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Question I need HELP! Don't have a good plan!

Well, for years I have tried every paln possible. Loved Jenny Craig, but can't afford it now, did Weight Watchers, South Beach, Slim Fast, LA Diet, Grapefruit, starved, you name it, I have probably tried it. I have four kids, a husband, and two grandchildren, plus additional teenagers that are always at my home. I cook constantly. Is there any suggestions for a plan that will work for me...pretty please!!!! I am starting to wonder about my strength to lose weight, after all of these years of trying everything, and still over weight!! I need to lose at least 100 pounds! Uggghhhh!
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I would suggest you start out with simple calorie counting. When you eat something, anything, you count it. You set a maximum for yourself. It's free, it's easy, and it works.

Check out our "Calorie Counters" forum for more information
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Ahhh, but you haven't tried everything. Because there IS something for you. You just may have not found it yet.

I'll second what Amanda said. Calorie counting, with a focus on whole foods.

The most important thing about it for me, is that it forces me to set limits. It also forces me to be VERY choosy about what I eat - as I want to get the biggest bang for my buck so to speak. That would be to make every single calorie count. So I choose filling, satisfying foods - low fat proteins, fiber rich veggies and fruits.

One other thing, you asked about a plan that will work for you, of course only YOU can decide that. But one thing to keep in mind - when you do find a sensible plan, and you can take a little from here and a bit from there, you need to MAKE the plan work for you. You've got to PLAN to be on PLAN. It won't happen on it's own or by chance. So, planning AHEAD is essential. Map out your food schedule in ADVANCE. Know what you will be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Stock your home with healthy, TASTY, nutritious foods.

Oh and by the way, you've got the strength. You've got the power. Dig deep. It's really, REALLY there. I promise you.

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3 + years maintaining
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I just wanted to add, that the best plan for any individual is one that they can STICK with, that is of course essential. If you don't STICK with it, well then, you can't lose the weight.

Which is why sooo many of us here call our plan, our so called "diet", a lifestyle change. We're not "dieting" anymore. We've just decided once and for all to be healthy people. So we cut back (big time) on the ummm, junk and added in those good, tasty, nutritious, HEALTHY, lower calorie foods.

And of course for me and many others here, we combine that with the calorie counting. Keeps our portions in check and ensures that all important calorie deficit.

Again, no stopping and starting - just continuing. No going back to the old ways. If we veer off course, which we all do, we haven't BLOWN our diets, because we're not on one. Just back to the good eating ASAP.
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Back when I changed my life in July 2004, I would have said I had tried "everything" - I had been dieting for 20 years. I lost weight, regained weight, lost, regained, lostregained lostregainedlostregained, from 140 lbs to 200 lbs in 20 years.

I had tried lots of DIETS. Lots of purposefully short term, unpleasant things I intended to DO and then stop. I had never tried actually changing how I ate.

I finally had a crystal-clear, exciting moment that literally changed my life. I had wanted to diet and then eat normal, the problem was not the diet, the problem was the NORMAL.

It was a personal "whoa" moment. Once I figured that out, everything fell into place. No more awful diets I hated. I had to find something I liked enough to KEEP DOING, to make my NEW NORMAL.

Here I am, about 4.5 years after I started, 70 lbs lighter, happy, with a closet full of gorgeous size 6 clothes. Do I miss my old normal? Sometimes, it was definitely easier. Do I miss feeling heavy, depressed, lethargic? Do I miss looking away from myself in the mirror, avoiding cameras, not meeting people's eyes in public? NO.

When I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, it tasted good for a second in my mouth, but it didn't feel good in my soul. Now, that I carefully manage what I eat, I feel good.

Good luck!
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Let those teenagers cook for themselves sometimes!

