climb. I am not scared of this hill anymore, but I wish I had figured things out earlier in life when that hill would have only been 50 lbs. You might also think about taking some time for meditation, your life seems to be up in the air and your posts seem like you could use a little grounding (not in the punishment sort of way) and focusing. Try taking 10 minutes in the morning to just pull yourself together for the day... think about how you want your day to go, what steps you can do to help things go as planned.

As far as forgetting you are trying to change your life. Once again here is the tough love... either you are changing things or you are not, either you are committed to getting healthier or you are not. Everyone has slip ups, but a slip up does not mean you can blow the whole day (or even the whole meal)... say you have pizza at lunch.. then pass on the cookie, and have a bottle of water rather then your soda. Take charge of your own life. Handle your diet the way that will work best for you to acheive the goals you want... if weighing everyday is frustrating... weigh once a week (it is actually a better judge of how you have done as a whole anyway) measuring yourself is a GREAT idea... it will provide you with motivation when the scale may be being stubborn. You can do this and you will have a lot of support here, you just have to make the commitment to do it.
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I was 5'11" when I was 17, also! I was also stick thin from starvation dieting. That started me on the yo yo merry-go-round of starving and bingeing that I'll bet you can avoid!

There are plenty of other teens on these boards AND old chickies like me to support you. You CAN do this.
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I like ponies... and you?
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Thanks so much guys.

Another thing that annoys me right now is how HUGE portions are. In Serbia, portions were decent sized. I had to go buy fast food for dinner tonight... I had no choice... I was running. I bought something I thought would be small. I got it... my eyes were like this --> O_O

It was HUGE. I ate barely half of it... threw the rest of it away. Which brings me to another thing... I hate "wasting" anything. Even if I'm full, I'll eat it... because I was brought up to eat everything on my plate... >.<

ACK... I know... yeah... I'm 17. An adult. But these little habits are easier to say "I can break them" than actually doing it.

I dunno... I LOVE horseback riding. I'm going to be doing a TON of that this summer. I do crochet and knit a lot. I also draw, sing, paint, sew, read (everything from fiction to a textbook on small animal clinical nutrition... for fun mind you.), play video games... and I like walks... but not alone. And nobody ever wants to go on walks with me. I wish I had my dog with me. I'd walk SO much if she was here... I can't get a job as a dog walker right now, because... well... I have two and a half weeks before I'm gone again.

Next year... everything is going to be perfect. I want to it to be perfect.

I dunno... I'm going to start another thread... asking about summer weight loss stuff...

Thanks guys!
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To me it sounds like you have to think more about the WHY you eat because it doesn't sound like it is a simple "I eat when I am hungry" situation.

I eat… not because I’m upset. Rarely is that so. I eat sometimes because I’m bored and I have nothing to do… or I’m enjoying a movie or book… and it’s something to do. I eat more than I should simply because I don’t know how much is enough. I don’t know WHY I eat most of the time.
I like walks... but not alone. And nobody ever wants to go on walks with me.
You know what? You sound bored/lonely to me. And maybe you snack for the company. Or to pass the time.

I hate "wasting" anything. Even if I'm full, I'll eat it... because I was brought up to eat everything on my plate...
Eating it just to "clean" your plate when you are already full is "wasting food" too. Just wasting it in a different way -- taking more than you need.

It's like if you only need 2 paper towels to dry your hands in the public bathroom but taking 4. Using up the 4 you took isn't "saving" anything or stopping the wasted paper. The only way to save the paper you don't need is to take less paper towel at the start or put some back for someone to use later if you accidentally take too much.

Same with the food.

Don't serve yourself more than you can eat, but if you accidentally do, "save" it the right way. Put it back in the fridge, not in your stomach.

Then you or someone else can eat it later when it is needed and the food isn't wasted by being thrown out needlessly or by someone taking more than they really need at that time.

Get that heat/light headed thing checked out. I don't know if you have other symptoms but you may want to have it looked at.


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I'd say the thing I had the worst time with dieting while in highschool was vending machines.. I often grabbed something out of them to give me some energy to stay awake through class and when I'd get to lunch i'd be like "salad bar.. oohhh chicken nugget day!" lol. Since i am out of school now it's been a lot easier to lose weight. When I was in school the one thing I did a lot of (before I got my license) that if anything kept me around the same weight rather than gaining was riding my bike around town just leisurely. I didn't usually get too overheated doing that. Have you spoken to your doctor about the overheating issue?
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Hey hi, how are you, what is your weight now? Are you now following any weight loss diet?
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Originally Posted by sahithi View Post
Hey hi, how are you, what is your weight now? Are you now following any weight loss diet?
this was literally 6 years ago. I doubt she is still here and will see your post.
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