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Default How far have you come?

How has your life changed since you began your healthy lifestyle? I'm 6 weeks in, have lost 22lbs and I never thought I would be doing so well. My life has changed in 6 short weeks and counting.

- my knee doesn't hurt anymore!!!
- I can do floor exercises because my knee doesn't hurt anymore!
- I began at 20min tennis, now am up to 60!
- I walk everywhere where before it seemed like such a drag.
- I sleep better
- I can do more high impact exercise because my knee doesn't hurt anymore!
- I have more energy than I know what to do with.

PS - did I mention that my knee doesn't hurt anymore??
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I wear dresses again, love to shop, and wear my hair down all the time. I am faster, more efficient, and have much more endurance. I wish I could say losing weight has helped me sleep better, but I have so much energy that I still have to have sleeping aids.
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Slow and sure chick
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I sleep better.
My knee doesn't hurt anymore. (is there an echo in here?)
My feet hurt less.
Less ankle swelling.
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needs constant reminding
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I want to wear pretty clothes.
I feel comfortable in big groups of people.
I can run with my children.
I feel good about being a good role model for healthy eating and fitness.

Thx! This has given me a real boost

And congrats to everyone on choosing to make healthy changes. It is sooo worth it
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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It would literally take me days to write down all the UTTERLY FANTASTIC life changes this weight loss has brought about. Here are a few highlights:

When I look down, there’s no double chin making me uncomfortable. In fact it used to be so bad I could feel it whenever I sat down even if I was looking straight ahead. It made me feel very unattractive. That baby is GONE.

I can bound up and down stairs effortlessly. I used to have to hold onto the handrail and literally HAUL myself up. Or grasp the handrail and the wall on the other side and EASE myself down ~ at 370 lbs, going down was harder and more painful than going up, believe it or not. I used to plan my days out so I could limit trips up/down stairs as much as possible.

I can sit anywhere. This includes the short kindergarten chairs. I can sit in the rotating chairs in the McDonald’s dining room. I can sit in a booth at TGI Friday’s. I can sit in the BACKSEAT of a TWO-DOOR car ~ and I can get in and out gracefully!!!

I CAN TAKE SHOWERS INSTEAD OF BATHS. Before, I would get so tired from standing and trying to balance in a slippery shower, with no safety rails to hold onto, that I would be worn-out and sweaty at the end of a shower. So for 4 years I only took baths and HATED staying overnight with friends or relatives because “normal people take showers,” and I would force myself to take them when I only felt secure taking baths. After I lost the first 50 lbs I tried taking a shower ~ I was a bit shaky but OK. Now, though, I can take a shower OR a bath, whichever…! It doesn’t matter, six of one half-a-dozen of another.

I CAN UPLOAD CURRENT PHOTOS OF ME ON FACEBOOK AND TAG THEM. When I joined Facebook in 2007 the profile photo I uploaded was 5 years old, back from when I was “thin” (less fat). I didn’t post a current photo of me on that thing til November 2008. It took me about 35-40 shots to get ONE that didn’t look enormous. Since about April of this year though, I finally lost enough weight that I started looking like a (large) average size…at first I would only post and tag face shots but now I post and tag FULL BODY SHOTS. If you look down at my ticker I weigh in at just over 260, which sounds like a lot at 5’8, but a lot of it is muscle, and I’m physically smaller than my best friend who is 2 inches taller and 70 lbs lighter than me…most people think I weigh around 200 lbs.

When I was 370 lbs I was depressed and miserable. I wore worn-out tennis shoes, sweats, no makeup, bathed every other day, kept my hair in a ponytail…in short I felt awful and because of it I looked awful. Now, I feel 10 million times better and it shows. Hair, nails, tan, makeup, FABULOUS clothes, shoes, handbag…the works. And boy what a difference. I posted elsewhere that I was at the airport yesterday and got on an elevator with an airline pilot (older, but HAWT) and he WINKED at me. ME?!?! It’s because I feel great because I look great, and when you know you look great, you project a totally different aura.

And literally millions and millions of other things…but these were some of the biggies.

If any chickies are reading this and have been thinking about maybe starting a lifestyle change (don’t call it a diet!) but are on the fence…DO IT!!! So so SO many wonderful positive changes await you. It will be a TOTAL LIFE MAKEOVER!!!

If you don’t feel like you can sustain a lifestyle change and that’s keeping you from starting it . . . JUST PRETEND! PRETEND YOU CAN DO IT…BECAUSE YOU CAN!!! And pretty soon you won’t be pretending anymore.

Anyone can do this. ANYONE!!!!

