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On the trip to a new me!
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Angry Did I really gain 6 pounds in 2 days?

Misskoo I read the"scales lie" post that you posted and that helped me alot!

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I have done this, yes. And like you, I'll notice significant increases on the scale. Normally, its mostly sodium, but I have put on actual lbs. from having really bad weekend. Drink a fair amount of water, keep your calories low and keep moving.

It may honestly take a while to get back to where you were before. But its worth it.
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To gain a pound you have to eat 3500 calories more than you burn. So, for 6 pounds of body weight that would be 21000 calories. Did you eat that many calories? Likely not.

Please don't let a scale flucuation make you lose sight or lose hope. Keep on plan. There are so many great posts here on the dreaded scale v. weight loss reality.


There are many more great threads about this very subject.

Don't give up!!!

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My question for you would be why does having your weekend mean your "weekend to finally just eat" and why did you "let loose and eat everything in sight?"

It seems like maybe your plan isn't sustainable if it feels like such a prison sentence. How will you maintain your loss when you do get to goal? You said you were doing so well before, so maybe you should figure out what triggered this decision.

To answer your original question; No, as I'm sure you know, you probably didn't gain 6 pounds, some of it is water. It is possible that if you ate 3500 extra calories both Saturday and Sunday that you did gain 2 pounds, but most of the rest of the extra weight will come off in the next few days.

You shouldn't feel like all is lost, but I do think that you may want to reevaluate your plan and make it more sustainable FOR LIFE!

Good luck!
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Did you eat twenty-one thousand calories more than you usually do? If not, then the scale is off. Chances are that if you take several deep and relaxing breaths, let go of the worry, stay on plan, drink plenty of water, you'll see those numbers go right back down to what they were. By the way, did you eat a lot of salty foods? Sometimes we retain water after changing a meal plan, especially to saltier, less healthy foods. If you keep drinking water the body will eventually flush the excess water out, if it's been holding onto any.

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You undoubtedly didn't gain 6 pounds, but yes, you did gain some actual fat weight during your binge weekend. It would be pretty easy to gain 2 or 3 pounds in 2 days of bingeing.

I think that if you really want long-term weight loss and health gains, then you definitely need to figure out how to create a plan that you can live with every single day, rather than feeling like you need to find relief in occasional bingeing. Occasional bingeing is not good for your health, and can keep you from losing any weight at all over the long-term; even if you are "good" the rest of the time.
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