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Default What DIDN'T you do?

It's easy to praise yourself for getting off your butt and doing something, but what about all those things you don't do? Like, for instance, having a second helping at dinner. So let's celebrate the small victories. What are you glad YOU didn't do today?

Today I had seaweed salad instead of sushi because I knew I didn't have the calories left (but although those fish may have escaped this time, they're in my mind for the next time I have free calories and they'll be in the company of my digestive juices soon, soon indeed....)

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i haven't had fast food in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's gross, but i don't think i've sent a day without it in at least a year...
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Working my way back
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i didn't add anything crazy like red meat or syrupy sauces to my mongolian stir fry when i went out to dinner tonight. and it was DELICIOUS!
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There is leftover cake in the frig from my mom's visit. Not touching it!
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I only had one coke zero today (been cutting down from several.) And managed to drive past many of my favorite fast food restaurants while starving without even blinking an eye.
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I haven't ignored that little voice inside of me that told me not to just blow my whole diet at McDonald's in three minutes of indulgence.
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I didn't have a slice of the birthday cake at work today.
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NEVER EVER going back
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I didn't eat one bite of the macaroni and cheese that I made as a quick dinner for the kids tonight.
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I didn't eat strawberry shortcake with my family tonight, I had a 100 calorie bar of ice cream instead.
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i felt really crappy after a test i took, and i didn't binge eat. i had some dried apple rings instead.
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Shooting for the moon
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I didn't order a frosty at Wendy's today even though I am sick, feel like crud, and felt sure it would make me feel better.
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There's vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer, and sun-dried cherry sauce to go with it , and I didn't eat any!
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I didn't just lounge around all day yesterday because I feel like crap, I got up and cleaned the house until I got so worn out that I had to sit down.
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I didn't go back for more food even though I wasn't thoroughly *full*. I knew that if I waited a bit, like even 10 minutes my stomach and brain would catch up - and they did!

I didn't give into the urge (craving) to eat the frozen homemade cookeis I have in the freezer. And sure enough, that craving passed - really quickly too.

I didn't over snack last night (something I've been doing of late, even though I've been keeping it low cal). I went back to something I can rely on - a cup of hot tea.

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needs constant reminding
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My didn't is the same as Robin's
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