Weight Loss Journey Pet Peeves

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  • My pet peeve is the people who act disappointed when they found out that I'm doing Weight Watchers to lose weight. Something slow and gradual (and sustainable!), not some kind of pill off an infomercial.

    And, like someone else mentioned, the people who say "you're getting too thin, you're going to look sick!". My goal weight is in the middle of my healthy BMI range, not something underweight. I'm another one who is not big-boned, but I think people are used to seeing me heavy and have trouble picturing me any other way.
  • I hate getting excited when I see something on Yahoo news about "weight loss tricks" or something. It's always something idiotic that I already know, like:

    drinks have calories, too


    drink more water


    eat smaller portions


    use the stairs

    Like this is some fascinating new information. Granted, there are people that MAY still need this information and I'm just coming from a point of view that's a bit jaded. I should really just stop clicking on the links -- but I still think that maybe JUST THIS ONCE there will be something in there that I don't already know!

    Oh, and mandalinn, you took the words right out of my mouth (or rather, my keyboard) with your post. SO TRUE!
  • LOL!!! This is a funny thread.

    I've gotta be honest, none of this stuff bothers me. :P ...I am 3 months into WW and I am FINALLY strong enough to not succumb to the pressures of my old bad habits when I get invited out to lunch or dinner or whatever.

    My friends are all great and really supportive. I hear "Wow, are you losing weight?" or "You are looking SO good!" all the time and I eat it up! I love hearing it! It motivates me and encourages me. "YES! I've been working really hard...thanks for noticing" is what I say in return.

    I get the unsolicited advice....OK, yeah, *this* actually does get on my nerves. LOL! "Well, you know, you might gain weight if you are gaining muscle and losing fat!" "Losing more than 2 pounds a week is unhealthy!"

    Yeah. Thanks. I know. NEXT! :P

    ETA: I also love when people ask me for advice. That rocks! I sometimes have a hard time believing that they are asking ME (MEEEE!!) how to lose weight. I mean, I used to be the queen of chili cheese fries for lunch and dinner!
  • Quote:

    2. People who get overly defensive at mention of healthier habits. I remember once I said to a family member "What time are we starting breakfast tomorrow? I want to make sure I get up in time to run beforehand" and was told "God! Don't you EVER stop talking about EXERCISE??" It was a total overreaction, but made me think twice before I brought it up again in the company of that person. Or snarky comments like "That's no fun" or "Wow, they HATE you" when making an order at a restaurant...if I want to order an egg white omelette with veggies and a side of fruit, honestly, what is it to you? How is that offensive to you or to the cook? It's how I like to eat now, it is what sounds best, so please drop it.
    As a waitress, and a picky eater, this does not bother me in the least! I am happy to change things around. Happier when the tip reflects their gratitude Once when I brought out an extremely modified order, I said "Is that what you expected?" and she said "No.... I was expecting it to come out wrong."
  • I hate the "You're not doing the right diet advice" either. For example, I told a friend of mine that I am doing South Beach. He gives me the spiel about how South Beach is an awful, low carb fad diet. I just listen to him rant and rave about how South Beach is such an awful diet. Then he proceeds to tell me that I need a diet that emphasizes good carbswhole grains/lean meats/veggies, and the elimination of refined flour, sugar, HFCS, and alcohol. That's pretty much South Beach in a nutshell, but I let him rant and rave and told him after he was done that I would continue on with South Beach because it's working for me. Go figure.

    I'm starting to hear the "you're going to get too thin if you lose forty more pounds". Whatever. I don't think I'll be too thin at 190.

    And I love Rebound's rant about "ground breaking articles" on weightloss...LOL.
  • I hate magazine articles and medical experts who always have to one-up good eating. When they start differentiating between good and bad fruits, vegetables, or fish, I've had enough. (Although I get that there's a difference on Atkins.)
  • People who give you endless crap for being fat, then make fun of you once you start losing weight. My husband has gotten crap from his mom for 26 years for being fat and now that he's down 14 pounds with 86 more to go, she's making fun of him because apparently making sure you don't inhale everything in the house is "girly".
  • Quote: I hate magazine articles and medical experts who always have to one-up good eating. When they start differentiating between good and bad fruits, vegetables, or fish, I've had enough. (Although I get that there's a difference on Atkins.)
    Oh yeah, I hate dissecting whether apples are better than oranges, or almonds better than walnuts, or chickpeas vs black beans.
  • Another one that bother's me is when I say no thank you the brownies you just tried to pass me and you proceed to take a bite and say how good it is and the stupid "mmmm" at first it's angry followed by I'm so glad that's going to your thighs not mine
  • Quote: Another one that bother's me is when I say no thank you the brownies you just tried to pass me and you proceed to take a bite and say how good it is and the stupid "mmmm" at first it's angry followed by I'm so glad that's going to your thighs not mine
    Or people who will tell you in excruciating detail about the fabulous dessert they just had and then say OH WAIT, I FORGOT, YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY!

