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Good Topic!!

My Drs have been telling me to lose weight all my life. I used to hate going to the Dr. Even if it was only 5 lbs. I needed to lose, it bothered me.

Three months ago, I had a baby and while I was pregnant, I felt it was OK to go off plan and eat mini peanut butter cups by the handful and eat donuts and cake when ever I felt like it. My OB's response to my weight (I gained a bit too much one month) was to send me to a NUTRITIONIST. (she is the best Dr EVER!)

WHY do none of these Dr's recommend anyone to a nutritionist? Or mention that some health insurances help out with the cost of some gym memberships? Yeah - most people know - "Eat less, exercise more" but it helps to have the tools and knowledge to know HOW to do that.
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My doctor always tells me I'm overweight. Every time my face breaks out, my anxiety, etc, all caused my weight. The thing is I KNOW what weight does cause a lot of health problems for many people, but I personally I have none. Sometimes I think my doctor tells me because they don't know what else to say and weight seems like an obvious factor, even if it may be something.
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Yes...all my life. And I have been in and out of nutritionists.
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After reading these posts I realize I am very lucky to have the doctor I have. I have been going to Dr. B now for over 20 years!!! WOW I can't believe it has been that long. Dr. B and I, over the years, have become friends. Our relationship is doctor/patient but overlayed with friendship. He knows everything about me, and not just my health. He has been with me thru my early marriage and miscarriage to divorce, death of my mom, subsequent failed relationships, etc. He is a family doctor who treats not just the body but the mind and spirit of his patients. When I have gone in complaining of chest pain he always asks what is going on in my life. 9 times out of 10 it has been anxiety or stress related pain!

The issue of my weight has certainly come up over the years.....by him and myself. But he has always been compassionate and understanding about it. He gives me all the information I need and want and supports me in my efforts and decisions. He isn't one of those docs who feel like the patients shouldn't ask questions. I can ask him anything and he takes the time to explain and listen. Kind of a rare quality for some physicians!!

Because of my family history and working in the medical field I have always gone in for my physicals and tests every year. Like alot of you, I hate the scales and am often embarrassed when those "womanly" visits come around. Don't you just love those lovely gowns!!! NOT!!!! This past January I had to go in for lab work because of the meds I am on. We talked about my weight and he said there was always bariatric surgery....that I would qualify. I told him that I wasn't quite ready for that drastic step yet. I told him that my insurance would require me to go thru a weight loss program like WW before they would even approve me for the surgery anyway. He asked me if I would start walking and try to lose 10% of my weight by my yearly visit in September. I told him that I would. I have recently been accepted into the HMR pilot program my employer is sponsoring. When I went in last week and told him of the great opportunity I was given he was thrilled!!!! He knew about the program and said that I should do really well. He can't wait to see me in September for my yearly visit. What is great about it is he will be kept informed of my progress as I go along. The have a support person who will be mailing letters and lab work, changes in meds etc to all the docs of the people chosen for the program.

Anyway, I guess I have gone on enough. I get quite chatty at times!! I feel I have been very lucky for the Dr. I have. I wish all of you could be as lucky.
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I think some doctors are afraid and some crappy doctors have given the rest of them a bad rap.

I haven't been back to the clinic since the doctor told me "You need to lose weight, doesn't your husband have a problem with this???"

That was 40 lbs ago and he can shove it. There's a nice way to go about it and a completely innapropriate rude way! He chose the latter.

I told my husband and he was ready to drive up there and give someone a piece of his mind. For the record, he has never had a problem with "me". He wants me to be happy, end of story.
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Hey LittleMoonRabbit:

I have seen a great deal of doctors over the last 5 years due to my thyroid being loaded up with antibodies. One doctor I saw and still see occasionally told me that due to my illness, my efforts to lose weight were of no use and that with thyroid problems, weight loss is fairly impossible.

I've lost six lbs in two weeks by exercising, being on the right dose of medication and eating healthy.

