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You and Me in 2003
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Boy I leave a few days and this site fills up
How is everyone. I am soso food hasn't been great but what else is new. We got our books mailed out today so thats over with. They are selling slowly.
Glad to see so many here.
I don't have any Tuesday tips only don't do as I do eat on the run.
see all of you later
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Dancing those pounds away
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Hi guys !!!!

Tina .. I also have AOL and I did not read it all the last time I got knocked off line... but it said if I keep getting knocked off line to go to "Keyword" and enter "disconnect". I never have tried it. I am always in a hurry when I get knocked off line and ususally just stay off. I think you can disconnect that automatic sign-off. It always happens when you wrrite a longggg post because it doesn't show any activity while you are writing... and if you are like me... i can write for an hour easily. What makes me mad is... it will ask "do you want to stay online?" and I always say yes... but after 2-3 times they knock me off anyways.

Mary... ggood to see you back with us. I think your food has been good enough to lose you some weight lately. You seem to be one of those sslow but steady losers.

Thin... you have been keeping my kind of hours. Poor thing.
I can't get enough sleep lately. Took 2 naps yesterday and today. And I have been in bed by midnight too. Something must be trying to happen to me. ???

And as far as "we won't discuss my food".... WRONG !!!!
Yes we will.
I don't expect perfection... but WE are going to improve our eating habits TOGETHER. Remember our committment to each other. We are going to meet and share our before pictures.

Thin... just leave something on your plate .... or order grilled instead of fried... or drink water instead of diet pop... Any progress is a step in the right direction. Then take that progress and build from there. YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!

Michelle... check into programs that "pay you" while you go to school. I had a friend... and they not only paid for her schooling... they also paid her livinnng expenses too.

Kat.... you are my "lucky penny"... you know the saying....
"find a penny.. pick it up.. and all day long... you'll have good luck"
You are our "LUCKY PENNY"

okay... LPN is under an RN. where does BSN rank?
I had guessed that stood for bachelor of science.. but never heard of it before. Which are you going for again??
By the way... I am really proud of you for all of your exercising too.

I think I got to everyone who has posted since my last posting.
If I missed someone... it is truly an accident.
well ladies... I want to get off of here and get busy in my kitchen again. I bet you never thought that where I have been working all day. I am ALWAYS trying to clean my kitchen.

Tomorrow is Way to go Wednesday for me.
Thin... I want to hear some bragging from you... you hear me. LOL
I had tons to brag about today... but I intend to make NEW bragging events tomorrow.

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Hi everyone,

My diet has been a disaster. I seemed to have lost that "diet" feeling. People around me are "amazed". I've hit rock bottom today. I don't know what's happening. I injured my shoulder body surfing on Saturday. It shouldn't stop me from doing march to fitness, but it did. Well hopefully if I keep writing about it, I'll stick to my goals.

To do list for 6/5/02:
~drink eight glasses water
~eat two fruits

Tina, your boob stories are hilarious. I love the cell phone incident the best. My coworker keeps her money in her bra, it's funny watching her make change.

Lucky, good luck in finding the right eating plan for you. I have to detox first. Start from square one, but it'll have to be from now.

Take care,
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a work in progress...
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Default Way to Go Wednesday!

Oh, there's lots of positive energy flowing throught this board these past few days! Can you feel it? I can!

I think that I may have evolved my approach to this whole diet thing...I have not weighed myself in weeks and have no intention of doing so until I feel a difference...then again, maybe not until I feel a significant difference! I find that when I have a "good" weigh in, I tend to stop dead in my tracks and proceed to gain that back and then a few more for good measure. I'm not going to be a slave to the numbers and that goes for counting points too. I KNOW what to eat and how much and how often. I'm going to focus more on daily exercise and eating well...lots of veggies and fruit, lean protein and whole grains. I'm going to allow myself some indulgences, with the stipulation that not unless I have exercised. I am taking my vitamins and drinking my water. This approach has got to become a way of life. That's it! Seems simple enough...

Last night I took an Aquacize class, thanks for the inspiration, Baylee! I was picturing you right there in the pool with me! You too, 2cute! There were all shapes and sizes there. What a workout!! Is it possoble to sweat in the pool?? I was! Today I'm off to Curves...I need a quick workout and then off to run some errands before I crash...