Good luck! You've gotten lots of advice. Healthy foods in appropriate portions, looking at nutrition. I'm glad you're here!! Stick around!
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You've gotten lots of good advice. I just want to add that I'm in a similar situation as you with husband, teenagers, and, sometimes, grandkids to cook for and I found that calorie counting works for me, now that I've learned to do it properly (what we did in the 70's and 80's wasn't proper or healthy and absolutely didn't work!). Like someone else said, check out the calorie counters section if you're interested in it and you'll get lots of great info. I've been doing what I learned here and I've lost 40 pounds since September and 57 total! Keep coming back for support-it makes a huge difference!
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Loving life!!
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It took me trying weight watchers a 4th time for it to really sink in Before that I had tried all sorts of diets. It was when I decided this had to be a lifestyle change did it start to work.

Good luck in finding something that works for you!
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I chose to go simplistic. Dr. Gott's No Sugar No Flour Diet is working for me and my family. As long as those two ingredients are not in the food, you can have it. Calories still come into play, though. You still need to burn more than you take in. Since sugar and flour are both high in empty calories, eliminating them should reflect a significant decrease in calories.

This plan is not a quick weight loss solution, but a permanent one.
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This will sound silly, but since I am a SAHM I do the cooking. So I just started cooking what I needed to eat to be healthy etc. If they don't like it, they don't have to eat it. I am done cooking something for DH and then something for me. I also will cook things that I don't eat on the SBD like mashed potatoes etc to go with his meals. I just do a lot more veggies and eat those. GL and I know how hard that is. I agree with the PP, let those teenagers cook for themselves, lol!
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I've done Jenny Craig twice, and WW at least ten times, but only through calorie counting and counseling to address by binge eating and overeating, have I started to lose weight. My mindset is different now. I'm never going "off" my plan, I'm just counting my calories and making an effort to eat healthier. I also don't eat different foods from my husband and kids. My kids don't need tons of junk any more than I do. We eat everything in moderation.
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I do believe that keeping a track of what your intake is and setting goals on a daily basis will do anyone some good. There is so much good info here...I love it! When I cook supper everynight, the food choices are I prepare are all around good for everyone. If they don't like it, then they must fend for themselves. And usually they just eat what I have fixed so they don't have too!
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Suz E Q - Hi there. Wow, you have received some EXCELLENT! advice. I agree with everyone, especially midwife who says to let those teens cook for themselves!

I too am a calorie counter and focus on nutritious high quality whole foods. Low fat, high fiber, low refined carbs, low calorie...I seldom eat processed stuff, but I do on occasion have a frozen WW meal or something like that.

A little over a year ago (mid January 08) I decided it was time. I also knew it could be done without spending money to do it. Calorie counting is easy to get the hang of, it's FREE and gives you lots of flexibility.

What ever plan you decide to do, let me tell you, it is totally worth it. You are worth it.
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Default echo

I think you really have to decide when you are ready to take charge and do this for yourself. When you are ready you will:
-rid your home of junk food, even if some people want it there, (like the teens)
-make healthy meals that are what you will eat, and take your servings, and if others don't want it, you will have leftovers. If they don't want it, they will have to cook for themselves.
-expect others to take some responsibility: my neighbour leaves the teens to do the dishes and does her 30 minute walk after supper every evening.

when you are ready to this for yourself, you will find the right thing and be able to stick to it. Making these changes isn't easy, and there will be setbacks, (just had one myself) but you will find the strength to get back to it, and keep forward momentum.
Good luck
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Hi Suz E Q,

One more option for you that is working for me like nothing has before. Think and Lose self hypnosis DVD/CD's where the concept is eat half/leave half. The program also places suggestions of healthy eating and leaving the junk food alone. I no longer have cravings for the junk foods and am enjoying eating healthy. The cost is super reasonable and one time, no continued fees or memberships. The program has a great website to check out for more info and some awesome success stories by normal, everyday people.

Good luck finding the right plan for yourself. There are some great ideas and suggestions here and I'm confident you'll find the right one for you.

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What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself. ~ Hecato, Greek Philosopher
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