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Default have a day when you don't want to do it, but do?

UGH.... mondays should be banned from human vocabulary

For some dang reason today, I had to bribe myself to have some coffee well before I even hit the gym this morning... it was the only way I could do it.

The hour-long workout, for once, actually FELT like an hour... the minutes slowly creeping by as I gritted my teeth, occasionally silently cussing out the clock even as I tried to appear interested in Regis & Kelly on the big screen tv.

But I did it!!!! I stuck it out for an hour of cardio!!

Ladies, take a bow... for all of us chickies who struggle on the occasional monday morning to stick to our exercise routines lol.

~ tea
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And that.. would be me.
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That was me today, too. Exhausted, dragging, fighting to get through that hour of cardio. But I did it! And you did too!

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Yeah, so I tried to turn a negative into a positive last year by calling Monday's "Yay Days" and believe me I am not one of those peppy people, I was just trying to convince myself. It worked for a little while but during the summer I stay at home with the kiddos(my summer workout buddies)and don't hang out with anyone but I will be picking it back up next week as they are starting to school.
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My hour of cardio lately has been walking my 3.5 mile route. (OK, it's not quite an hour, but pretty close). Anyway.....it's been over 100 degrees here and it cools off to a brisk 93 or 94 by the time I head out to walk at 8 PM. Believe me, I do NOT want to go most nights and some nights I actually let myself off the hook. But not the last couple nights. I am so close to Onederland that I can taste it so by golly I will WALK, even if it's still 93. But I sure don't wanna do it while I'm lacing up my shoes in the cool house! LOL
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I have those days sometimes too. I just remind myself where I came from and it helps me to push through what I need to do.
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There are days when I have to fool myself into going -- like, OK, I'm just going to Starbuck's downtown. I'll take my yoga gear JUST in case, but I'm really going for a coffee
And when I get there, I say, well, OK, I'm HERE I MIGHT as well take a class...
And when I start the class, I say OK, I'll just take it easy today. But I never do! And I never, EVER regret taking the class.

I'm not sure WHY I get like this -- I think that my old comfort zone and old definition of myself is that I am lazy and I don't exercise. So I'm just working through it and saying "this is who I AM and I have to live it!" Because the THEORY is that if I redefine myself consistantly and LIVE the redefinition, it will actually BECOME reality. LIVE IT = BE IT, so to speak...

WAY to GO on the exercise!!!!

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way to go everybody!!! Keep up the great work!!!

~ tea
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Yep, Tea. The last three days have been like that for me.

Today, I got right back in there. I told my husband how difficult it was considering I ONLY had three days off. Not really totally off, I still did shred on those three days. But he agreed. He said when he competed in karate tournaments that it was always so easy to get out of shape and much harder to stay there.

What ticks me off even MORE than the day I was being lazy were the days that I really WANTED to work out but couldn't find the time. That would have been Sat and Sun. I admit, Fri was truly just a lazy day.

But I feel better tonight after doing what I was supposed to do.
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Start 8/5/12
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Tea, those days are so unique because on the days you don't want to, like you have to drag yourself kicking and screaming to the gym or to do anything exercise oriented, those times are the VERY BEST afterwards because you feel SO accomplished because even though you didn't want to do it at all, you still did it and man does it feel good afterwards to be able to pat yourself on the back and be proud of your determination and will power. So, in turn, those times go from the very worst feelings of dread, to the very best feelings of accomplishment and pride!
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Don't feel so bad, I had the same day, just could not get motivated.I finally got ready to do some Zumba and my husband came home from work and wanted me to try P90x with him, like an idiot I agreed.OMG! I am so sore now. I am sticking to what works for me and feeling like I have been beat with a baseball bat is not going to work. Tomorrow is another day and I am going to do it my way,if I can even move by then. Hang in there girls!
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Good Job!! For me, getting there is the effort. It's such a battle sometimes. Once I'm in motion then I feel good about it. But man that first step really sucks.

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lol! I have one of those days at least once or twice a week! But one thing I have noticed is that when I force myself to go running, I never get back from my run and say "hmm, I wish I hadn't just wasted 45 minutes on running." Instead, I always feel good that I went...even though it feels like torture in the meantime!
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yep, I am not a Monday fan, and that's a gym day! other people there looked a little cranky too, heh heh. Luckily, it feels great by the end, pooped but happier.
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