Malia...Good plan! Just writing down the goals makes them tangible and easier to follow, I think. You can do it!

2cute...BSNs "rank" higher than RNs in terms of money, they are paid more per hour...though not much more. In terms of advancement, the BSN is more highly regarded, though I've met some pretty dumb people in possession of a BSN.
Hey! What's this about you "getting lucky" by "picking me up??" Don't let my husband find out! (PS thanks, that was sweet!)

Thin...Just keep on "chatting" here...these good vibes will seep in and you'll be back on the right track in no time!

Tina...I have learned the hard way to always "copy" right before I'm ready to post and have that just in case...too many lost posts...very frustrating...I'm wondering if any good "boob" stories were lost...please say no!

Mary...I don't know how you arent a beanpole with all the woek you do! YOur energy is inspiring! Can you bottle it and send me some?

Uh oh, I'm falling asleep at the computer again! Must rest for a few (must go to plan "B" for exercise...(meaning...later, dudes!)

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Dancing those pounds away
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Good morning everyone. I don't have anything special to say. I only know that I seem to do bettter if I share my life here. It is not that any problems are solved here, or that you guys phsycially prevent me from eating... but I seemed to be doing better the more I post. Even through my bad times too. If I isolate... I gain. Soooooo here I am....with nothing special to say... but saying it anyway.

I have just awakened.. so I do not have any "way to go" yet... but I am going to. My goal this day is to get my "paperwork" under control again.
I worked on all the house cleaning yesterday... today I am tackling my kitchen counters full of newspapers, coupons, bills, insurance papers from the wreck, thank you cards from funeral, graduation cards, belated birthday and wedding cards, the list goes on and on. I am counting each topic I listed above as an accomplishment. I am awarding myself a "way to go" for each one completed. It will give me a sense of many accomplishments rather than an unending chore.

malia.... You are just going through an ebb tide. It is the cycle of life. In and out... in and out. You will be fine as long as you remember it is just temporary and no big deal. Relax and it will come back to you sooner.

Kat... I used that theory of weighing when I "feel" a difference.
For me it was a BIG mistake. What happens with me is I never lose weight and inches at the same time. So what that means is... if I am losing inches and "feeling" skinny... then I am NOT losing pounds. Don't ask me why... it just seems to be a fact of life for me. It is actually a good thing.

I am sooooo happy you went to aquacize. You and Baylee almost have me back into the pool again. I just wrote a newcomer this morning how I read, read, and read here about others successes... and how that inspires me to do it too.
I am going to be out of town again this weekend.... but hopefully next week will be my first day back too. Please keep sharing your successes.

And I got a hoot from your "picking you up and getting lucky"
That was sooo funny.

Speaking of lucky.... where the heck are you ?????

I am out of here... I will probably will be back in a couple of hours to regain my sanity.
Today is day 6 of back on program.
I am full of baby steps this week.
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Good morning!
I smell like chlorine again. It seems that no matter how much I shower & use lotion, the chlorine smell stays in my skin. But, actually, I kind of like the smell. It reminds me of the soothing water. Kat, glad you took the "plunge" 2cute, you're next!
I weighed myself this morning on my digital scales and it said I weigh 2 pounds more than I did on Monday. NO WAY!
So, I'm not going to use that scales any more. I'll use my old regular bathroom scales. Only problem is, it weighs 11 pounds LESS than the digital ones. But it doesn't give you a different weight every time you step on it. So, I'll try waiting a couple of weeks. I know that I'm eating healthy foods, so what the Hey!

I have copied and pasted it into one of the forums on my board.
I have a gazillion articles on weight loss, exercise and health.

Malia, it will be there again. Be patient for a couple of days. And be sure to come here every day. I hope your shoulder isn't too badly injured. Take care.

Hi Thin, the foods will get better if you come on in and talk about them.