I have learned that DO's and most alternative medicine physicians are best when it comes to taking the holistic approach. Why? Because with regular MD's (not all of them, but a great deal of them) have a "magic pill" for everything. I had a cholesterol level of over 400 before being put on my thyroid medication. Of course they threw statins in my face and I refused. Within 6 weeks of taking only thyroid medication, it was back down under 200!
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I just went to a gp and gyn after a long period of no checkups. I was anxious about what they'd say about my weight. All the health stuff was fine, blood pressure, cholesterol.

the gp said that I obviously could use to lose weight (in a nice way), and I said I was working on it. He told me to not eat bananas (!) and cut way back on bread. ha.

the obgyn said I had a frame that could handle the weight, but for my quality of life I might want to lose weight (again, he said it nicely).

I don't think what an outside person, doctor or not, has said to me has had the effect to get me motivated to lose weight, it's always been a decision within me.

kaplods, I hear you about feeling funny about being active. the first time I went into the local Y I was TERRIFIED (I guess I must have thought it just might bite me). I was sure I'd be the fattest one there, and feel humiliated. Not so.

I love to swim, but again, felt so scared to put on my suit and go to the pool. or change in the locker room. I realized that the majority of people are so concerned with how they look, they don't give much of two quacks about me. and if they do look, well, let em.

I love swimming (not that good at it!), what kind of sense does it make for me to give it up bec of what some someone (a stranger) might possibly say. I've seen thin women who look uncomfortable, with towels around their hips. We're really too hard on ourselves sometimes about our bodies.
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In high school I had a Dr. comment that I was a little "too thin" and needed to "eat more".

Later, I had many Dr.'s who would tell me I needed to lose weight. Before I started my weight loss journey (this time) my general physician told me that with the medications I was on (namely prednisone) that weight loss would be impossible for me. A month later my hepatologist told me I needed to have a liver transplant and that it wouldn't be done without me losing the extra weight (about 80 lbs.). He wasn't at all tactful about it. I cried and asked about the weight gain I was having with the prednisone. He wouldn't hear it! He said "if it was possible to give a pill to help people gain weight, all the starving children in Africa would be on prednisone!" Point taken. I managed to lose the weight while on prednisone. I changed general physicians.

My only gripe after the weight loss was the hepatologist said "I was expecting you to lose the weight healthily over 3-4 years, not almost 100 lbs. in a year". OH Well!

Each visit now he still comments on my weight. So much so that I sometimes wonder if I'm seeing him only about my weight or about my Liver!
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Default Doctors Not Saying a Word and Why

I think that today's doctors and the whole general medical establishment are not the same as 30 years ago when they used to care about their patients' health. Now health care is just a business. Doctors do not want you to become healthy. Why? Because if you and everyone suddenly became healthy, doctors would be out a job and the entire medical system would suffer huge financial losses. Think about it.
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Originally Posted by healthfreak View Post
I think that today's doctors and the whole general medical establishment are not the same as 30 years ago when they used to care about their patients' health. Now health care is just a business. Doctors do not want you to become healthy. Why? Because if you and everyone suddenly became healthy, doctors would be out a job and the entire medical system would suffer huge financial losses. Think about it.
I honestly think this is flat wrong.

However, there certainly are many pressures that conspire to make much, maybe even most, medical care not what it should be. But I think there must be VERY few physicians out there not wanting their patients to get healthy because they would be out a job. They don't make that much money, particularly weighed against what it takes to reach practice, and the daily stresses they practice under.

Now insurance executives ... that may be a very different story.
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ROTHFLMAO!!! Health Freak!!!! Honestly! There is MORE than enough medical work out there if you remove obesity and its sequella from the equation!!! It would be GREAT if there WAS no obesity because then the more interesting stuff gets more attention!

Can you IMAGINE how great it would be not to have a waiting room full of type 2 diabetics? Then you could focus on proper care and treatment of cancer patients, or pediatric cases, or those with Crohn's Disease, and really feel like you were helping those whose disease processes weren't so directly diet and lifestyle related and are often within the patient's ability to control!


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