Weight Loss Journey Pet Peeves

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  • The exercise pet peeves got me to thinking...I have a few "weight loss journey" pet peeves that didn't quite fit in with the exercise pet peeves, so here goes:

    1) The "unsolicited diet advice" givers. You know, the people who find out you are losing weight, and whatever you are doing is working, but they feel compelled to give you advice anyway. For example, the other day I was out to eat with a friend, and someone brought up the fact that I had lost so much weight. This lady I didn't know felt compelled to tell me to "drink more water because it will help"....yeah, I already know that...I know it's coming from a good place, but if I wanted advice on what to do I'd ask for it...

    2) The "food police"...I'm currently on South Beach, so there are some foods that aren't exactly low in fat, but still allowed on the plan. One day, I was eating a caesar salad, and one of my coworkers asked if I should be eating that, because it's not "diet food"...

    3) When friends know you are dieting, but want to go out to eat all the time anyway. I have been strong in this area, because I usually say "no, I'll meet you guys afterward"...but the fact that you keep asking is counterproductive, IMO...

    4) People who tell me "just do crunches" to get rid of my stomach. If that worked, I'd have that 6 pack I've always wanted, jackass!

    So, there are a few of mine...what are yours?
  • That last one is hilarious!!

    I recently started my journey on WW and folks are just now beginning to comment like "what are you doing?" and "Is that OK on WW?" and "That doesnt seem like diet food to me!!

    I actually am smiling on the inside because I feel like these are just jealousy jabs because I am doing something and perhaps they are not.

    I have even completely ignored someone making these types of comments at work and amazingly I think that doing that actually encouraged her!

    I will stop there or I will feel the need to get my boxing gloves out about it!!
  • OMG YES on the people who keep asking to eat out! I'm like hello- DIETING! LOSING WEIGHT! My husband's best friend keeps doing this and I think my hubby told him please stop cuz I haven't seen him in almost a week- this is a first for a guy who would come over MULTIPLE times a week and want to eat out- you'd think after a few weeks of "no" he'd realize I'm serious. Then he tells me he wants to lose weight but eats out 1-2 times a day!

    The other thing that bugs me is people who are thin- maybe weigh like 120-125 and are like omg I'm so fat- I look at them like HELLO! Are you for reals? If you are fat I must be a disgusting blob!

  • I love it! You are awesome for starting this thread and giving some hilarious examples. I totally second the "crunches" idea. I think that if we could do crunches to eliminate out bellies, we'd all have flat stomachs no matter our weight! haha. Hilarious!

    I know that some people like it when others ask if they've lost weight, but I am not one of those people. I don't mind if they say - hey you've lost weight, that's good (or something of the like). But when they interrupt you talking to someone else and say "Have you lost weight?". I just want to turn around and say Nope! Really, what is the right answer for that? Am I supposed to glow and exclaim just how many pounds are gone? I don't think so.

    The other one I can think of is also one that you said - when someone who knows you're dieting says "Are you sure you should be having that/seconds/etc?" Don't you think that if I'M the one dieting I know what I CAN and CAN NOT have??!! Anyhow, that was fun! I look forward to hearing from everyone. haha
  • My favorite - the people who ask how much you've lost, tell you that you look wonderful. And then ask if you plan to lose any more. And if you tell them how much more say, "Oh no - you can't lose that much more! You'd be too thin!"

    Well you know - those people could never tell when I weighed 185. It took them 20+ pounds to even notice I was losing weight. I'm good at dressing to disguise my weight - I've been doing it for 20 years. They don't know how I'll look at my goal weight - I DO!! I used to weigh that. Maybe it was forever ago, but I did look good!

    Oh - another peeve - I am NOT large-boned. I'm tall, but small boned. I just happen to have broad shoulders, and incredibly even weight distribution.

    Thank you - I feel better now. I'm venting all over the place today. And TOM isn't for another 10 days. Maybe I need to adjust my calories . . .
  • Genius Thread!

    My weight loss journey pet peeve is those friends and family that are in denial or too nice to tell you the truth.

    If someone tells me I don't look 300 lbs. You carry it well, or that I don't need to be on a diet, I'm going to blow.

    I know my body better then you, and I'm telling you I'm on a diet for a reason. A little support would be nice....

    Then you have those that are the polar opposite that jump on the bandwagon and expect you to carry them along.

    Wow...I didn't know it bothered me that much until I put it on paper, it's only the 1st week of my full fledged diet. Thank goodness for this forum and the ability to express ourselves with other individuals who know how we feel.
  • I don't really have a complaint about people at this point. Yet, anyway.

    But these ridiculous commercials.....as I was dropping off my middle child at summer camp this morning my 14 yr. old and I were trying to find something good to listen to on the radio. This "nurse" came on peddling her newest weight loss magic pill, core 4. She claimed that this pill actually BLOCKS calories from foods you eat???? Say whaaa? And THEN, the lady says that it will also suppress the appetite. AND give you energy. AND build muscle. What the heck?!?!

    These idiot weight loss infomercials are disgusting. I am trying to teach my daughter the RIGHT way, the HEALTHY way to lose weight and set a good example so hopefully she doesn't end up overweight to begin with. I am TRYING to teach her that EATING is a part of being a human and there is no reason to starve yourself. You can't just take a pill and not eat right or exercise. Just not gonna happen.