Lucky, how are you doing? Have you decided on a plan yet, or are you just going to go with a balanced diet in moderation?
What ever you decide, be sure to keep posting here. It helps. And PLEASE don't do this;
I work with a woman who has lost 66 pounds the last time she said how much she had lost. But she has lost more since then. She was taking some drops called EOLA (?). Anyway, she was looking very nice. But, now she wants to lose 17 MORE pounds, and she is starting to look like a boy. She looks gaunt. Big baggy clothes, and she has no a$$ anymore. Another woman (whom I think might be just a tad bit jealous of the original weight loss of this girl) asked her last night what she eats in a typical day, and she said, " a salad" . That's it! She'll kill herself! She has a very physically active job at work, JANITOR, and she says that she uses a stepper a lot at home. I hope she hasn't gotten herself into a jam here. Although she says her hubby has lost about 65 lbs too and that things have never been better with them.
I think that's where you ladies who have significant others are luckier than us singles.
And now I'll bet I get some answers saying OH NO BAYLEE, YOU'RE WRONG ABOUT THAT!!

2cute and Kat and Mary, where do you dig all that energy up from? I must just have a lazy-type personality. And besides that, I hate housework.

Alright Michelle, do you have the algebra down yet? I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work.

And Theresa, Susie, Tania (Duckie),.....I miss you guys.

I just thought of something. Remember the relative who is always rubber necking? Well, I haven't heard ONE WORD from anyone in that family since I expressed my feelings about them playing lookie lou's into my life. I guess they don't need to use yahoo messenger or send e-mails anymore because they are keeping track of my life by coming here and reading. No wonder they don't lose weight. They live in front of their PC's.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful ON PROGRAM day today. Baylee

I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that.
Your mind must know it has to get down to work.

Pearl Buck
(1892-1973, American Novelist)
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I'm on my way!
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UUUGGHHH! I'm so frustrated!

I called the testing center this morning to make sure the instructor sent the test over. I am doing the distance learning class for this algebra. Well the lady said yes we have it here. So...John takes Andrew with him to the bank, I review my notes and grab my assignments to hand in and off I go 12 miles to campus in this dreaded humidity! I park miles away...walk in this dreaded humidity to the testing center and what does the dumb B*TCH tell me. Oh, we don't have that test here yet! UUUGGHH!! Talk about wanting to KILL someone! So pissed off I march my rear out of there and right to the library to email the instructor who hasn't answered anyone's questions for over 24 hours now. I was trying to be nice but I know it didn't all come out that way. So...now I will have to go through all of that on Saturday IF she gets the test over there by then!

I'm not going to eat my frustration away...I am going to go into the kitchen and make myself a nice low point lunch and eat it slowly with a hot cup of herbal tea and then just keep reviewing my notes and maybe attempt to go on and start tackling the next section.

I will come back here later and read the posts and catch up to you all!

TTFN Michelle
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Dancing those pounds away
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Hi guys... sorry I haven't been back sooner.

I wasted most of my morning. Got some bad news and then just could never get into gear. My sister (the one who was just diagnosed with her 3rd bout of cancer) was put into the hospital last night. She is undergoing cancer treatment and her immune system is very very low. Well she went to a wedding out into the boonies and they think she got salmonella from the well water there. She has been very very ill ever since... and they finally had to hospitalize her. She has no immune system to fight it off.
This sister is the main caregiver to my parents. This raining humid weather we are having here is doing a number on my mom and her enfizemia(sp?). She is really struggling to breathe. My dad was told he could not go home and he is totally depressed over that. He had hoped to get to come home Friday.
So ... you guessed it.... I am on my way to Missouri. I should have left immediately but like I said... I am sooo far behind on my paper work I had to get the "most important" stuff caught up.
I still do not have my car back. They say now next week... but that is what they said last week. The doctor called today and said my ultra sound came back fine except for gall stones. She wanted to set me up with a surgeon ... and I told her no. ... not yet. I will have to be in a LOT more pain than this.

well friends... I have to get going. I just wanted to let you I will be gone for a while.
When and if I get back... I am heading out to help my other daughter get her new home set up. I may be gone a week. I just don't know. I can use her computer if I stay with her. Anyway... I love you all....and I will miss you.
I pray you all have success with your food this next week.
I also pray I will come back and tell all of you that I am STILL on program.
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You and Me in 2003
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2cute sorry about your sister. Hope she is better soon.

Katrina: I don't have that much energy. I push myself. My house is a mess and poor dh hasn't had a good meal all week but he doesn't complain. I go good all day but when I get home I drop.