(I cannot WAIT to read what Robin posts, BTW-LOL)
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wow DCHound! what a positive message! I feel really good after reading that.
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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You should ~ look at your stats. You are doing it!!!
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I do this for ME
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Well I haven't been doing this long, but I've lost 10 pounds so far. I know it's not very much, but every journey begins with one step. My body just feels better now that I'm not eating junk food and I've increased my water intake. When I fix a meal, I feel better sitting down to it because I know it's healthy and I don't feel guilty about eating anymore. I can also eat less and be satisfied. Not too long ago I would just eat and eat and it was like I could never be satisfied, and even though I knew I shouldn't eat the whole pint of ice cream I would and then within an hour or two I'd be thinking of what else I could find to eat. Thank God now that as I said I eat less and I'm satisfied, so that is what I have gained from this life style change. My body just feels better period and that means so much to me.
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Don't turn back.
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Agreeing with Remy--I do not want to sit and eat an entire carton of ice cream...most days. Today I had two spoonfuls and put it back and have ignored it since. Wish we didn't have it in the house, but I live with grandparents and can't ask them to change their ways just because I'm changing mine. I consider it an exercise in willpower.
I jogged today for five minutes, when 30 seconds used to wear me out until I couldn't breathe. I went slightly off plan and saw a (mostly water) gain on the scale after the weekend, but jumped right back on board today instead of using my high scale number as an excuse to "eat whatever I want because it doesn't matter anyway".
I can feel my triceps! and see them, if I flex them.

Other than that, I simply feel better about myself, about my choices and about my life. I'm not very far along yet, but ever since the beginning of this year I have curtailed my -eating with blind, wild abandon- to the point where it only happens perhaps once every couple of weeks, sometimes less. Even when I'm not necessarily 'on plan,' I don't feel the urge to sit in my kitchen and devour every single carb available to me late into the night while zoned out on the tv to ignore what I'm doing.
I'm an impatient person and have often focused on "lose all the weight you can right now; GO!" and I supposed I've expected to see significant changes in two or three weeks, which of course I never have--but during these periods I would grow quickly bored if I didn't go from a size 16 to a size 4 (which I've never been in my life) and just act like what I was doing wasn't working and it was useless and there was something wrong with me where i couldn't lose the weight so I might as well just eateateat.
The truth is, each time I've set myself to eating healthy and gotten a few weeks under my belt, the results are obvious. My body adapts quickly to the healthy lifestyle and exercise (as it should, i'm only 19~!) and becomes almost immediantly more flexible and in shape. I am trying to step back and see these small marks of progress as forward motion on the weight loss track, because I know that overtime they will be more beneficial than a month of near-starvation and a quickly lost and regained 20lbs.

*P.S. DCHound--you are SUCH an inspiration! Way to go babe.

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You ladies are such inspiration to me. My hubby is skinny and eats very healthy so he doesn't understand my eating disorder and weight issues - he's very supportive of course but he doesn't really get it.

On course!
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Thank you for share here. It sounds everybody here are happy.
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Ironman in Training
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There are tons of things but here are a few big ones:

- I was sedentary with little to no exercise and NO energy. Now I'm a triathlete with sites on the half ironman next summer. I would have never imagined I'd do one, and I'm about to do my third Oly distance in Aug.

- I can shop in normal stores. Sure I need the largest size, but who cares!

- I actually don't mind exercise now and some days like it. I used to Haaaattttttte it, avoid it as much as possible.

- I don't freak out when someone pulls out a camera and hide.

Lots more but it's past bed time.

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my knees and ankles don't hurt as much anymore

I don't get back aches all the time

I can stand longer than 30 mins. now without having to sit down

My lower leg edema is almost gone.

My BP is down 10 points

and the best thing is ... I have two pairs of pants now I can fit into now that I haven't been able to fit in at all in almost two years! LOL!
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I can look in the mirror without crying at how bad I look
I don't avoid photographs anymore (though still don't like them)
I can eat one or two pieces of chocolate instead of the whole lot
I have a lot more energy
Sleeping better
Generally feel happier and a little more confident
Fitting into some old clothes again

Glad your knees stopped hurting Hasn't made any difference to how much my ankle hurts so far
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At first I read this thread, but didn't post a reply because I don't have much measurable progress yet. I haven't lost much weight, and there aren't a lot of changes so far.

But I think things have changed internally, in my mind. I seem to finally have found an approach that works (working on one area at a time, until I have that particular change down pat) and that feels pretty big to me. I really think that this time I will get to goal, though I won't be winning any races getting there.

And the other big thing is that I have the junk food monkey off my back. I no longer feel hopeless about how I'm going to control it, or desperate to get out from under it's control. So that's a pretty big deal to me.
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