Weight Loss Goal- Eeek!

  • I am working with a personal trainer and really enjoy it. One of the things that he does is work with his clients on their goals. One of my goals is to lose 15 lbs in 3 months. Both him and I think that this is a reasonable goal. I say EEEEK about the weight loss part because I have hard time handling successes and disappointments both weight (such as gain and loss) and non weight related. Does anyone have any advice about how to handle these emotions without food?


  • I have found that keeping a journal is a really good way of getting my emotions out, no matter what they are about. I can write away for pages and pages and once I've finished, I feel significantly better.

    Or, when I feel really keyed up I find it works well for me to do some kind of physical activity. I might get up and go clean something, or put in a workout video. Helps me get rid of excess energy.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks!

    I've tried journaling in the past and it does help me. I don't do it everyday but maybe I'll try doing it more often.

    I like your idea of exercising when dealing with emotions.

    Thank you!

  • If you do have a dog, try taking him/her for walks. If you don't have pets, taking walks with a friend or alone is very nice. It's good to be out in the sunshine.
  • Thanks! I went for a walk to day and it felt great. I have an opportunity twice a week to go for walks. I think I will maximize those opportunities.

    Thank you!
  • My thing is actively thinking WHY I am wanting food. If I feel my thoughts wandering to the kitchen, I very consciously ask myself "why do I want food?" I go through a checklist.

    Am I really hungry? If yes, why - when was the last time I ate and when was I planning on eating again? If no, why else do I want food? Am I bored? Sad? Wanting to relax in front of the TV with munchies? Out with friends and wanting to eat socially?

    For me, it's really important to identify why I am wanting food. Quite often I'm just bored or I'm wanting to relax/destress. If I'm bored, I find something to do such as clean or paint my toenails or check my email/3FC or anything. If I'm stressed or emotional and looking for food to bring me comfort, I look for comfort in other places. Maybe pamper myself with a chick flick and cup of tea or ask a girl friend to hang out or take a hot bath.

    We need to convince ourselves that food isn't the answer to everything. Effortlessly thin people do this naturally, if they're bored, they occupy themselves with something. If they're emotional, they address the problem (or at least don't turn to food, they may have another vice). Our brains automatically go to food, we need to actively train ourselves out of that.
  • I strongly agree with the journaling suggestion. I started up a journal when I got on this plan, and it's really helped me stay the course.

    There is one thing I turn to a lot these days, to help me deal with frustration and other emotions, or to just get my head on straight : exercise. I never thought I'd be that person... all my life, I thought of exercise as something that happened to "other people". An insane torture that gave no benefit. But now, it's my go-to drug. It helps me relax, it gives me something to concentrate on, a way to take control of my weight right then and there.

    I wish you much luck with your plan. Stay confidant, I know you can do it!
  • Thanks so much!
    Thanks so much!

    Yeah- I think getting in touch with my hunger is a good idea like- why am I hungry? Sometimes it is pure hunger, sometimes it is thirst, other times boredom, habit etc. I know for example, I get up in the middle of the night wanting food- I don't think I am truly that hungry but my body has got into the habit of my mid-night snacking.

    I so agree that food is not the answer to everything. If I can learn to get more in touch with my emotions, I think I will find there are more answers to how I am feeling with different feelings.

    Yeah I think I will start journaling or posting here more often. Getting out my feelings definitely helps.

    I am finding that I am craving exercise! It feels so good. I am beginning to love it, not always when I am doing it but afterwards. I am going to try to exercise when I feel a food craving.

  • Find different types of exercises to mix it up...try jumping rope or on a trampoline, swimming or hitting a punching bag...you dont really feel like your exercising until your done...lol..
  • Great idea! Thank you.

  • blind weigh ins
    Right now I am doing blind weigh ins with my trainer at my request. I'd like to be able to face the numbers on the scale and cope with the emotions in a healthy, positive way. It's just overcoming this uncomfortableness and vulnerability of a new feeling, a new number. I have to not let the number define me and how I feel! I have to give more power to all the effort and credit I put into losing that weight. I have to remember it is just a number!

  • I'm making progress!
    Since I posted on this thread last, I changed the goal from 15 lbs to 10 lbs which I think is more reasonable. I found out I lost weight when at the doctors office today and at first I wanted to overeat at first, but then felt really good about the weight loss and didn't overeat! Just had to share this success!!!
  • You need to make sure that you both excercise and eat healthy if you want to achieve the changes in weight you desire. There are no quick fixes, but there are plenty of different methods you can use to achieve the body that you desire.
  • thanks, good point