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Jinksie, there is no right or wrong frequency of scale-checking. Some people weigh daily because they want to better understand their bodies' normal fluctuations, while others weigh weekly or monthly so they're more likely to see a downward trend.

Also, weighing less frequently definitely improves the signal-to-noise ratio, but it will never be a perfect measure of one's progress. The scale doesn't take into account muscle growth (or loss), water retention, TOM, or anything else that contributes to your weight (unless you get one of those expensive, fancy-shmancy scales that give you all kinds of data, but even those numbers won't be totally accurate).

So, basically, do what you find to be best for you!

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I weigh daily, but take my "true" weight for the week as what I weigh when I wake up on Fridays. It works pretty well for me. I can get an idea of how I'd doing through the week, but since only the Friday weigh in "counts" I don't stress about little bumps that occur normally.

Really, what works for you is the right way. You may have to experiment to find out what way this is for you.
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