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Default Favorite gym shoes for everyday fitness?

What are some of your favorite gym shoes for everyday fitness? I do a little of everything, but more jogging/walking than running. It seems there is a shoe for everything. What would really be the difference if someone runs or jogs in a "walking shoe" or vice versa?
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I am interested in this as well, I have just recently started jogging and have one blister on each foot, directly below my big toe......I think I need new shoes........lol
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I have a pair of New Balance cross trainers I use for everything! I'm on a hunt for the exact pair again because I love them so much!
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I'm also interested to see what people have to say.

My exercise is strength (mostly weight machines), elliptical, walk/jog on the treadmill, walks outside, rare jogs outside. And I swear, my feet limit how much exercise I can do. I'll still have energy to keep going, but I simply can't because my feet hurt with every step. Even on the elliptical!

ValRock, I've heard a lot of good things about New Balance...I'll have to look at them.
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I have a pair of Nike running shoes. They are really comfy and Ive never gotten a blister with them.

I read something the other day too that said you are supposed to replace your shoes every 300-400 miles or every 3-6 months depending what workouts you do & how hard you are on them.
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Asics are definitely the BEST pair of work out shoes that i have owned. They are super comfortable and decently priced.
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i'm also a New Balance girl- i got a pair of "walking" shoes and i use them for everything and love them. they're starting to wear out and i'm kinda sad about it.
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I second the Asics! I love them! I left mine at the gym over the weekend, and wanted to go for a run yesterday, so not thinking I put my adidas on and ran...ouch! A good fitting running shoe makes ALL the difference!

After that, I got online, and ordered up a pair of Vibram fivefingers shoes. I'm thuper exthited to try these!!
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I love SAS. From the minute you take them out of the box they are comfortable, it's like walking on a cloud, seriously.
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"Cross trainers" are kind of the 'do everything' shoes. For me, I wanted something lightweight and breathable with good cushion. I use running shoes that I got fitted for at a running store and they work great. They are Brooks. If you are doing any type of jogging, I'd recommend getting fitted for some running shoes but I also use them for whatever exercise I'm doing.
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im also in search of new shoes since my adias have been worn out..i saw some dr scholls walking shoes @ walmart..has anyone tried this?
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I love asics and new balance. Right now I'm in new balance but use to swear by asics. They are both supportive and are great for larger frames as well. Obviously it is a personal thing, on what each person finds comfortable but I've never heard complaints about either of them.
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After lots of shoe shopping, I found Avia sneakers and I think they are cross trainers. They are so comfortable and supportive.
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Asics Nimbus 11 or Asics Kayano 15! Those are the 2 pairs I wear everytime I run or do other work outs and I love them ! You should really try to get fitted for the right ones though. Everyones feet are different so even though asics might be a great fit for me they might not be for someone else...check it out...Good luck finding a great pair !
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Oh goodie, something I actually know something about!

First, if you do any kind of jogging/running/etc, you are way better off with a running shoe than a walking shoe. Walking shoes don't have the flexibility that you need when you run. When you jog, or run, you want a shoe that is going to curve or bend easily, as when you run and jog, you bend your foot A LOT, and you don't want to have to fight your shoe to do so. Walking shoes should also have a curve, to force you to roll through your foot instead of "slap" but it will be a less flexible and less steep a curve than in a running shoe. BUT, if you play sports, such as tennis, or anything that involves side to side running/moving and not just moving straight forward, you should really consider the cross-trainers. They provide more support for your ankle, so you don't twist it.

That said, there is another factor to consider: over-pronation. If you roll your feet too much to the inside (looks like your ankle or leg is hanging inside compared to your foot) then you need more stability. The crazy thing that happens is that running shoes come in a variety of stabilities. Keeping in mind that, in general, the more stability you have, the less flexibility.

In short, I was told that if you do some walking/some running, you want a running shoe. But if you ONLY walk, you want that walking shoe. Running in a walking shoe is worse for you than walking in a running shoe. And cross-trainers are for sports, like tennis.

Some other things to consider: you should have plenty of room for your toes, but your foot should not slide. You should have about a finger's width from your longest toe to the end of your shoe. The widest part of your foot should fall in the widest part of the shoe.

So, there is no magic brand, just a magic fit. Though, most brands have a certain fit throughout all their styles. (Nike is always too narrow for me.) I worked at Famous Footwear for a while, and I usually recommended New Balance as a start. They are very well-made shoes, with plenty of variety, and are the best brand for having different widths.

Here is one article that deals with such things, however, there are TONS out there. http://www.aapsm.org/runshoe.html
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