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Default Going to a beach party: what sould I eat??

Hey everyone!

So this Wednesday I'm going to a beach party.
I'm planning on bringing a cooler with lots of water, fresh veggies and healthy snacks.
I'm wondering what I should bring for the actual lunch.
Everyone else is probably gonna buy or bbq hamburgers/hot dogs (i'm not sure yet) but I know the hamburgers at that beach are extreeemmllyyyyyyyyyyyy greasy.
So I really want to bring something but I have 2 "problems"

1) I don't know what to bring
2) I don't want people to know i'm on a "diet" (it's really a lifestyle change but other 20 yr olds with lightning fast metabolisms would probably see it as a diet) I don't want to be the girl who says "I don't eat hamburgers, they're too fattening".

I will probably be bringing snacks and food for a few people (or everyone) to pass around so I would like my healthy choices to go unnoticed so I could avoid having to explain myself...

I'd really appreciate the input!
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If it's bring your own meat, you could always bring a turkey burger... Or bring fruit salad or something and if anyone asks you can say you prefer lighter foods when it's so hot outside.
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normally, bread + hot dogs and fresh veggie actually isn't a bad choice
I just am not sure how they make the "hot dog" in your beach party so... uhm...

I second what majik said ... say you want something lighter when it's hot outside. (and yes, it's actually very true in my case IT's too hot here that i don't want to eat anything, only water - everyone arounds me experience the same thing )
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Except for the sodium, pretzels aren't too bad for a snack. And easy-to-eat fruits like grapes and cherries would be a perfectly "normal" thing to pass around. Have fun!
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When we go to the beach our favorite beach fare food is cold meatballs (you can make turkeyballs), hard cheeses, hummus, veggies, stuffed grape leaves, and lots of fruits.
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If there is going to be a grill or open fire, could you take shish kabobs...something with maybe chicken, veggies, maybe some pineapple (which is amazing when grilled). I went to a picnic last month and took enough for everyone, made up ahead of time. No one even questioned why I was eating them, and they were a huge hit.
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So DON'T say you don't want to eat hamburgers because they're too fattening. You don't have to justify anything to anyone. If someone asks (you're already assuming they will, and they'll be unhappy about it) say you'd rather eat what you brought. Let that be your answer, and go on to talking about other things. Don't over explain it, and don't try to justify! You're doing your thing. No excuses necessary.
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I went to a day-long baseball tournament yesterday and people broughtturkey dogs as well as chicken breasts in olive oil to throw on the BBQ right next to the fatty burgers.

Besides, nobody will know the difference with a turkey dog. Bring your own whole wheat buns and use mustard. Sounds yummy actually.
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mmmm it all sounds yummy! I'm hoping there's a grill though, cause if not, if they're planning on buying food there, I have to plan something else to eat! Is it normal that this is stressing me so much?
thanks for the suggestions! This has been such a hard week already (my week starts on thursdays) with there being a huge birthday party being thrown in my house yesterday and TONS of leftovers to resist today!
I'm trying to hang in there...
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Bocca burgers and FiberOne buns. Bring so fat free chips just for you.
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