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Default Too much fiber?

What side affects, if any, have you experienced from eating too much fiber? I was looking online and read that anything over 50 is probably too much for one day.. and today I totaled 53. It said that it could cause blockages if you don't drink enough water with it, as well as stomach pain, gas, etc.

Just wondering what side affects you all have had??
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I routinely eat over 50 grams in a day.

The problems tend to come up when you increase your fiber too quickly...50 in one day probably WOULD be too much to start, if you'd been eating a standard American diet and didn't get much fiber before.

If you ramp up your fiber slowly, it's much easier to avoid side effects. I personally don't have any, now, though I imagine I would have if I'd bumped it up really quickly.
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I eat over 50 grams probably every day. Eating a plant based, whole foods diet will do that to you. I think there is some concern if you eat a lot of fiber supplements but I don't take any fiber supplements.

I've never had any side effects.
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Ohh good! I just started tracking it.. so I have no idea how much I've been eating. I'm still eating the same foods, so I assume it's been about this much all along.. but who knows.

Good to know that it's okay though!

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Ha Ha - funny. I just took a mid term for my Health & Nutrition Class and one of the parts was fiber (so I just studied it).

Side effects of eating too much:
-diarrhea (as your body takes water from tissues to your stool to "soften" it... therefore you also get dehydrated)
-decrease nutrient absorption (due to "increase speed" of transit through the intestines)

Average recommended amount for adults is ~30g (Canadian Food Guide). More for males... yada yada

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I eat well over 50 grams of fiber a day. Well over.

Side affects I've experienced:

Consistent, steady weight loss and now maintenance. Due to the fact that high fiber foods are also satiating and voluminous. Which means I am rarely, if ever hungry and I am thoroughly satisfied. I am able to keep to a lower calorie budget because those high fiber foods are nutrient rich and provide me with vitamins, minerals, that fiber and ENERGY. Which all helps to keep me on plan and provides the wonderful side affect of good health and keeping slim!!!

I am VERY fortunate that I have no "stomach" affects from all the veggies I consume. None. But yes, I do drink lots of water.
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When I first started eating healthily, I noticed that when I had a big salad as a meal, I'd be running to the bathroom shortly after. Not anymore though, my body has gotten used to it!
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