30 Ways to Outsmart Temptation

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  • I seen this on sparkpeople and wanted to share. It is a .pdf page so you will need acrobat reader (or another pdf reader) and it is printable or you can just save it to your computer for reference.

    You don't need to be a member of sparkpeople to view and use the page.

  • thanks!
    Thanks for the post. I like the one about a 'new' banana split!
  • Great ideas! Thanks for posting.
  • this is great thanks for posting
  • I may print this out and stick it to my fridge!!
  • thats a really usefull post. thanks a mill! love the one about eating from the kids menu. its something i have never thought of!
  • Ya'll are very welcome
  • Good post, onederchic! I've chosen items from the kid's menu, but I've noticed on a few restaurant menus that the kid's menu is only for "kids aged 12 and younger." Anyone else face this? Luckily, the portions weren't too big (don't remember the name, unfortch) but I think restaurants are trying to cut down ways for adults to save money going out to eat. Just my $0.02...
  • Thanks Sunnigummi
  • Thanks Michelle!!!!!!!
  • You're very welcome
  • Thanks for the link! I printed it out already!!
  • You're welcome
  • Thanks for the chart; very cute and lots of helpful tips. I already use some of them: I make my own mini-meatballs all the time, and just love to have soup before lunch or dinner. It's true that some restaurants do have an age limit on the kiddie meals, so we'll just have to choose something or somewhere else, right? How about something from the breakfast or lunch menu for dinner instead?

    Thanks again ... Rosebud
  • You're welcome