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Default Gall stones and constipation (I'm not trying to be gross!)

Sorry about the topic, but I think you ladies (and gents!) would know better than anyone. I get gallstones every few months, and this time it's left me horribly constipated. The attack is over, but my stomach is still sore because it's all puffed up and filled with... well, you know.
I'm eating normally now. Does this happen to anyone else with the gallbladder attacks, and what do you do to fix it??

Here's what I've tried:
1. laxative (over the counter)
2. Eating TONS of fiber, including benefiber
3. prune juice
4. waiting

I've gained 4 pounds since the attack started, could that all be what I think it is??

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I've never been constipated (at least in my adult life/memory) and the last time I had a gall stone attack was a couple years ago so I'm not really of much help.

Have you tried eating just prunes? Remember to drink plenty of water. Too much fiber, especially in the form of supplements, can have an opposite affect and cause further stoppage.
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Cigarettes and black coffee...always works. (I'm not suggesting your should take up smoking of course, just saying it always works )
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Why don't you just have it removed? You will feel so much better.
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Yeah, if it's possible for you, I'd say you should see about having it removed. I had gallbladder attacks all last summer thinking it was just bad heartburn or something like that, but once we figured out what it was, that gallbladder was taken out and I haven't had any problems since.
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Kelly I have no advice since I am fortunate not to have issues in that area...but I pray that you find that "comfort" soon! And best of luck in finding out if any health issues need attention.
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Lactulose is your very best friend. I got it at the pharmacy and took it this weekend after my attack (and the subsequent drugs that bunged me up) it worked within 15 minutes.

WARNING: stay close to a bathroom. Seriously.
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