McDonalds has a new item called a grilled chicken flat bread I got one today it was wonderful it had chicken, grilled onions, cheese, tomato and onions folded in a flat bread.

well I better go rest my feet.
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I'm on my way!
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Mary that new McDonalds chicken is 10 points if you are doing WW! I haven't heard of them yet here so I don't know if they are worth it. What do you think?

I am so tired tonight. As soon as my little guy falls asleep I am going to bed myself. It is so hot and humid here today. It wipes me out! Plus I have the period from H^ll right now. Its been here 11 days now with no sign of stopping soon!

I promise I will try to catch up to you all tomorrow! I have been having good food and water days so thats a plus!

2Cute...sorry to hear about your sister. Hurry back...we will miss you! Be careful!

Ok TTFN Michelle
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You and Me in 2003
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I don't do any certain program But it was very good
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Progress..not perfection
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Default Hey girls.......

Hey girls!

How are you sweetpeas?! Good , I hope. I guess you can see I'm over my mad spell! But I am typing this offline right now. Get ready for something earthshattering: I stayed OP yesterday and all day today!! Shocking, huh? Don't get me wrong though........it has not been easy. In fact, it has been darn hard, but I have done it. I am taking my baby steps......baby steps. I'm not pushing myself too hard right now, because I know what will happen if do. I'm taking it day by day. I haven't done my exercise video in I don't know how long, but I am hoping to do it at least once by Friday. That is a small goal for me. To just do my exercise video at least ONCE by Friday. Ok, here we go. On to individual replys:

Thin: Sounds like you are working hard girl! Either that, or goofing off! What are you doing, going to bed at 6:00am!? You sound like me.........always burning the midnight oil. And yes, we are just chatting....as you well know, none of us are perfect here.

Mary: How are you doing today? Hope things are going well with you and family. How is your son doing? Did he get a job? I've missed you while I was gone.

Malia: I sure do know where your at, sweetie. It is so easy to lose that "losin" feeling, isn't it? Stay strong, we can do this..........together. Sorry you hurt yourself surfing....feel better.

Kat: Wow.....how smart you are! If only it was that easy to do! I know how you feel though, about the number game. It doesn't matter how much I tell myself that I am doing it for my health, and it doesn't what that scale says.......let's be honest. It does matter. I mean, no matter what we say..............and what the obvious health benefits are, WE WANT TO SEE THAT NUMBER GO DOWN. But it is a double edged sword. If it doesn't go down enough, (or what we see as enough) then we despair and overeat.....if we lose alot, (or more than we expected) then we think it gives us a little extra room and we STILL overeat! What to do? What to do?

2cute: This is something you said in one of your last posts: "Good morning everyone. I don't have anything special to say. I only know that I seem to do bettter if I share my life here. It is not that any problems are solved here, or that you guys phsycially prevent me from eating... but I seemed to be doing better the more I post. Even through my bad times too. If I isolate... I gain. Soooooo here I am....with nothing special to say... but saying it anyway." <<<<Do you know how much that means to me? That is why I came back. Just for that reason. You guys are the invisible person holding my hand, helping me make my choices......bad or good. Sometimes I do have something special to say, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I just want to share a funny story and sometimes I come here for strength. But the most important thing is that I come here. Thanks so much for being a part of my family. Also, sorry to hear about your sister and we know you have to do what you have to do, just try not to be gone too long. We will miss you.

Baylee: Aaaaah, the smell of chlorine! Nothing like it, huh? I can't tell you how long it's been since I've been in a swimming pool. Oh, I've been to the lake and stuff like that, but not been in a pool in a long long time. Are you taking water arobics classes or just going to the pool? I've been wanting to take water arobics for quite awhile at the Y.......just kept saying, "Well, I'll wait till I lose more weight." Glad your taking the bull by the horns sweetie. I LOVE to swim..........if only I could make my bathtub bigger!

