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Default A swift kick in the rear

Sorry, this is gonna be a bit long.

I'm on a new contract at work, and I hate it. I've never in my life hated work as much as I do right now. And all of that negative energy is spilling into the rest of my life. I dread going to work so much that I've been staying in bed longer than I should, and getting up with just enough time to get ready - thus skipping my workout. I've not been sleeping well because I can't seem to shut my brain down, so I'm tired and grouchy. That leads me to make less than ideal food choices, not eating bad stuff, just eating too much - causing me to go over on my calories by 100-200 a day. I'm out of energy, snapping at DH and the dogs for nothing, and (TMI alert!) haven't been able to go potty for over a week now. I know it's just stress, and I know I need to get off my butt and get back to my routine, but I'm having a hard time DOING it. I haven't gained any in the last 2 weeks, but haven't lost any either.

Short version: Somebody, PLEASE, yell at me. Tell me to get off my lazy butt, suck it up, and get back on track. Please?
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Keep your chin up, dearie! Sounds like you're very discouraged right now and in need of some TLC. Maybe there's nothing you can do about work, but what can you do to enjoy yourself and get your exercise back on track? Anywhere beautiful near you that you can take a long walk with hubby and pups? A dance class you've been wanting to try?

Buy yourself a new book you've been hankering for and read it only before bed. Meet with an old friend for hot tea and a long chat.

Focus on what you ARE doing that's positive, like the good food choices you ARE making. You've accomplished so much, and you have the desire to keep pushing onwards, even though right now is a tough patch - you haven't given up, and that's something to be proud of!

Things suck...but nothing lasts forever. Just focus on taking care of yourself in the next five minutes and keep reminding yourself that things will change, all this will be in the past one day. /Hugs/
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Look at it this way -- sleeping in until the last minute actually increases the % of your awake time on this crappy assignment. If you got up earlier, did the exercise that you enjoy and is so good for you, the % of your awake time on this crappy assignment would go down!

Look for ways to compartmentalize work, like by telling yourself, "I know the next 9 hours are just going to be something to get through, but I have all this great stuff planned before and afterwards"...

Easier said than done, I'm sure... But think how much better you will feel when you feel back in control and back on track... If I could, I would whip you up some of your grandmother's zucchini bread and bring it over... (still haven't tried the Mayo recipe yet; your g'mother's was so good that it took me off track from healthy eating, and I've been afraid to try making z-bread again...)
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I won't yell at you but I will give you a reminder that the job doesn't have to be permanent. Your weight loss is important and needs to be a lifelong priority. If you make the commitment to get up and get your workouts done, you may find it relieves some of the stress and helps you get regular again. And if you'd cuddle with your husband instead of snapping at him, that might relieve stress too.
Regarding the job, I was "downsized" out of a job at the end of March. My aunt was "downsized" out of her job a month later. My sister's expecting the axe to fall in a month or so. (We all worked for the same company btw.) Even if your job sucks terribly, you're employed. So just think every day about how you're seriously AWESOME in that respect. And get yourself back to your workouts so you can post and tell us all how AWESOME your weight loss is going!
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Everyone has posted good advice, so the only other thing I can add is ..

Get off your lazy butt, suck it up, and get back on track !!!!

Hmm that sounds so harsh, but you did ask for it.

I'm learning the hard way that it really is about choices. I will always be stressed, or have too many things going on, or have this or that to go to .. and not that it's easy, but it really is up to me to eat right and get my exercise in. I do understand about the job, I was there once. But exercising a bit before work, surviving the day, and exercising a bit after really did help me deal with that part of my stress.

So don't let a crappy job ruin your life Get going on it !
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I'll yell too.

You KNOW what will make you feel like you have some control in this crummy situation...TAKING CHARGE OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

You KNOW what will both help you sleep AND help you manage your stress - REGULAR EXERCISE.

You KNOW that no matter WHAT you're feeling about work, you'll feel better about EVERYTHING ELSE if you stick to your plan.

You are going to feel bad about the JOB no matter what. But you're just PUNISHING yourself by making yourself feel bad about all the rest of your life by not sticking to your plan.

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I know what it's like to have a contract change turn a great job into a crappy job. I'm looking at it this way tho, I have to keep my job because it will be almost immpossible to get a different one right now. I am working out and doing everything I can to lose weight and get healthy because once the economy straightens up and I can ceriously job search then I want to look my best. It is a known fact that if there are 2 identical resumes the skinny good looking applicant will get the job, I want it to be me. Just think about that when you want to skip the workout.
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Most of us go through times when we don't like the way life is treating us!

I remember years ago...20 to be exact...I was going through an unwanted divorce, my dad had just died and my business was suffering from a recession...all I wanted to do was "die"...not really....but I felt like I couldn't face another day...most days.

I kept doing what I thought was the "right" thing for me...and slowly...very slowly some days...things got better...

I saw daylight for the first time in years...

Venting is good!

but come on dear...at the DH...nah

and those mutts don't understand...

I won't yell at you...but you can yell at me...I can take it!

Give me your best shot!
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You don't need to be yelled at, you need to be hugged. This is a serious suggestion: meditate. Skip your workout tomorrow and meditate instead. If you need guidance, look on youtube for meditations. Seriously. It will help relieve stress. BIG HUG!
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Thank you ladies and EZ! I got up this morning at a reasonable time and have already worked out. I'm going to hang out with my little brothers today, if it stops raining we'll go to the park and run around but if not, I'll play Wii with them and use my mom's elliptical - I love the elliptical and can't wait to be able to buy my own!

I really needed someone to tell me to quit wallowing in self pity. So thank you all, so much!

I also mentally split my day up so I could have more awake time outside of the icky job, apologized to DH and made him a special dinner, and took the dogs for a run to say sorry. I feel like such a brat, since that's how I've been acting.

You guys are the best!
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