    Unfortunately, this "nurse" is soon to be one rich lady. So sad.
  • What I don't like is when your friend is dieting and she only eats one meal a day and she loses more than you do. No way can I do without eating.
    She may lose 20 pounds fast, but when she starts eating again, it will come right back on.
  • 1. I have a dear SIL God Love Her who attributes my weight loss to my exercise and ignores the hard, hard work with respect to diet. "I could look like YOU, but I can't tolerate the heat in Hot Yoga." (maybe it is her daily double breakfast and pie habit instead of her exercise issues...)

    2. My morbidly obese brother, who comes over and criticizes my diet plan while complaining about his weight issue. He apparently has an easier, better way to do things and I clearly am off my rocker for doing what I am doing.

    3. SABOTEURS: "Oh, just have a TASTE! You've done so well and you won't RUIN it with that piece of ________." (fill in the blank)
    And my personal favorite:
    "Why don't you have the last serving? You know you want it! I'm just going to throw it out if you don't have it." like I'm some sort of human garbage can unable to decide what I can or cannot have and would rather break my eating plan to save you from the trauma of chucking the rather sorry piece of melted ice cream cake which I don't even LIKE into the bin.

    4. The Backhanded Complimenters: "Oh MY! You look GREAT! Are you sick??" (seriously!). "WOW! Great to see you! I don't suppose you'll want to eat anything tonight, huh. I heard about your diet." (before a dinner party, seriously). "LOOK at YOU! You're WASTING AWAY! EAT something!" (as IF!!!)

    5. The NaySayers: "You're doing great! But you know, you'll never keep it off." or "Isn't dieting FUN! But, of course, it'll all come back on when you eat normally again".

  • Quote:
    5. The NaySayers: "You're doing great! But you know, you'll never keep it off." or "Isn't dieting FUN! But, of course, it'll all come back on when you eat normally again".
    My response to those would be that's why it's a lifestyle change
  • Yeah, lots of people don't "get" the lifestyle change. I don't argue the point, I say "Yeah, you are probably right."

    This makes the twit feel like they've "won" a point, and my aggravation factor is MINIMIZED, and I just keep on doing what I'm doing.

  • Yeah I tend to have a problem keeping my mouth shut :P
    I definitely don't like to let anyone else feel like they've won!
  • Quote: Then you have those that are the polar opposite that jump on the bandwagon and expect you to carry them along.
    This one I agree with too- I used to work out with a girl and we were supposed to meet each day at the gym at a certain time- she wouldn't show up, I'd call, nothing, then finally she'd stroll in half an hour later (or never show) and make me waste time.

    Finally I started coming in at my time, working out, then leaving. I think the third day of this is when she came in and I was leaving cuz I was done and she was like "oh you leaving?" and I was like "yeah I am done with MY workout, we were supposed to meet at 10, you didn't show."

    After that I "lost her number."
  • omg you are too cute! ahahh..lol....i hear about the crunches ALL THE FREAKIN TIME and also about the ceasar salad, too...i hate it when people "watch" what i eat. and then they "spot police" my body...like i have some big a55 arms, and they say "you should do pushups and weights." im like "did i ask you for advice?"
    and what really gets me is when people who are bigger than me who never work out , or skinny people who never had a fat body in their life , give me advice...ugh!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate it!
  • I don't mind the bandwagoners. I'll give advice to anyone who asks me for it. But I don't volunteer it. Food pushers don't really bother me all that much either, even if they know I am eating in a healthy way...I have enough experience now to enforce the "no thank you" and move on...I don't think they mean anything negative or underhanded by it (though I'm sure some people in the world push food in an underhanded way, just not the people in my life), so I tend not to get bothered. I feel the same about people inviting me out - either I work it into my plan by ordering a healthy option, or I don't, but either way, I don't think any of the people in my life are trying to lure me off plan on purpose, so I don't get bothered by invitations to go out.

    My pet peeves:

    1. People who tell me, without prompting, that my style of eating is wrong. This was particularly irksome (but funnier) after I hit goal, but occurred all along. As soon as I started, my FIL asked me what my weight loss goal was. I said I wanted to be as healthy as I could and would figure it out when I got closer. He said, and I quote, "You need to set a goal. You can't succeed without a goal". Can't? HELLO challenge! Even now, people tell me I'm doing it "wrong", or that what I'm doing isn't sustainable. Well, with almost 2 years of maintenance with only some minor blips, I'm pretty sure I have an OK idea of what works for me, thanks! If I want advice, I ask for it.

    2. People who get overly defensive at mention of healthier habits. I remember once I said to a family member "What time are we starting breakfast tomorrow? I want to make sure I get up in time to run beforehand" and was told "God! Don't you EVER stop talking about EXERCISE??" It was a total overreaction, but made me think twice before I brought it up again in the company of that person. Or snarky comments like "That's no fun" or "Wow, they HATE you" when making an order at a restaurant...if I want to order an egg white omelette with veggies and a side of fruit, honestly, what is it to you? How is that offensive to you or to the cook? It's how I like to eat now, it is what sounds best, so please drop it.

    3. People who hold a running commentary on what I'm eating, from good to bad. Whether commenting on my nice healthy plate (someone actually said to me "Geez, enough salad?" as though my salad consumption was offensive) or commenting on something I've worked in as a treat ("Don't you know how many calories are in that cookie??!"), it drives me nuts.