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This is my year!
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Talking Overeaters Anyonomous

The weight just isn't coming off and I was wondering if anyone of you have gone to OA. And, if so, did it work out for them.

It would be a drive for me on a weekly basis, because I live in a rural area and wherever I go, it's a drive. But, I can't stay at this weight. I'm so uncomfortable and the pain is mounting that I just can't take much more.

I'm a very quiet person, so that is a concern for me joining the OA groups as well. But, again, I've got to do something and if that means stepping out of my comfort zone then that is what I must do.
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Here is the 3FC OA forum if you'd like to check it out http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/over...-anonymous-61/
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I went to a couple meetings a few years ago and although in theory I agree with many of their principles, and even practice some, it wasn't for me. It may have been the particular group I was part of, but I just didn't identify with the stories shared. Obviously I have an unhealthy relationship with food (I was over 300lbs!) but I guess the specific things being said didn't apply to me.

I also felt a lot of a victim-type mentality at the groups I personally attended - and again, it may have just been the individual group - but it didn't resonate with me.

I know OA has helped a lof of folks though and it can't hurt to give one or two meetings a try to see if it is something that you feel can help you.

I started my own blog to explore my issues. I am not anonymous but you could remain anonymous should you decide to explore that route. It is free therapy as far as I am concerned LOL

Take care and good luck on your journey
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I did Food Addicts Anonymous a while back and while I did lose 14 lbs in 2 weeks it wasn't for me either. It was much much to rigid for me and it was not something I could do long term. This is really about changing your lifestyle if you want to get the weight off for good and that lifestyle was not practical for me. However, it might be worth checking out for you. Even if you don't stick with it, I think you'll learn something. The only weight loss strategy that has worked for me was some method of calorie restriciton, whether it has been meal delievery, picking from low cal meals, or straight up counting it has been how I've lost the most amount of weight and still continue to lose. Good luck.
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Maybe you could read some books about food addiction to help as well?

I loved Conquering your Food Addiction by Caryl Elrich Helped me on so many levels cuz she talked about the behaviors that cause over-eating- and I could relate so much! I didn't use any plans and stuff that she had towards the end. I actually read the book twice
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I went to OA quite a few years ago and didn't get much from it. I had 2 issues with it. First, it was at a church, so it was a little to spiritual for me. Second and probably most importantly, the group was comprised of mostly very nice older ladies. I need to be around people I can relate to, people who are around my age group 20s-30s and who have lost or need to lose a significant amount of weight. I didn't have the time or motivation to find a group I fit in better with. I'd like to speak openly about my addiction, I'd like to be real and raw about what its like to be a food addict. If you ever want to chat or need help, I'm here. I've pretty much been there and done it all!! Good luck!!
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Default mother in law

My mother in law goes to OA meetings. When she's dieting she does Weight Watchers, and goes to those meetings as well and she seems to get a lot out of them. It wouldn't hurt to go once or twice to check it out. You can always just get up and leave if you don't like it.
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I was in OA for a few years, off and on. It will take time to get used to the 12 step philosophy, but it is a beautiful concept. The idea is that you can't "control" your compulsive overeating and that you allow help into your life. That help is a higher power, which is not necessarily a god concept. A higher power can be your dietician, the OA group, God or even a door knob if you so choose.

I made wonderful friends in OA and still apply the principles of the program in my weight loss regimen. For example, many people adhere to the practice 3 meals a day and nothing in between. And that has helped me so much.

I did leave OA for complex reasons, but I have nothing but good things to say about them. However, it may not work for you. Give it 6 meetings and see what you think. Also, check out different meetings b/c the groups vary a lot.
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