"Fat people don't brush their teeth" and other infuriating comments. GRR!!!

  • Sorry, this is a rant. I just needed to get it off my chest and I feel like you guys would understand.

    I was hanging out with a few friends and friends of friends after a soccer game we had just played and somehow the conversation turned to hygiene. And one of the guys was like, "I hate it that fat people don't brush their teeth. Do you notice they always have bad teeth?"

    I, as the only non-lean person in the group (sometimes I think that I'm the only non-toned person in town...stupid outdoorsy people...) got really uncomfortable and silent. Usually, I would tell them they're wrong and full of it, but I thought that they'd attack me if I did. So I just kept my mouth shut and changed the subject. But that comment really got to me.

    I later told this to my roommate (who is normal by BMI and U.S. standards, but in Colorado is most definitely considered "big") and she was like, "They weren't talking about YOU...but more like the super obese 500 pound people." WTF? How does that make me any less mad? How would she feel if I said all redheads don't shower? Because I've sure met a few that smelled funny. She'd probably be pissed.

    So how is that any different than the teeth comment? Maybe people around here feel they can say that because there are virtually no "fat" people in this town. Or maybe it's cuz they're immature, drunk, and probably stoned college students. Regardless, totally unacceptable!

    I don't know, but this comment just drove me through the roof and I had to share.

    BTW, here's a great article that pretty much sums up this whole episode on a larger scale. Again, so infuriating!
    For Obese People, Prejudice in Plain Sight
  • I agree 100%. And what's even more infuriating is that they don't even see what they're doing--or if they do, they think they're doing it "for your own good." Like their nastiness is somehow supposed to be motivating? Or they say that it's just a joke. Do you remember Fat Monica from Friends? It's not funny to be mocked because of your appearance. Even making fun of someone's clothes and haircut is considered rude (after you leave high school behind, that is), but somehow it's OK to ridicule someone about his or her weight.
  • I feel for you. I always hear the comment that all fat people smell too. It really makes me angry. I shower every day, usually twice when I exercise and I have never smelled bad a day in my life. Sure I have met some large people who did smell bad but I have met an equal number of thin people who needed a shower in a bad way. I think any blanket statements like that are just plain ignorant. You were probably right not to speak up though. I doubt your opinion would have changed anything in these people's minds. It's unfortunate though and I can understand your frustration.
  • My boyfriend admits that he usually dates thinner women and the only reason he dates me is because I'm not a "dirty fat person." (which is funny cause if I have day off/sick and don't need to leave the house, I don't shower ) I asked him what that meant and he couldn't even describe it. Although we had a neighbor and he pointed at her. But that was more like trailer trash that happened to be an obese person. If she was skinny, she would have been nasty too. :/
  • Seriously? What is this kind of lame prejudice?

    I have been fat all my life but I brush my teeth 3 times a day and never ever had a cavity. I also get irked when people say that fat people smell bad or tend to wear dirty clothes and when I protest they look at me as if I am a rare exception. What the hey!!!
  • I have quite nice teeth thank you!

    How rude and ignorant. I canít believe someone would actually say that out loud in public or even think it. Maybe itís just that people notice those things more on an overweight person because theyíre looking at them too much to begin with. Because Iíve seen just as many skinny people with gross (or no) teeth as overweight people.

  • Well, I always get complimented on my teeth! So I guess people are lying to me, and when I look in the mirror at my straight pearly whites, I'm seeing things. And people are lying to me about my teeth to make me feel better about being fat, that must be it!

    That's so ridiculous. Yet not surprising. I think I read the article you referenced--from the New York Times, right? It was really interesting, and again, not at all surprising. It's apparently not politically incorrect to say nasty things about overweight people.
  • I have great teeth! My sister is a dentist and she begs me to look in my mouth because she wants to see good teeth I've never had a cavity, they're shiny and white and perfectly straight, and my sister is all of about 107 pounds, as I stated IS A DENTIST, and still has had 4 cavities in the past two years alone. I'm in agreement with everyone here. Yeah there are overweight people with poor hygiene, but there are thin people, medium sized people, little people, tall people, white, black, hispanic, you name it and there's going to be someone with poor hygiene and great hygiene. Generalizations like that only make the person saying them look like an idiot in my opinion.
  • Yeah...um I have not one cavity...my teeth are straight...I get my cleanings every six months...and when I have my once a year dental xrays the dentists laugh at me and tell me they don't need to see me for 5 more years.

    Anyway, point being many people are just plain ignorant and you really shouldn't let it get to you...and if it does find other less ignorant people to hang out with.
  • I'm huge, and my teeth are beautiful

    On the other hand, in some sick way I like to hear nasty things like that because it DOES motivate me. I think in part, though, it's making me kind of a cynic. Like, "Well, if so many people are this mean to fat people, how am I going to identify the mean ones once I'm not fat anymore?" :/
  • Ugh. That's so bizarre I'm not even able to comment.

    I'm torn between thinking "WTF?!" and thinking "Dude, I'm embarassed for you that you are SO ignorant you don't even realize how bad you sound. That isn't true, and you need to get out of the house more and meet more diverse people."

  • Quote: I'm huge, and my teeth are beautiful

    On the other hand, in some sick way I like to hear nasty things like that because it DOES motivate me. I think in part, though, it's making me kind of a cynic. Like, "Well, if so many people are this mean to fat people, how am I going to identify the mean ones once I'm not fat anymore?" :/
    Good question. You'll know if they are a meanie if they make comments about other people. When I hear someone make comments about fat or bigger people it always rubs me the wrong way, since they don't know how big I used to be (even though I'm still chubby). Knowing a person wouldn't be so nice to me if I was bigger or at my highest weight just makes it hard for me to remain friends with them. Maybe it's an issue I have to still work on?
  • Wow, people never cease to amaze me! That's a pretty ignorant thing to say and I would not have hesitated to call them out on it, even if it meant making a scene I've heard that, too - "We don't mean you, we mean REALLY fat people" - like there's somehow a difference!! Ugh!