    Sure I CAN, it's just not worth it to me! You aren't gonna get me to crack and feel bad or whatever response it is you're looking for, jerks of the world
  • I dislike the people who are obviously thin -not necessarily healthy - go on about how fat they are.
    And i used to date a guy who made commetns on the train about over weight people; while i was next to him at 105kilos (231lbs)
  • My latest pet peeve is my naturopath who, instead of administering acupuncture for my plantar fasciitis, decided she needs to treat the entire body and not only one specific part. So she did the body analysis and then gave me a long speech about not having enough water on the intracellular level and that the body is shifting the water into the extracellular space to dilute the toxins.
    As per her, one way how to correct this is to replenish my electrolytes.

    Fine, I think, I sweat like a pig when I exercise so maybe replenishing my electrolytes is not such a bad idea. The naturopath tells me (and I quote her): "You wouldn't want to be drinking Gatorade because it is FULL OF SUGAR AND OTHER CRAP". Then she proceeds to sell me electrolyte replenishment supplement, for $44. When I actually look at the label (afterwards, in the car) I find out that it is good for NINETEEN SERVINGS (so that's over $2 per serving) and each scoop contains ..... 23 grams of CARBOHYDRATES ... @ 120 calories. (At this point, I also need to mention that she knows, since we discussed it length, that I try very hard to consume as much protein as possible and cut down on my carbs because they are my pit fall and I always crave carbs).

    Well gee, thanks, but I think I will handle my electrolytes on my own. I really felt like running back and whacking her on the head with the container. I returned it the next day (at the front desk) and I am going to tell her at my next appointment next week what I think of such a splendid product AND about being treated like a cash cow.
  • Ms Tomato, you have amazing self-restraint!!! I would have done a drive-by throwing of the container at the front window of her clinic!

    As a health care professional myself, it always makes me uncomfortable when I see a place that offers a diagnosis and then sells products as remedies. In my profession, this is seriously against our code of conduct and those who do this are subject to disciplinary measures, fines, and loss of licensure if the professional doesn't comply. The reason is that we consider it a conflict of interest, because the products are sold for profit, and to increase the intake of the business, it is easy to push the sales of these particular products. And patients or clients will listen to the professional advice and often purchase the product on the basis of that professional opinion. Even if there isn't any intention, it just, well, kind of smells bad, ya know?

    I'm glad that you returned the product, and let us know how your next appointment goes!

  • I love most of my interactions since I started losing. My friends and family are very supportive and never make snide comments. Sometimes people comment on the fact that I seem to eat a lot considering the weight loss, but I just explain that I eat three square meals a day, do not snack, do not drink soda, and jog 6 miles most days, so it all works out for the best.
  • As someone else mentioned, I can't stand the, "How much more do you plan to lose?" & "Oh you don't need to lose anymore!" discussion. If you don't think I need to lose more than why did you ask me how much more I was going to lose? If you thought I was fine the way I am then why is it even an issue? What if my answer was, "NONE". Would you tell me I need to keep going? When people gain weight do you ask "How much more do you plan to gain?" It's a loaded question, and my answer is never the correct one. Ugh...

    One other thing has been bothering me lately and maybe it's just my imagination, but it seemed like the few slimmer friends I have were always the most supportive in the beginning, but now that I'm nearing their weight, or maybe a tad bit smaller than one, they have changed their tune a little. Maybe I'm annoying, (though, I try not to talk about weight much to people outside of 3FC because it IS annoying to some), but they seem different. I can't place my finger on it, but it's kind of like they want me thinner, but not thinner than them... IDK, maybe I'm reading too much into it.