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Default Adjusting my goal...do the last 10 lbs *really* make such a difference?

So I've been hanging out around a weight of 156-158 for the past 3 months -- I'm 5'7". Maintaining, I guess--I wasn't eating to lose, I was rather distracted w/work, though I'm pleased I didn't gain weight. But I'm ready to jump back in this and lose the rest! I'm annoyed that I've lost 55 lbs and still have such a round, protruding belly, so close to my goal! I literally have thin arms, legs, and face--and all the extra weight is sitting on my belly and sides. It literally hangs over--I'm not exaggerating. Luck of the build, I guess. I have scrawny little hips and butt--and a big belly, just like my dad. XD

I'm technicially 5 lbs from my ultimate beginning goal of 150--so I think I need to readjust--to 145, or 140. That's 10 or 15 lbs away. Will losing these last few lbs really make such huge difference? 10 lbs doesn't seem like a lot to me right now--though I know it'll be harder to lose than the earlier lbs, obviously. But I'm skeptical, I guess, that if I were to lose these 10-15 lbs--that I'd be at a point where I'd be happy. Thoughts?

I'm also antsy because right now--at 155--this *IS* the lowest weight I've ever been in my adult life. I weighed like 157 when I was 13 and had just started high school! I remember that because that was when I really started paying attention to my weight. So I'm in completely uncharted territory right now...I have no idea what I'll look like "thin"--because I've never seen it!

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Hard to tell - I'm the same height and almost the same weight - I've still got a fluffy little belly and ginormous thighs. Surprises me that this is considered "normal" weight! I'm planning to pursue better fitness, because I have a lot more room to improve on that front - I put on muscle really fast and I need to gear my head toward lost inches over scale readings. When I was in the best shape of my life, I was at 150 lbs, but 9% body fat and a 26 inch waist - a size 14 on top and a 6/8 on the bottom. I don't want to go that far again (I can't swim 30000 yards a week anyway) - but I don't want to commit to number on the scale.

So I can't answer your question! Lots of the maintainers have said that the last 10 were the most satisfying - I really recommend reading a sticky in the Maintainer's forum that's titled something along the lines of "Goal Weight - did you pick it, or did it pick you?" Seems like the common advice is "go for it and see how you feel" - if it can't be maintained without misery, it's a pointless goal. But you won't know til you get there. Good luck!
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I think it can make a difference, but I also think as long as you're at a healthy weight and happy, it will be your personal preference whether or not to drop.

Once people get smaller, even 8 to 10 pounds can be noticeable, whereas when we're bigger we can drop 10, 20 or more and people won't notice.

It will probably also be a lot tougher to drop the last few pounds, so might be worth consulting a trainer or fitness pro on how you can work out smarter and more targeted, if that's not something you've already done.

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Some of what you are seeing is loose skin from having been larger. That may or may not go away--it is an individual thing. And, it takes time to go away if it's going to, like a couple of years.

Ten pounds really will make a difference, though--it's a bigger percentage of your total weight now that it was when you started.

I like the idea of working with a trainer! I've done so in the past and it's given me new ideas and new things to do.

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