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I love it!! Just this morning, a coworker told me she had to wait until I turned around to see my face to recognize me. She was walking in behind me and wasn't sure who I was! Really brightened my day.

Another coworker complimented me on my scrubs. I had bought them over 2 years ago and had outgrown them and told her....she said "Go you!"....yep....Go Me!!!
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Talking More Hair!!!!

The first time my brother saw me fifty pounds lighter he said with excitement, "You've got more hair!"

LOL, well, no, but it was an age-appropriate compliment while he tried to figure out what was really different.
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20 lbs is a lot of weight so you should be swimming in those compliments! That's so great and isn't that ultimately what we are striving for? (to generally, overall, look and feel better?). I totally agree with people saying - "something has changed...what is it?" I've lost about 27 lbs and most people I think get it but I also think they don't want to risk offending me. In the end, as long as I'm getting those second looks from people lol Anyway, congrats!!
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I'm getting a lot of hair compliments lately too. I haven't cut my hair in over 2 years and I most often wear it in braids of some sort. It's hilarious.

Nobody has mentioned my weight loss though with the exception of one of my coworkers who I only see once every 2 months or so, who always tells me I'm "wasting away" and that I don't look like a little girl anymore.
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What a great compliment! Way to go!
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When I lost a bunch of weight a few years ago everyone told me I must have grown a few inches (I didn't). People are so funny sometimes. They never want to ask if you've lost weight (I love it when people ask me, lol!)

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I thought my mom was just being weird when she asked me if i was getting taller.
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Once I lost 33 1/2 lbs...the most I've ever lost quickly ...took me about 2 1/2 mo I think...anyway, the first thing my son and dil noticed was that my eyes looked bigger! Guess I had little pig eyes before maybe??!! Then they realized I'd lost weight eventually, but they first talked about my eyes looking different. My dil said she would never ask if someone had lost weight....apparently thought it would be offending...I told her I would love it if someone ask me that! :-)

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I'm with everyone else; my hair apparently looks better than it has in years! LOL
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Haha "Are you getting taller?" lol I got that one once. (Before I regained all the weight.)

Like 2 people actually said I looked skinnier. But my brain goes through this stupid process, where if someone pays me a compliment, I can ease off of my healthy living ways, thus why I am back where I started and then some.
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LOL! I love the "taller" comment. :-) I'd gotten that a few times before everyone knew I was losing weight...well, a few times after everyone knew, too.

Even my mom asked me if I had gotten taller!

Congrats on the co-worker's comment, OP. I bet you did feel fantastic. :-)))
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I like ponies... and you?
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Haha... I kind of hope I don't get the "taller" comment. I'm already 5'11" and towering almost everyone I know...

However... nicer hair... hmm... maybe. I'll have to see what I end up with at the end of the summer. (since I won't be seeing family and friends until then)
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Yes, i just posted a NSV about it, hehe
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