• This post is mainly for myself. I plan to read it every morning for a few weeks.

    I went on vacation for 1.5 weeks. Ironically, I didn't gain a pound while away, but have been home for 6 days and have eaten off plan 5 of those days. I know I have gained this week.

    Why did I blow it?
    #1. Haven't done a "real" grocery shopping trip since I've been home, so I haven't been planning my meals at ALL.

    #2. Bought stuff to send to DH (in Iraq) for a Halloween care package and so there were large amounts of chocolate in the house.

    #3. I think I just gave up a little.

    I am recommitting myself as of this very moment.

    I feel like garbage tonight. I feel physically ill. I ordered in Chinese as I was in a "why not? I've already eaten like crap all week" kind of mood. Now I sit here sick. Obviously my body is no longer used to being fed garbage. I am also overwhelmingly disappointed in myself and really don't like feeling this way.

    I am shopping in the morning w/a menu sheet in hand and will plan out my next 2 weeks of meals and snacks.

    In the future, I will buy DH his care package treats and IMMEDIATELY hit the post office and get them the heck away from me!!

    And I will try to remember how awful I feel tonight, both physically and mentally. I was doing soooo well. I cannot let this be the end of my efforts.
  • Hi, Jamie. It sounds like you are doing the right thing and getting back on track. A binge only has real consequences if you let it derail you. Sure, you may gain a little this week, but it won't matter a bit in the long run if you get back on track now.

    I wish you the best in the next few weeks! You will benefit so much for moving forward rather than slipping backwards.

    Keep on keeping on.


  • A big for you, Jamie. I know you can do this
  • You can do it!!!!
  • Hey, Jamie,
    I can totally relate to the damn care package DH calls from Lebanon and says can you send me this, this and this...all junk food he can't get there! Then it lurks around till you pack it up and send it off. It's like a form of medieval torture.

    Is DH military? Mine's ex Military and now works for the UN in Lebanon doing Bomb disposal/mine clearance. He's gone most of the year, apart from holidays, and it's tough making the effort to shop/cook/eat properly when it's just you (and the kids in my case). Especially when I get in from work and there's no-one to help out and it's just sooo much hassle.

    It's not fair - they're off 'gallivanting' around the world and we're stuck here with the monster care package items taunting us!

    Hang in there!!!