Michelle: So sorry to hear about the test girl! That really stinks. So proud of you though for not letting it get to you. And let me say this: I am so happy to see you back. Even though I knew you would come back all along. You have a fire and a desire, and I can see it.....even through cyberspace. So happy to see you back and posting. We can do this.........together. You don't have to be perfect.....Lord knows I'm not. But we're friends, and friends can make it through anything together. Also, the McGrilled chicken, (if that is the one you are talking about) is awesome. It is the best grilled chicken around, but it is 10 pts. (with mayo) If you leave the mayo off, it is 7 pts. I personally like Arby's light roast chicken deluxe. It is great and only 5 pts.

Ladybug: How are you doing? How is your weather? Good, I hope. Ours has been horrendous. It is really hot during the day and then we have had alot of rain at night. Actually, we had a full blown storm yesterday......complete with thunder, lightning and hail! So glad that one of my kids forgot to shut our french doors in the kitchen all the way and walked in to a flooded kitchen floor yesterday! What a mess.

Well, my friends.....I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, although I'm sure I have. I don't mean to, but it happens sometimes! For those of you I forgot, I'm sorry! I'm lucky I got this post finished at all...........between kids coming in and wanting something and dh bugging the crap out of me. Hope you all have a super duper night and an even better tomorrow. See you later!

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Hi everyone! Another crazy busy day. Boy, I sound like a broken record. I'm sorry!

Tina: Good girl! You are making progress! It's so wonderful to have you back!! * No, I'm not goofing off, I'm working! I have a slew of evaluations to be done by the end of the week and the phone calls and e-mails are not stopping with job offers. So busy, busy, busy.

Mary: It sounds like you've been really busy with all those books to sell and mail. I bet you'll be glad when that project is over. * I haven't seen those new chicken's here yet. Although I have to say that there's nothing at Mickey D's right now that I really like so I haven't been in awhile.

2cute: I'm so sorry to hear about all your family members falling apart at the same time. What a worry for you about their care. I wish you well and a safe journey. * I appreciate the pep talk on the 'progress', but remember, it's my 'progress' over previous behaviors that has allowed me to maintain all this time. I need to move just a little closer to 'perfection' to move some more of this weight off these bones.

Malia: Body surfing??? You go girl! I guess you would have to know how to do all that good stuff living in Hawaii though. I don't know why I'm surprised.

Katrina: I can relate to the 'stop dead in my tracks' after a good weigh in. What the heck is that about? I do it every time. It's good to know someone else does too. It doesn't make it right, but at least I know I'm not alone.

Baylee: Good for you getting in the pool. You go girl!

Michelle: Oh honey, just when you were all prepared for the test. Doesn't that frost ya??? All the anxiety and everything and then the let down to just do it all again later. Good for you not eating your way through this one. * That flatbread chicken would probably be 7 points if you hold the cheese. I wonder if it has mayo on it too. If so, holding that will knock off another point.

Gotta go. It's a quarter to 3 in the morning and I've about had it. DH comes home from Texas tomorrow so no more late nights for me. It's back to showers and a bed partner.
See you all later.
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Hi everyone,

2cute, take care of yourself and family. It's strikes me how sickness strikes this time of year. You get consumed with visiting family in the hospital and walk out the door to a beautiful summer day. If you can, spend as much time as you can with them. You'll never regret it. My mom got bitten by a centipede on memorial day weekend. It got infected and she's on antibiotics. Well, she got the runs and thought she had the stomach flu. Didn't eat and started to lose control. It's been clorox, clorox, clorox. I'm upset, it was the antibiotics and the pharmacist did not advise her. She's weak from not eating. It brought back my dad's illness and the helpless feeling I had fighting old age and illness.

Day one of my new challenge:

It was a success. I have a "hunger" headache. Good sign, withdrawing from sugar.

Met these goals today:
*Drank 64oz water
*Foodmover to a "T"
*No sugar, no soda, no chocolate

Tomorrow is Thursday. Another week gone. I've been enjoying my garden. Yesterday I ate dinner outside and stayed out until 7:30pm. It was very relaxing.

Have a wonderful Thursday,
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You and Me in 2003
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Hello ladies how are all my friends today?
I am getting my hair cut today and an associate and I are going to sort through all the genealogy boxes we were given.
I sold 4 books yesterday. We are getting lots of comments on the book. All good so far.

Hope all of you have a great day I'm off to get a shower and eat breakfast. My blueberries are getting ready I picked a bowl full the first of the week.

Catch you all later.
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